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Inspired by the award-winning short, FACE ON is the story of a beauty-obsessed woman and her blood-soaked quest to create the perfect face. A dark, fun, and diverse film, FACE ON takes aim at today's image-obsessed social media culture, with the ultimate message of self-love and human empowerment.

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Mission Statement

FACE ON is a story of the masks we wear and the lengths that people go to in an attempt to fit in. It’s a fun, stylized, independent film full of dark comedy, bloody horror, and ultimately a heartfelt message, as told by a young and diverse crew. Plus, there's a badass woman chopping faces off.

The Story

FACE ON is the story of SHERYL, a beauty-obsessed woman who, after being dumped by her serial killer boyfriend, goes on a blood-soaked rampage to create the perfect face, while navigating her new relationship with the cop investigating the murders.

SHERYL is a woman with two disturbing quirks: She’s obsessed with her looks, and she loves to kill! She combines these two habits in an attempt to create the perfect female face by harvesting the “perfect” parts from different models, celebrities, and influencers.

At the same time, Sheryl must avoid her ex, TED, and navigate the ups and downs of a budding new relationship with her new boyfriend, REYES, who, unbeknownst to her, is in charge of investigating the recent rash of face-cutting murders.


Through her journey, Sheryl learns that no matter how attractive you might look on the outside, if you want to be truly beautiful, you just might need to look inside.

While it’s told in a fun, fast, thrill-ride of a way, FACE ON is ultimately a story of self-acceptance. Too many of us know what it’s like to hide our true feelings or to feel the sting of comparing ourselves to someone else (even when we know what we’re comparing ourselves to isn’t real.). FACE ON shows the dangers of hiding behind the mask and what can happen when the mask comes off.


FACE ON draws equally from the gruesome tradition of horror-slasher films, while also interjecting action, humor, and heart. We are creating a film that is, not only visually stunning but will also leave the audience questioning today’s ever-prevalent comparison culture.

FACE ON is based on the award-winning short film, which was an official selection or finalist in eight different film festivals and currently holds a score of 4.6/5 stars on Amazon.

Director and writer, Justin Best, returns for the feature. Justin has been mentored by Michael Weiss (JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH) and Adam Pava (THE BOXTROLLS, THE LEGO MOVIE) and his scripts have been finalists at the Austin Film Festival, Script Pipeline, Screencraft, and many, many others. The FACE ON script was also recognized in the Academy Nicholl Screenwriting fellowship.

Anthea Neri-Best returns as Sheryl, the film’s strong anti-hero. Anthea has been featured in Tacoma FD, Mr. Mayor, Brooklyn 99, and more.


Sheryl’s love interest, Detective Bruce Reyes, will be played by Christopher Cendana. A United States Marine Corps veteran, Christopher has appeared all over your TV screen in Silicon Valley, Kidding, How to Get Away With Murder, Lucifer, and others.

As for the entire cast, roughly 70% of the main cast are female characters.

To best tell the story of FACE ON, we sought out the best up-and-coming storytellers and found them, creating a team of young, diverse, hungry, award-winning filmmakers. And while we believe anyone can relate to the pains of today’s comparison culture, our team is comprised of nearly 75% women, including our cinematographer, production designer, composer, costume designer, hair and makeup artist, and two of our producers, among others.

We are currently planning to begin production in the Spring of 2022 over approximately 15 days. As our post-production team is already prepared, we will quickly move into post with a goal of releasing the film near the end of 2022. Once the film is fully 100 percent complete, we will begin submitting to festivals, aiming for acceptance into a major, Tier One festival, such as Sundance, Tribecca, SXSW, etc., while also seeking distribution through streaming or video-on-demand.

During production, we will follow all COVID-19 requirements, such as social distancing, testing, mask requirements, etc. as detailed by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the state of California. 

FACE ON is something we are all very passionate about. All of us have, at one time or another, thought we weren’t good/pretty/smart/perfect enough. We’ve felt like we didn’t matter, no matter how hard we tried. FACE ON is not only designed to entertain, but to shatter the illusion of these impossible to achieve standards.

Good question. While, as humans, we’ve always compared ourselves to one another, today we are bombarded 24/7 through always-on social media and internet content showing us exactly how we’re lacking in our fitness, diet, wardrobe, income, or any other area of our life. Girls and women seem to be hit especially hard. According to the book, Beauty Sick by Renee Engeln, Ph.D., 34% of five-year-old girls have already engaged in dietary restraint. With social media being as popular as ever, we believe this is the perfect time to tell this kind of story.

