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Under orders of her therapist, a quirky young woman must overcome public anxiety, overbearing roommates and her own sexual repression to masturbate for the very first time.

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The Story

The sexual revolution started over forty years ago, but female sexuality is still a taboo subject. This film opens up a conversation about sexuality that is long overdue. It also deals with the universal issues of shame and self-acceptance. Claire is unknowingly ashamed of her own sexuality, and it has affected both her physical and mental well-being. Claire embarks on a courageous journey of excruciating vulnerability, ultimately leading to self-acceptance and independence. No longer reliant on men for her sexual gratification and free of her family's sexual repression, Claire takes her power back. Her struggles along the way are equally hilarious and moving.


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Costs $300

Someone to run camera...duh. But our guy is going to make sure every shot is beautiful!

First Assistant Director

Costs $300

We have a lot to shoot in 3 days. We need an AD to keep us on track and on time!


Costs $300

The lady in charge. Puttin' out fires and showin' everybody who's boss.


Costs $300

What's better than one producer? Two! It's a big job.

Script Supervisor

Costs $300

Since out director is also acting in the film, we need a second set of eyes on monitor.


Costs $300

She's the "Lights" part of "Lights, Camera, Action"

Key Grip

Costs $300

We've got a slim crew so this Grip will be doing some heavy lifting!

Make Up Artist

Costs $300

It's a naturalistic film but we still need makeup to keep our actors from looking washed out/shiny.


Costs $350

Color correction is crucial to making the final picture look top notch.


Costs $350

We got an editor at a great rate. Help us pay him!

Sound Editor

Costs $300

Sound is sooooooo important.

Production Designer

Costs $300

We need to transform our locations into Claire's apartment, therapist's office, and dress the shop!

First Camera Assistant

Costs $300

Pulls focus and assists with all things camera-related.

Boom Operator

Costs $300

Even if the video looks amazing, none of it matters if we don't have perfect sound!

Mixers - Sound Devices 302 3 Channel Mixer

Costs $25

We've found an amazing deal on a mixer for the entire shoot, now we need help paying for it!

Boompoles & Wind Protection - K-Tek KE-110 9.5’ Internally Cabled

Costs $50

Wouldn't be a proper film set without a boom pole, am I right?

Recorders - Sound Devices 788T SSD 8 Channel Hard Disk Recorder with CL8 Control Surface

Costs $25

Another amazing deal we we're able to swing! This is what records our crisp, clear sound.

Wireless and Lavalier Microphones - Lectrosonics Wireless Kits

Costs $50

Wireless lavs let our actors move about the set more freely, and help in tricky filming situations.

Key Scenic

Costs $400

Key scenic turns locations into sets, from big things like furniture to details like photo frames.

Tables - 4’

Costs $30

Tables are key to art department keeping track of various props and design elements.

Prop Package

Costs $70

Props cover everything from purses and backpacks to food actors eat on screen.

Compact HD - Canon EOS C300

Costs $150

Can't shoot anything without a camera.

Lenses - Arri Master Prime Set

Costs $150

A camera body is what records the image, and you need lenses to see those images.

Monitors - External Monitors

Costs $75

A monitor helps the camera assistant keep everything in focus, & let's the director watch the frame.

Accessories - Tripods / Heads

Costs $75

The tripod holds up the camera, because we aren't making a shakey, handheld horror movie.

Accessories - Batteries

Costs $30

The camera won't turn on without batteries.

Accessories - Filters

Costs $30

Filters are like sunglasses for the camera, very important.

Accessories - Follow Focus

Costs $30

Follow focus makes focusing the camera much easier, especially on moving shots.

Accessories - Matteboxes

Costs $30

A mattebox is like a hood for the camera, keeps the dust and dirt out, only let's pretty pictures in

Accessories - Storage / Media

Costs $30

Media storage are the large flash drives the HD video is stored on. Like VHS tapes, but newer!


Costs $702

It's $6 a meal for breakfast and lunch, and 3 days is 117 meals. Please help feed our crew!

Wardrobe package

Costs $200

Wardrobe is what all our cast is wearing. This covers from socks to hats, and everything in between.

