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Longship Films combines indie filmmaking and lean startup thinking, we call it agile filmmaking. The film EXPOSURE explores the relative value of memory and perception on the events in our lives by looking at the break up of a relationship between two women from their different points of view.

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Mission Statement

Our team is diverse because that's important. Two out of the four key creative positions are held by women. Our oldest team member is retired, our youngest is 25. Our story is about a loving relationship between two women. Between two human beings.

The Story


It's the story of a break-up. The two women Jo (Geerteke van Lierop) and Rachel (Erica Anderson) were in a loving relationship and they broke up. This happened before our film starts. Our film is about their process in dealing with the break up. They each set off on a journey of self-reflection and contemplation. 

After finding a folder full of portraits of Rachel, Jo heads to Wisconsin to revisit the scenes in the photographs. Finding the same locations, Jo takes a series of self portraits trying to give the project and her life meaning and artistic merit. 

Rachel stays in the Algarve where the two women lived. She visits her favourite, beautiful, hauntingly empty beach, again and again, searching for peace. 

These two journeys happen in parallel, and form the spine of the forward progression of the film. Two separate but synchronous journeys, intertwined. 

But there is a third story line. Their memory of the relationship: how they met, their first kiss, their love, their pain, the breakup. We see the collapse of the relationship in their mind. Each blaming the other (or each blaming themselves). We see fights, we see tender moments, we see their relationship through their memories that form a narrative, but disjointed and fragmented. Leading to a conclusion in which they might, or might not, get back together.

The film is an exploration of memory and perception based on a simple, relateable event - a break-up.


The Longship Method

Longship Films produces highly engaging and consumable feature films through a process we call ‘Seat of the Pants Filmmaking’.


This approach is based on a the combination of our experience with indie filmmaking and lean start-ups. Independent filmmaking is all about the story and the experience. We bring human stories to the screen. Lean start-up is a methodology which allows teams to focus on value producing activities, and not waste time and effort. Longship Films uses lean filmmaking tactics to create and market wonderful human stories.


Typical industry film making is based on forcing the Universe into a script, a shooting schedule and a marketing plan. Seat of the Pants filmmaking puts the Universe in the lead and the rest follows. The Universe plays a direct part in writing the script while the shooting is underway.


The creative process is essentially a small team of highly adaptable and capable film professionals embarking on a week long journey to shoot the story. Of course we set off with a plan, however there are only story concepts, structure outlines and character ideas ready before the boat sets sail. We do not have a full script when we start shooting. Flexibility and responsiveness are key, and the writer is on the team to adapt the concepts and characters based on whatever the Universe puts in the teams path.


Each of the team members is a volunteer and covers their own costs. However, should the film be sold, each team member will receive a higher percentage of profits than they would on a typical industry production. There are a set of rules which each team member must comply to in order to join. These rules are designed to achieve the objective in the most creative and efficient way possible.


The marketing process is based on a rapid testing approach with the market and waterfalls quickly to next concepts. We will pitch the finished film to a select group of distributors and agents while submitting to a few select festivals. If this first round does not respond, we will quickly pivot and release online via pay-per-view platforms. Sometime after that, we will release it for free viewing.


This approach allows us to create high quality movies on a micro-budget. This is the sharing economy applied to filmmaking. There are no assistants. We all do our part and come up with a viable story on film, and give it a chance to reach various audiences.


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Making it Sound Great

Costs $1,200

Sound mixing will incur costs. We'll need to hire a finishing studio to finalise the mix.

Making it Look Great

Costs $2,000

Like all our crew and cast, our editor Jelle is working on the project for free. We do need to hire a set for online and grading however!

Festival Submissions

Costs $1,000

We beg and plead for waivers, we hope and pray for invitations, but we still need to budget for festival submissions!

Distribution Deliverables

Costs $2,600

DCPs, artwork, subtitles, closed captions, iTunes fees etc. etc. All of that good stuff has gotta be made and paid for.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Flights for Cast and Crew

Costs $2,900

Our cast and crew paid for their own tickets to be a part of the shoot. We'd love to reimburse them their costs.

About This Team

Director Kristjan Knigge and Producer Chris Parker are the founders of Longship Films. Having worked together on Kristjan's first feature, The Right Juice, they became firm friends and collaborators. Their experience of the long and sometimes arduous process of developing, creating and distributing and Independent feature film inspired them to look for an alternative method for feature film production, which became Longship Films.


Kristjan has worked professionally in the film indutry all over the world, and in a range of departments: camera crew, art department, production manager, electrical unit, grip, special effects, editing and 1st Assistant Director. In 2004 he took the plunge and decided to direct. To date he has made commercials, corporates, music videos, a full length documentary, 15 short films and two feature films.


Chris' background is in the corporate world. He works with, coaches and leads people going through transformations, either as individuals or as organisations, with a passionate focus on using information technology and customer experience strategy to enable increased satisfaction and performance. And he produces and sells films.


Our other team members include:

- BJ Boulter, a Production Designer and Producer with over four decades experience in the film industry.


- Jackie Poplar, talented actress and theatre director, now screenwriter. Hers is probably the most daunting job in the Longship way of making movies, as the script is partly created on set, as we shoot. Brave woman.


- Geerteke van Lierop. Having played one of the leads in the first Longship movie, Second Honeymoon, Geerteke was keen to continue the experiment. She plays Jo in the film, a woman on a mission of self discovery, trying to find meaning and enlightenment about her failed relationship with her ex, Lucy, through a very personal photography project in Wisconsin. Contributers have the oppertunity to see Geertekes powerful performance in Second Honeymoon as they willn receive a link to view the movie pre-distribution.


- Erica Anderson. A creative and organisational powerhouse who joined the team in Wisconsin as we where shooting the first part of Exposure. Originally joining the team to help with production, she now will take on the role of the second lead actress in the developing story of Jo and Lucy's relationship.


- Chad McClarnon. A talented DP who has a unique and artistic visual style strongly influenced by his work as a photographer. A wit, a raconteur, an artist, a coffee afficionado, Chad's main talent is packing every piece of equipment needed to shoot an entire feature film into a Prius.


- Erik Bannenberg. Long time cinematographer now producer and life coach, Erik is in charge of keeping the director grounded and sane.

Current Team