Fantastic Santa Monaco

Los Angeles, California | Film Feature

Drama, Satire

Alexsiya Flora

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A film about a group of performance artists who are looking for love, connection and significance in Los Angeles. We put together a dynamite team of storytellers to create this heartfelt film. This is where you come in. You have an opportunity to be a part of this art creation process.

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Mission Statement

Alexia is a redheaded female filmmaker that has been making movies for the past 18 years. This is her tenth feature, producing and third narrative feature, directing. Her team includes a female DP, music composer, photographer, production assistants and lead cast members. It is a female-driven film.

The Story

Fantastic Santa Monaco is a narrative feature film about a group of performance artists who are looking for love, connection and significance in Los Angeles. Their dream is to live "the art life." The main characters Aqua and Becca are looking for a more authentic and deeper connection in their love life. They are crying for attention and feel like they have to prove themselves. They find it but only after they open themselves up to the universe where they find a meaning to their existence.  The film showcases the artist’s experience of living and dating in Los Angeles with all the stigmas and pressures of society. With the inspiration from many female performance artists and experimental filmmakers from Maya Deren to Yoko Ono, we take you on a journey, that includes jealousy, intimacy, and self-confidence. Our goal is to inspire millions of millennials who seek validation in their self-discovery and creative life.

This is the tenth feature film that Alexia Anastasio has produced and the third narrative feature that she will be directing. Her most notable film is the documentary Adventures in Plymptoons! about Oscar nominated animator, Bill Plympton. 

Awesome world changers like cast members, Smokey MilesChristina LinhardtBrenna Gwyn Snowe, photographer, Kate Turning, music by Pearl Anne Lyon, Producing and cinematography team, Dan Salem and Mandi Mellen, editor, Daniel Gross, script consultant, Jennifer Howd, line producer, John Schuler, and of course, director, Alexia Anastasio



What others have said about Alexia:

"Very Modern." (regarding Anastasio's shooting style) - David Lynch, Artist/Filmmaker

"A+ Excellent work Alexia" (regarding Anastasio's artwork) - Miranda July, Artist/Filmmaker

“Alexia is an uncompromising creator who has a strong vision of what she wants to achieve and how it will get done.” - Signe Baumane, Director/Producer

“Alexia is a talented writer and filmmaker... yielding fascinating, highly personal projects in the world of film, animation and the arts.” - John Andrews, Producer/Festival Director

FROM THE HEART PRODUCTIONS is a 501c3 non-profit organization, which means when you pledge and we get funded your donation is tax deductible! This is a way for us to show our appreciation.  

When we reach our green light we get funded but we can do better than that, thanks to you.

At $30k, our A-list photographer shoots our poster and web advertising images as well as have a photographer on set. 

At $40k we bring on more crew including a second camera person to shoot behind the scenes and b-roll. 

At $60k, our post-production gets an upgrade, we add color correction, sound design and pay our crew their ideal rate.

At $80k we bring on more name talent, animation and send to more top international film festivals.  

We went viral! At $100k+ we secure our own marketing and self-distribution of the film theatrically and online. 

You can tweet about the project on Twitter, share the link on Facebook, tell a friend in person or via email. Forward the project to a journalist, blogger, podcaster, radio or TV show host. We are available to be interviewed.

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How the funds are distributed in the ideal budget below:


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Actors and Actresses

Costs $2,000

This is so we can hire the very best cast members and pay them their day rate.


Costs $3,000

E&O Insurance so nobody sues us for their logo in the background of our shot.

Crew on set, Sound, Photographer, Production Assistants

Costs $1,000

If you can't hear us then we have to redo it all over again. Having a photographer on set.

Director of Photography

Costs $2,000

We want our movie to look awesome! Dan Salem and Mandi Mellen will be the DP's behind the camera.

Food for Cast and Crew

Costs $1,000

We would like to feed our cast and crew while they are on set.

Production Design, Wardrobe, Makeup and Hair

Costs $500

We would like our movie and our cast to not only look pretty but fit into our world.

DVD's, Festival fees and shipping

Costs $500

Creation of the DVD to a physical disc, package them and send them to you and film festivals.


Costs $2,000

Daniel Gross has edited and consulted for HBO, PBS Digital Studios, NBCUniversal among others.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

This is the tenth feature film that Alexia Anastasio will be producing and the third narrative feature that she will be directing. Her most notable film is the documentary, Adventures in Plymptoons! about Oscar nominated animator, Bill Plympton that is now available on Amazon Prime, Vimeo, iTunes, and Netflix.


Mandi Mellen and Dan SalemProducers - M Square Productions

Mandi and Dan are a dynamic producing team with over ten years experience acting, writing, directing, and creating top quality film and television. They first met at Boston University where Mandi studied film and the duo made their first project together. Now having produced over 150 episodes of web series, hundreds of video blogs and interviews, as well as several short films, promo films, and corporate videos, they are a benchmark for teamwork and success. Find them on Youtube, Pillow Talk TV, and BuzzChomp channels, or get to know their work even better at


Daniel Gross has been an avid enthusiast of professional film production since his childhood years on the autism spectrum and is currently a film/television editor and contributor to various webisode, documentary, and narrative works, along with feature films, websites, and music videos. Daniel obtained his undergraduate education as an Honors student at the University of Connecticut and went on to receive his M.F.A. in Film Production from the University of Southern California in 2013.


Who else is part of this project? Awesome world changers like cast members, Smokey Miles, Christina Linhardt, Brenna Gwyn Snowe, photographer, Kate Turning, music by Pearl Anne Lyon, among others who will be joining us!

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