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Erasmus is a film about a police officer investigating an old man after catching him for speeding only to find him covered in bruises. The officer later finds out there’s a lot more to the old man than meets the eye and there’s a lot he could learn from him, as a father, a friend, and a human being.

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Mission Statement

Empathy is something we really need right now. As ethnically diverse filmmakers, we bring a variety of perspectives and backgrounds although we all seek the same goal: change. We hope that this movie not only makes people value the elderly in their lives but everyone who’s close to them.

The Story

Illustrations by Yeliz Motro

Darren Briggs, a police officer in his 40s, pulls over Ernest, a 93-year-old man, for going above the speed limit. Upon closer inspection, he notices fresh bruises on Ernest’s face. Briggs also notices from Ernest’s license that not only is his license expired but he lives in one of the troubled neighborhoods of their small town.


Illustrations by Yeliz Motro

Ernest struggles to communicate owing to his bad hearing and insists that he needs to get home with a sense of urgency. Briggs offers to drop Ernest home and he obliges. After dropping Ernest off, Briggs gets a phone call from his son asking if he’d be able to make it to his game but Briggs brushes it off saying he’d try if he finished whatever he was working on. Briggs spends the rest of his day investigating potential leads while constantly ignoring Theo’s calls.

Briggs reaches a point where he feels all is lost, he finally answers Theo’s call and says some very resentful things causing more damage to their already strained relationship. Briggs goes on to find vital information about Ernest which upon further investigation leaves with him an eye-opening lesson and calls for a deeper introspection into his own life and relationship with his family.


Illustrations by Yeliz Motro


"As the writer and director of this film, what I’m really looking for is a universal language. I want people to be able to watch this film and relate to the characters. I want them to be able to put themselves in the character's shoes. We’re making this film to bring change" - Suraj Savkoor


Illustrations by Yeliz Motro

Plan Post-Campaign

Once we finalize our campaign, our locations, cast, and crew will be locked, and we will move on to focusing on the art department and ensuring we have a backup plan for everything. We plan to start production during the weekend of February 11, 2021, during which we will implement COVID safety measurements and follow all CDC recommendations. Our producers will be certified as COVID-19 compliance officers, our sets will be constantly cleaned and sanitized, our cast and crew will be tested before and after each day of filming, and proper social distancing will be adhered to.

“They don't teach you in school how to produce a film during a global pandemic. My priority as the producer is to keep everybody safe, and that is what I’m going to be focusing on, especially having elderly actors as part of our main cast”. - Mariana Gómez

With the current pandemic affecting the entire world, it has been particularly challenging for us as young filmmakers to develop this film. However, we refuse to give up. We truly believe in the change behind the message of our film. We’ve been holding regular virtual meetings and casting sessions over Zoom, and despite this change in the pre-production process, we’ve managed to stick to our timeline and achieve success thus far.

With your help, we will be able to give a voice to those in our society who are unheard. We feel it is our generation’s responsibility to take care of those who once took care of us. We firmly believe in making this film the best it can possibly be and ensuring it’s out in the world for all to see.


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To make this film happen, we have put together a team of highly skilled and talented individuals from all over the world to bring in different perspectives so that we can create a great film to the best of our combined abilities. We could also not be more grateful for having a wonderful cast who is bringing these characters that are so close to our hearts, to life. 

Mark's IMDb

Suraj's IMDb & Reel

 Mariana's IMDb

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Sam's Page

Yeliz's Reel

Illustrations by Yeliz Motro. Headshots Design by Samuel J Lemberger


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Cash Pledge

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Costs $900

To keep our wonderful crew happy we want to give them healthy food to keep up the good work.


Costs $200

In the middle of long hours, we want to give our crew water and snacks to keep the energy up.


Costs $250

Personal protective equipment to make sure everybody is safe on set on these crazy COVID times.

Gas Money

Costs $150

We need money for gas to get people in and out of locations.

Lead Cast

Costs $875

We want to be able to pay the lead talent for their time and heart they are putting into the film.

Police Car

Costs $600

Officer Briggs needs a cool police car to play the part.

Ernest's Car

Costs $790

Ernest, our lead needs a pickup truck to get around town.

Hard Drives

Costs $200

We need a pair of hard drives to keep the project safe, we don't want anything bad to happen to it!


Costs $200

Some say half of the film is done in post, we want to pay our incredible editor who will make magic.

Composer Fee

Costs $100

We need la musique to make it sound magical.


Costs $100

BOOM, BAAM, CRASH, all of that beautiful masterpiece of sound to the film we've worked so hard on.

Film Festivals

Costs $400

We want to bring this film TO YOU, so we need some money to put it out there.


Costs $310

All those little objects to bring this film to life.

3 Police costumes

Costs $300

Let's transform together our lead talent to the great Officer Briggs!

Make Up

Costs $125

Makeup and Special FX to these two mysterious and phenomenal characters.

About This Team


Producer - Deeksha Biddappa

World traveler from Coorg, India.. Joined Savannah College of Art and Design as a Master of Fine Arts Advertising student took an elective in Film and Television and realized her true calling. Soon to switch her MFA into a MA in Advertising and add on a MA in
Film and Television. A Red Dot Award Winner, as well as an International Design Award Winner. She was selected as the Marketing Head for SCADs second student-led pilot! She believes in
changing peoples mindsets through her photography and films especially in the stigmatization mental health has around the world.


Producer - Mariana Gómez

Mexican Latina producer and actress. Her passion for film and performing arts has always been present, however, it evolved after attending NYFA in Universal Studios and Harvard University at 12. Ten years later, she now has acted in over 40 productions. Behind the cameras, she has over 50 credits. In 2018 she published her book THIS IS NOT A LOVE STORY. Later on, her documentary LATINOS + FILM +USA, won three awards and got 13 official selections after premiering in NYC at the Latino Film Market Film Festival in 2019. Nowadays, she continues fighting for inclusion and giving a voice to the silenced and marginalized, as she explains in her articles in the Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunities Project.

Current Team