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A cosmic horror podcast about philosophical conundrums in a weird small town! We're not going to answer the big questions for you, but we are going to dance around them in a fun and theatrical manner!

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Mission Statement

What do you do when everything goes wrong? How do you pick up the pieces? Can you? Ethics Town is a podcast about identity, accountability, and the anxiety surrounding black and white morality. We’re going to tell you a story - are you listening?

The Story

Ethics Town is a cosmic horror podcast about philosophical conundrums, political malpractice, masterful deception, and, of course, a weird small town! 

Listeners will follow January, a tired and wired Ethics local, and Artemis, a young girl lost in the woods, as they discuss the misdeeds of Ethics new mayor, and try to figure what exactly has gone wrong in Ethics. Statistics and probability are exchanged for conspiracy theory logic as the pair try to explain weirder and weirder happenings.

If you enjoy:

  • Welcome to Night Vale
  • Wolf 359
  • The Good Place

Then this show is probably for you! Ethics Town is also part of the Faustian Nonsense network, whose other wonderful productions you can check out here!

You should join this campaign for two simple reasons: firstly, fun! We're going to be having tons of it, and we'd just love you all to have fun with us! And second, we're trying to tell a relevant story (throw a rock! You'll hit a corrupt politician!) in an accesible way whilst celebrating and supporting diverse creatives. This is a team of passionate, hardworking people - we just need to ensure we can pay them for their hard work! 

Just the fact that you’re checking out this page means the world to us! Thank you! Ways you can support the show:

  • Make a pledge right here! You'll be able to find the different tiers to your right on desktop, or at the bottom of the page on mobile
  • Even just $1 will help us immensely!
  • Share this page on social media - any attention really helps
  • Tell your friends who love podcasts, philosophy, or cosmic horror about us! We really appreciate the support
  • Tell your rich friends about us - we appreciate that too!

Podcasts have become an excellent space for marginalised creators to showcase their talents, and we'd appreciate you showing them your support. We've worked hard to make this production as accessible as possible - not just for the audience but for our crew, too!

Although the team would probably work in exchange for cheesecake, that seems like an entirely unfair payment for all the hard work they have and will put in! Your pledges will go towards:

  • Paying our deligtful on-mic talent for their time
  • Creating an immersive soundscape
  • Covering production costs - marketing and a platform host
  • And some of it will go right back into helping us producer backer incentives for you folks!

This campaign also means that, once released, Ethics Town will be free to listen wherever you get your podcasts!

Look at all these lovely, talented people we’re trying to pay!


With cast from The Secret of St Kilda, The Silt Verses, Shadows at the Door, The No Sleep Podcast, Orbituary and more, we can absolutely guarantee you moving, nuanced performances. For some of our cast, this will be their first time acting in an audio drama, and we couldn't be prouder!

You'll be able to hear award winning actor Rhys Lawton as our anxious broadcast host January, and brilliant stage actor and star of Welcome to the Quids Inn Liz Dokukina as Artemis.

And of course we're not letting the fabulous talents of our other cast members go to waste, we're just keeping our secrets. For now...

The banner says it all! Thank you so much for checking out our crowdfunder!

And please do help spread the word! If you have any podcast loving friends who you think would enjoy some small town cosmic horror tell them about us! Maybe you could even share our crowdfunding link:

Or share our own posts! You can find us everywhere at EthicsTownPod.


P.S. Wanna know a secret? … Good! Because we’re planning on telling you loads!


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Voice Acting

Costs $700

We want to pay all our actors a fair, hourly rate.

Sound Design

Costs $400

We would like to pay our lovely sound designer to work their magic on every episode!


Costs $800

This money will cover all behind the scenes costs, incl. graphic design, composition, network costs!


Costs $300

This money will help us produce all our incentive content!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Writer/producer CL Hendry is a philosophy major who cares much more about creative writing. When she's not gently torturing January she can be found researching obscure islands for The Secret of St Kilda, or writing many, many transcripts. Her favourite pastime is watching people she loves succeed, which is exactly what she plans to do whilst making Ethics Town!


Sound designer Cai Gwilym Pritchard is a sound artist, writer and Londoner with a love for theology and sci-fi. They enjoy sonic weirdness and can't seem to decide which aspect of sound he wants to pursue because it all seems so exciting; regardless it will probably involve no-input mixing. They produce their own show, Chain of Being, as well as working on upcoming shows The Sound Museum and Super Suits.


Theme composer Mick Zijdel is an acoustics and music technology student who loves all things sound and music. When he's not composing music you can find him producing student shows in Edinburgh and managing Bedlam Theatre. Mick has been hoping to compose music for a podcast for a while now, and we’re so excited to hear whatever masterpiece he concuts!


Graphic designer Pinja Vuorela is an Asian studies student. A true connoisseur of meme culture, sarcasm, and various snacks, she can also be spotted at nature parks around her city, attempting to be reclaimed by foliage, trying to set the record for most cups of Earl Grey drunk in 24 hours, or yelling at photoshop. They take CL’s napkin scribbles and transform them into things like our wonderful logo!


Ethics Town is part of the Faustian Nonsense network, and you can read all about the brilliant folk there who are helping us bring our show to life here!

Current Team