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Nathan Fisher

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This is a story about getting lost in your imagination. If only for a few hours while spending quality board-game time with friends. Visually dynamic, each episode plays out in the fantasy world of a board game while also linking the struggles of these characters to the real world they live in.

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The Story

Life gets busy. Time for friends and family is sidelined for work and our daily interactions blur into a stream of predictable conversations and routines. Then, every so often something happens, a new relationship, a wedding, the loss of a job, or an epic holiday party. Errata focuses on those life changing events and highlights the ways in which these best-friends deal with them during their weekly game night.


Each episode features a different board game, which allows for dramatic and varied shifts in genre and tone as the stories deal with different subject matter. Certain games will lend themselves to a specific brand of storytelling, while others leave the door open to avant-garde or abstracted interpretations.



In the face of tragedy, cynicism, and the bleak state of affairs that often seems so constant around the world we always try to look for a light hearted escape. Errata examines the refuge of a game night with friends and family to create a safe place for the audience to escape to and have fun with these characters and stories.


As pop-culture niches like gaming, comics, superheroes, zombies, manga, sci-fi, and fantasy continue to gain popularity and join the mainstream Errata has the ability to bridge the gap between each social bubble and engage a huge demographic audience and spark conversation.



We love telling stories and we love board games. The microcosm of a board game, to us, celebrates the victories, losses, competition and fun of all that life has to offer and this series embodies that. Errata comes from the hours we have spent sitting around a table with our own friends playing games, having fun, and in between the smack talk, strengthening the bonds between us.


Thank you for your contributions and your follows! Errata is just the beginning for us and we hope that you'll follow us on our future films and series in the years to come.


Be excellent to each other, call your friends, and go play games!


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Camera Equipment

Costs $1,500

The first rule about making a movie, is you don't show up without a camera.

Sound Equipment

Costs $950

We'd like you to hear all the words.


Costs $1,000

The clothes make the person.

Hair & Makeup

Costs $700

Our makeup artist finishes the look of each character.


Costs $1,000

We don't need a sound stage but we want to make sure our locations will welcome us back in the future.


Costs $800

We want to get our cast and crew to and from set safely.

Craft Services

Costs $750

Keep the crew and cast fed and we can make magic.

Storage Media

Costs $300

Post production starts with the storage media to keep all the hard work safe.

Permits & Insurance

Costs $1,000

We want to protect our crew's equipment and make sure everyone is covered while we work.

Production Resources

Costs $500

Every set needs paper, tape, pens, folders and a first aid kit to keep things running smoothly.

Distribution & Marketing

Costs $1,500

Once we have a finished season we want to get it out to entertain all of you in the best ways possible.

About This Team

We have some amazing talent on our team! Their hard work, passion, and dedication is what breathes life into this series.


Also, they are super fun to be around.



Kristy Richman - Executive Creative Producer -

Nathan Hong Fisher - Writer & Director -

Mikey Boyne - Director of Photography -

Olivia Gallie - First Assistant Director - IMDB

Kym Luckas - Sound - IMDB

Sarah Francavilla - Hair & Makeup - IMDB

Ari Chavez - Production Assistant - IMDB

Vanessa Velasquez - Production Assistant

Eric Montgomery - Production Assistant

Kayla David - Set Photographer - Kayla David Photography

Joseph James Ruddleston - Pilot Episode Music -

Simon Mathewson - Pitch Video Music



Michael Spadaccini

Kristy Richman

Esther Chen

John Warren

Aimee Cucchiaro

Joseph Smith


Current Team