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EUDAEMONIA is about a serendipitous and fleeting encounter between Amy, a poverty-stricken artist and tattooist in Brooklyn, and Cara a wealthy, young backpacker with self-sabotaging tendencies. The story pivots around their brief exchange - a simple conversation from which they both emerge changed.

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The Story


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The title ‘EUDAEMONIA’ is a Greek word commonly translated as "happiness" or "human flourishing". The themes explored surround the idea of human connection, and what it is to live a meaningful life.

This film is about a serendipitous and fleeting moment of human connection. Amy is a poverty-stricken artist and tattooist in the midst of a downward spiral grappling with chronic isolation and meaninglessness in New York City. Cara is a wealthy, young backpacker with self-sabotaging tendencies who’s been traveling for a year, running from family pressures. They meet accidentally when Cara gets locked out the night before her flight and proceeds to accidentally break into the wrong apartment. Amy and Cara’s initial differences gradually subside over the course of the evening.


The story pivots around this brief exchange – a simple conversation from which both women emerge changed. Shortly after, Cara rushes off to catch her flight as Amy sleeps, both never to meet again.


EUDAEMONIA plays with the notion of transience, and the power of an un-repeated moment. The Zen Buddhist phrase 'ichigo ichie', encapsulates this feeling; defined as “one time, one meeting”.


Travel and experiencing different cultures has played a significant role in my life. Despite location or language, the beautiful fragility of our humanity consistently connects all people. It’s this commonality that I'd like to tap into with my work - possessing great fascination in stories that entertain, dissolve barriers, and diffuse our sense of isolation and disconnect.


 -- Julia Ngeow




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Musical Score

Costs $300

Creating a soundtrack for the film.

Hard Drives

Costs $100

We'll store and backup our movie during the post production process.

Arri Alexa Mini Camera

Costs $1,600

A quality camera & lenses to capture our performances, and all the accessories required to make it run.

Location fees

Costs $500

Hiring a location which we can decorate, rehearse and shoot in.

Makeup and wardrobe

Costs $280

Professional fake tatts for Amy, as well as keeping the cast looking great.


Costs $500

We're going to fly the actors in and give them somewhere to live during the shoot.

Craft Services Food

Costs $400

Food is fuel. We want everyone working at their best.

Art Design

Costs $250

Let's dress the set!

Sound Gear

Costs $300

Sound can make or break a film. Let's make our sound rock!

Production Insurance

Costs $300

Keeping the world safe.

Crew Fees

Costs $700

Show our crew some love in exchange for their passion, skill and time.

15 Passenger Van

Costs $75

Moving people and gear between locations

Lighting Package

Costs $150

Lighting the set.


Costs $100

Just in case.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $400

After the film's shot, we're going to color all the images so they look great!

About This Team


Julia Ngeow - Writer / Director

A filmmaker with a background in visual arts, production design, and photography. Originally graduating with a Bachelor of Biophysical Science in 2005, majoring in Neuroscience & Physiology, Ngeow has great interest in the human mind, and sharing stories that unite humanity.

Ngeow has directed several short films, including two funded by the Australian government. Currently co-directing an IFP Fiscally Sponsored documentary with 14-yr-old Emma Zurcher-Long. This documentary, called UNSPOKEN, is a poetic, POV film about Emma’s life growing up with autism. For the past 8 years, Julia has directed music videos with bands from Australia, USA and Canada, and is currently developing EUDAEMONIA into a feature film script.


Ashley George - Producer

shley is a director and producer based in New York. Her work has exhibited at festivals and theaters such as Picture Farm Film Festival, GLITCH Film Festival, New York No Limits' Queer Film Initiative, Bideodromo Experimental Film Festival, MIX NYC Experimental Queer Festival, National Queer Arts Festival, Santa Cruz Film Festival, and San Francisco's Roxie Theater and Castro Theater. She's a Gemini firecracker in a sugar bowl and is a sucker for all things 90s. You can see her work at


Lauren McCune - Producer

Lauren McCune received a B.A. from Eugene Lang: The New School for Liberal Arts and co-founded Six Part Productions through which she developed and produced several short films and numerous music videos. These include KILLING THE DOG, which received the Manny Award for Outstanding film at Take Two Film Festival, as well as Official Selection of New Filmmakers NY and NYC Independent Film Fest 2013. McCune also produced Frank Mosley's short film PARTHENON (starring Lily Baldwin, Tallie Medel, and Thiago Martins) to be released late 2016.


Amanda Rose - Producer

Amanda Rose earned her BFA in Film & Television from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. She studied abroad in London for the selective Advanced Screenwriting Program, where she wrote her first feature length screenplay, "Pass Me Over".


Amanda is first and foremost a writer, a storyteller, a wordsmith, a seeker of truth. Currently, her thesis film, Eye on The Sparrow, is in post-production, which she wrote, produced and directed.


In addition to being the producer for the upcoming Julia Ngeow short film, Eudaemonia, Amanda continues to freelance as a script supervisor; she is also developing two 30-minute comedy TV pilots and a second feature length screenplay about the condition of the minority male immigrant in the United States. 



You can find some of Amanda's work and more information on her LinkedIn page: 3b121a117


Amy Everson - Actor (Amy)

Everson is an American actor, screenwriter and artist based in San Francisco.

Everson co-wrote and starred in feature film FELT directed by Jason Banker. Everson’s work in FELT earned her the 2014 Fantastic Fest “Next Wave” Spotlight Award for Best Actress, and the Nashville Film Festival Graveyard Shift Competition Award for Best Actress.

Everson art directed both music videos “Lampshades on Fire” and “The Ground Walks with Time in a Box” for musical group Modest Mouse. In her primary artistic medium, Everson re- appropriates objects from pop culture and presents them in humorous or disturbing ways.



Alexandra Nell - Actor (Cara)

Alexandra is an Australian actor, theatre producer and voice-over artist, working across stage and screen. She holds a Bachelor of Dramatic Arts in Acting from The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA).

In 2016, Alexandra was recognized as the first person in history to take out the three major awards at NIDA; The 2014 Hazel Treweek ‘Excellence in Shakespeare Award’, The 2015 Keith Bain OAM Scholarship for ‘Excellence in Movement’ (making her the first female recipient), and finally the prestigious Leslie Walford Scholarship in 2016 for ‘creative endeavors’. Alexandra has also been awarded ‘Best Performance by an Actress’ for her work on the short film We Were Here at the 28th annual WA Screen Awards in July 2016.


Almudena Caminero - Production Design

After completing her studies in Fine arts and History of Cinema and earning a MFA in Set Design and Production Design in Madrid and Valladolid, Almudena moved to New York where she currently works and lives. Combining her job as a painter and visual artist with film work, Almudena's credits as Production Designer and Art Director include short films, TV shows and feature films shot in both Spain and New York. Almudena has also written and directed two short films that have been awarded and recognized internationally.


Geneva Peschka - Marketing Manager 

Geneva is a Canadian born producer who moved to New York City 5 years ago. For the past decade Geneva has worked in the feature animation and live action production world. In addition to this, she also focuses on service and working to help local communities in New York and Haiti. Geneva produced the documentary UNSPOKEN; a groundbreaking point-of-view film exploring an autistic, non-fluent speaker's world, co-directed by Julia Ngeow and Emma Zurcher-Long (the star of UNSPOKEN).

Current Team