Now is also the perfect time for some new blood (ahem…) in the horror market. Horror fans are the most loyal in the industry. Also, 60% of horror fans are female. And 58% are people of color. We believe it’s time that the majority of horror fans had a crazed psychotic killer that looked like them. :)

And who doesn’t want to see a bad-ass woman chopping people’s faces off? (Plus, movies starring women do better at the box office.).

Finally, coming out of the pandemic, it is the perfect time for independent filmmaking. As we’ve all experienced over the last year or so, art is valuable. We need stories to get us through those many days and nights stuck indoors. As an independent film, we can move faster than larger studios, and we can ensure that we tell the story that we believe horror fans want to see.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably a person who loves horror movies or maybe film and/or the arts in general. Or maybe you get excited about the opportunity to find cool stuff before everyone and say, “I told you so!” Or maybe you’re my mom.

Regardless, if you’re the type of person who loves dark comedy like American Psycho or Pulp Fiction, slasher horror films like Halloween or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or just wants to see a new face (ahem again…), then you need to join us on this adventure!

Seriously, we appreciate your support and, with the FACE ON team, we believe in eating our own cooking. That’s why we’ve already put over $20,000 toward this movie, and we will continue to fund it to the best of our ability, but we also know that there is a whole army of horror fans who want to see a badass female serial killer chopping off people’s faces and are eager to help make this dream a reality. So, please know that this movie is going to get made. And with you joining in, we can make it that much bloodier, more fun, and much more face-cuttingly awesome.


FACE ON approaches topics of beauty and self-love in a fun, exciting, and extreme manner, while also flipping traditional genre tropes on their head. 

Our cast and crew are ready! Please join us as we create a new and modern horror film. Together, we can leave our mark on the industry and start a whole new chapter in horror history! 





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Ready For My Close Up: Camera and Lenses

Costs $7,000

With this camera, you'll get every gory detail.

Let's Rock: Music Licensing

Costs $5,000

Every Serial Killer needs a killer soundtrack. LETS ROCK!

The Perfect Look: Production Design

Costs $10,000

Help us bring Sheryl's bloody world to life.

A Killer Look: Costume Design

Costs $10,000

Help us build the next iconic horror slasher look.

Glorious Food- Crafty & Catering

Costs $4,000

Even killers need to eat. Food for our cast and crew.

Mark it: Crew Kits

Costs $1,000

All the essential tools we need for a smooth film making experience. (Slate, tape, markers, etc.)

Get a Grip: Lighting and Grip

Costs $2,000

We need lights to see the Killer action!

Mic Test: Set Sound

Costs $2,000

Make sure you hear all the blood curdling screams, crunchy knife stabs and funny jokes.

Proceed: Entertainment Lawyer

Costs $1,000

This will go toward legal consulting and contracts

Bloody Perfection: HMU| SPFX

Costs $5,000

SFX Artist for on-set practical effects! Who doesn't wanna see more blood and guts?

Locations to Die For

Costs $2,000

Help us with great locations like the cabin, office building, night club, restaurant, or carnival.


Costs $1,000

We'll need insurance for all locations and rental equipment. Gotta watch our backs.

The Award Goes To! CAST

Costs $10,000

The Actor's! AKA the next Horror Icons

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


JUSTIN BEST – Writer & Director, Producer

Justin Best is an award-winning writer and director who has studied feature film writing under Michael Weiss (Journey to the Center of the Earth), Adam Pava (The Lego Movie, The Boxtrolls), and others. His script, Darryn the Bold and the Sword of Boldness, was a finalist in multiple screenwriting competitions, and he is currently the writer for The Days After, a virtual reality video game, selected by Oculus as part of its indie-developer START program. The short film version of Face On appeared in numerous film festivals and won awards for directing, editing, and sound design. The feature version of Face On is currently in pre-production. 


ANTHEA NERI-BEST – Producer, Actor

Anthea Neri-Best is an actress, singer, and human empowerment ambassador who appears as Kailani on TruTV's Tacoma FD, NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mr. Mayor and as a chef and judge on Yummy TV's HMExpress. She can also be seen in numerous commercials and heard in many video games. Throughout her career, Anthea has performed at Carnegie Hall, Dodgers' Stadium, the Staples Center, and Lincoln Center; and she was a top-four finalist on GMA7's Pinoy Pop Superstar. In addition, she has appeared in Here Lies Love, Oliver!, Mamma Mia!, and the off-Broadway musical, Disenchanted. 

Current Team