Makeup Kit

Costs $51

We need makeup for our makeup artist to work with, like a painter needs paint.


Costs $45

We will need lots of DVD when we are sending in our festival submissions!


Costs $150

Postcards are critical for spreading the word about the film at festivals. And they are great gifts!

Extension Cords (50’)

Costs $16

Extension cords are how we plug things in!

Extension Cords (25’)

Costs $4

This short extension cord is to plug things in too, just things that are closer.

Hostess Tray

Costs $60

This is how we will film the car scenes with the car moving, it's attaches the camera to the car!

Clothespins (C-47s)

Costs $15

You would not believe how handy these are on set! We gotta have some.

Blackwrap / Cinefoil 24”

Costs $20

Black wrap is fancy aluminum foil, the bees knees for wrapping lights and not burning down houses.

Duvateen Cloth (Black)

Costs $55

High end cloth used to black out windows and wrap lights. Fancy for a reason, it won't catch fire!

GRIP KIT (Small): Silks

Costs $8

Silks help diffuse the light so everyone looks like a movie star. Got to have some of these!

GRIP KIT (Small): Sandbags

Costs $72

Sanbags hold all the light stands down and help keep the set safe.

GRIP KIT (Small): C-Stands

Costs $28

C-Stands hold up all our flags and floppies. They are crutial for lighting.

Kino: Micro-Flo 4" Kit

Costs $80

A kino is a big soft light, it's super portable and make everyone look great!

HMI: Joker Bug - 800W K5600 w/ chimera and stand

Costs $300

This is a wonderful light! Super versatile, good for both hard light or bouncing for soft light.

HMI: Par - 1.2K PAR

Costs $30

Great light, good for filling up rooms so the camera can see everyone.

GRIP CART (TACO CART) KIT (Large): Rolling Stands

Costs $8

Nice big stand for our lights to live on.

Festival Fees

Costs $400

What's the point of making the film if no one can see it? Help us get the film to an audience!


Costs $850

The most important item! For all the things we can't predict, didn't plan for, and other surprises.

Hard Drive

Costs $300

All this shooting creats BIG digital files, and we need some place to store it.

Production Insurance

Costs $252

With all the expensive gear and the people working, it's imperative to have insurance, just in case.

Monitors - Wireless Monitors w/ transmitter & receivers

Costs $99

This additional monitor will help keep the assistant keep the focus super sharp!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Amy Hartman, Producer

Amy grew up in small town Golden, Colorado. She attended Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, and received a BFA in Media and Theatre arts with a focus on cinematography and lighting design. After, she spent time working in the theatre, at the Denver Center Theatre Company's world premier of WHEN TANG MET LAIKA, followed by The Arden Theatre in Philadelphia on the New York Times critically acclaimed rendition of SUNDAYS IN THE PARKS WITH GEORGE. She then moved to Singapore to pursue an MFA in directing from Tisch School of the Arts Asia. After two years living and creating abroad, she now lives and works in Los Angeles for the feature film production company, Night & Day Pictures.


Megan Brotherton, Director

Megan earned her B.A. at Claremont McKenna College and her M.F.A. in Acting from Harvard University/The American Repertory Theater, which included a three-month residency at The Moscow Art Theatre. It was in Moscow that Megan's teachers noticed her aptitude for directing and strongly encouraged her to pursue directing and acting. Megan is also a seasoned improviser, performing at various improv theaters in LA and currently studying at Upright Citizens Brigade. She directed several episodes of Golden California Seasons 1 & 2 as well as numerous sketches that she wrote and produced. Megan loves working with actors and using her training and experience to help them discover truthful and tranformitive performances.


Sean McDaniel, Director of Photography

Sean attended the University of Florida where he expanded into experimental film production and narrative film work while earning a degree in Film and Media Studies. Guided by his passion for the moving image, Sean attended the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts MFA program where he continued his focus in cinematography. As a Director of Photography, Sean strives to tell powerful stories through his work behind the camera in support of his collaboration with talented directors.


Assistant Camera Operator: Aaron Bush


Gaffer: Chelsea Pettit


First AD: Alexandra Spada


Current Team