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Support 'Fat Boi' music video by Biig Red Couch & Antonio. In a world craving authenticity, this project promotes self-love & acceptance. Your backing helps share this vital message with the world. Join us in helping us embrace our true selves & honesty even when things aren’t going well.

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Mission Statement

Our mission with the 'Fat Boi' music video is to celebrate self-acceptance and empowerment in the community. Through Biig Red Couch and Antonio's journey, we aim to inspire individuals to take up space, challenge societal norms, and find strength in their identity.

The Story

"Fat Boi": A Hip Hop Music Video Fundraiser

Embark on a journey of self-acceptance with Biig Red Couch and Antonio the Capybara in their groundbreaking music video, "Fat Boi". Addressing vital topics like mental health and resilience, this project promises to spark meaningful conversations and empower individuals to embrace their authenticity.

  • Biig Red Couch and Antonio bring a fresh perspective on mental health and self-acceptance, making them the perfect duo for this project.

Why this?

  • "Fat Boi" tackles themes of self-image and resilience, amplifying voices from marginalized communities.

Why now?

  • With mental health awareness on the rise, the timing couldn't be better to ignite dialogue around self-acceptance.

Our fundraising campaign is in full swing to bring "Fat Boi" to life. Your support will directly impact production quality, covering essential expenses like equipment rental and crew costs. Every donation, regardless of size, brings us closer to our goal of inspiring self-acceptance through music and storytelling.

Stretch goals:

  • If we surpass our funding target, we'll host a larger premiere party with an exclusive Antonio meet & greet for all local supporters.
  • Backers will receive additional capybara swag as a token of our gratitude for their support.


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Crew Assistant Director

Costs $1,500

We need a full crew to achieve the level of production we are aiming for and support all the artists involved.

Crew: First & Second AC, Gaffer, Key Grip, Swing G & E, Set Design,Animal Wrangler and PA's

Costs $6,400

A well rounded crew allows us to achieve our vision and do so in a safe and thoughtful manner that fosters better connection and creativity.

Production Insurance

Costs $1,100

With so many moving parts and an exotic animal on set, we need to insure the safety of our cast and crew

Craft Services

Costs $750

We need to stay hydrated, caffeinated and fed snacks and meals to achieve our filming schedule!

About This Team

Chad Short (he/him), is a musician currently residing in Friday Harbor, WA. Born and raised in Maryland, Chad got his musical start in 2011 as a member of the musical duo “Straight Inappropriate,” alongside his friend and collaborator Zach Scruggs. Upon graduating with a BFA degree in Acting from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (2017), Chad decided to pursue a solo career as a hip-hop artist under the name biig red couch. Inspired by spoken word, poetry, and a plethora of rappers and musicians new and old (Tierra Whack, Tyler the Creator, Mac Miller, Outkast, and Lil Wayne - to name a few), Chad dropped his first solo project, TRIMMINGS, in 2019. He quickly followed his debut album with WORLD DIE SOON, which he released during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, he has worked to master his craft, spending over three years developing his technical skills and exploring new flows and ideas. He looks to release a new project in 2024, where he’ll explore themes including body dysmorphia, alcoholism, mental health awareness, and toxic relationships, among others. The song Fat Boi serves as a declaration of self-love, one that cannot be minimized by size, perception, or shame. Couch is proud to be a fat boi, and when he’s headed your direction, you better join him… or move out of the way.

Lynnette Cabera, a resilient Hispanic woman hailing from Los Angeles, embarked on a journey northward along the I-5 corridor until finding solace on the San Juan Islands in Washington state. Amidst battling chronic illness, she cultivated a haven on 6 acres of land, christened Acres Wild, which now serves as her personal movie backlot. Despite facing adversity, Lynnette prioritized her passions, delving into community service and later obtaining a filmmaking degree from the Seattle Film Institute. Her filmmaking ethos is underscored by an embrace of the unconventional and a commitment to inclusive storytelling, often spotlighting the marginalized and championing the underdog. With a keen eye honed by her diverse experiences as a world traveler, musician, painter, and advocate, Lynnette channels her creativity into producing and directing music videos and short films annually, with a particular affinity for collaborating with animals and children. Through her art, she strives to carve out spaces of anarchy and loving inclusion, leaving an indelible mark on audiences worldwide.

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