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Jordan Van Clief

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Depression is everyones dirty little secret. When you get a cold, you take time to let your body rest, but when you are depressed, you lament yourself for not being happy. We isolate ourselves as if no one has ever gone through this before, but they have, so let's start a conversation.

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Mission Statement

This story is to open a dialogue about mental health. It's important to have these conversations out in the open because being depressed does not make you broken, it makes you a work in progress. This is also a story about female friendships. No men, no lovers, no need for them.

The Story

Failure is an Option is one part Lady Bird, one part Broad City, and one part depression.


Part One: Lady Bird 

Failure is an Option is about a young woman, Katrina, whose life hits her like a train. We spend our lives planning, creating, striving, hurling ourselves towards success and happiness, but what happens when we don't find it?


No need for cinematic plot twists or crazy CGI (I mean who even has the budget for that) when real life offers more then enough madness to keep you enthralled.


Part Two: Broad City

Let's talk about female friendships. They are amazing. Magical even. A relationship that snuggles right up to you on a bad day and slaps you in the face when you're being overly dramatic. This type of female comradarie, the ride-or-die passion sans male attention, is not often seen in Hollywood. It's not just too bad, it's an issue.


This film is a love story, a love story of two friends who help each other out when life gets to be too much (read: extra). Female friendship is like spider web; stronger then steel, and fancy AF.


Then a dash of depression:

Depression is sad, strange, and often funny (when looking back upon it). 


Despite how difficult it is to admit, depression is suprisingly common in the US. Millions of people are diagnosed and yet we don't feel comfortable talking about our mental health. Let's talk-- it's long overdue.


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Camera Equipment

Costs $1,500

To make a film, you need to film it. Help us use a nice camera to make this beauty, truly beautiful.

Editing Video and Audio

Costs $1,500

Editing takes time and editors get paid in money.


Costs $500

I can't force people to be all LA and not eat for a day, so we're gonna need money for food.

Lighting and Grip

Costs $1,000

Shine bright like a diamond! We're going to need a well lit set with someone who knows how to do it.

Costumes and Props

Costs $500

No nudes please, fully clothed actors only.

Festival Fees

Costs $500

It's expensive to get into film festivals! Got to be too legit to submit

Paying Cast and Crew

Costs $1,000

I want to pay people what they are worth.


Costs $500

This isn't going to be a silent film, we'd are going to have local artist to help score it.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team



Jordan Van Clief (Creator/Actor) 

The creator and star or #ToothFairies (, a web series that follows around Tooth Fairies as their buisness model rapidly loses money (apparently handing out cash is a bad business model). 


Fierce feminist and mental health advacate, also loves dogs.


Taylor Murphy-Sinclair (Actor)


Alyssa Wilden (Director)

Alyssa Wilden is a writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. She creates content for the film, television, the stage and digital platforms. As a graduate of the Harold Ramis Film School and the Second City Training Center's Conservatory, Alyssa focuses on comedy and has a passion for telling female-driven stories. 





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