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L. M. Davis

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A tale of the intersections of pandemic and race, Fevered Dreams is the quintessential story of this time.

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Mission Statement

Fevered Dreams imagines futures from a Black woman’s perspective and those futures are informed by knowledges of Black pasts. Conceived as part of an anthology, it will offer much needed stories of strength, resistance, resilience, humor, joy, and hope for this moment and times to come.

The Story

The Story

Monday is a novice nurse hired on at a short-staffed rehabilitation center in the middle of a pandemic.  Across the world, a mysterious plague is striking down people in their prime, and the burden of care has grown so that now even nursing students who haven't graduated are highly sought after.  But as Monday learns more about the origins of the ailment and its long-lasting effects, she must decide whether the work is worth the costs.  


Director's Statement

Weirdly, Fevered Dreams began life as a short story almost four years ago. At the beginning of 2020, before even the whispers of Covid-19, I wrote the screenplay for the film with the intent on shooting this year. Little did I know that as I geared up for filming, we would find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic.

Over the past few months, I have watched some of the speculative elements of the film become reality.  From the pressures essential workers feel to keep the world turning to the way the pandemic has underscored the intersections of race and illness, the strange way that life is now imitating art has made this film seem even more necessary.  

Fevered Dreams tackles all of this from a Black woman's perspective, with a twist that's sure to generate conversation.  The film will feature multiple strong lead roles for Black actors too. I am excited to share this story in visual form.  

Project Status: 

The script is complete, and several members of the crew are already attached.  We are hoping to raise the balance needed to flesh out the rest of the crew and secure the locations for a shoot in late November/early December.  

Principal photography for the film will happen in Atlanta, GA.  

While we hope to film before the end of the year, we continue to monitor conditions and to study best practices for filming during Covid and are prepared to shift our timeline as necessary.  Certain conditions, including peaks in new diagnoses and hospitalizations, may mean that the project film dates will be pushed back.  If that happens, we will wait until the conditions have stabilized before we began to film. We are doing our best to remain flexible in all regards in order to produce this film safely.  

Please follow for project updates and share!

Thank You So Much for Considering Our Project,

The Fevered Dreams Team



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Director of Photography

Costs $1,050

The DP will help to shape the aesthetic and create the visual vocabulary for the short.


Costs $1,750

This short has two locations. A rehabilitation center and a cafe.

Sound Engineer

Costs $1,200

Professional sound is a make or break part of a film.

Costumes/Set Dressing/Catering

Costs $500

Several scenes require specific costumes and set design, which production will provide.

About This Team

Writer/Director: L. M. Davis's life and work have been about two things: education and writing. She earned a Ph. D. in English in 2006 and is a scholar of African American and Native American literatures and cultures, with particular interest in the speculative production of these communities. She has spent more than a decade studying these cultures. L. M. Davis wrote her first novel while finishing out a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Minnesota. Recently, Davis’s writing has explored themes of the meaning and the value of black labor, the commodification of black bodies, and the iterations of late-stage capitalism.

Producer: Gabriela McNicoll was born in Brazil, but grew up in Miami, Orlando and Atlanta. In collaboration with her GDMF productions co-founder Dana E. Salter, Dana and Gaby are Atlanta filmmakers who make narrative and documentary films which focus largely on the culture, politics, and socioeconomic issues of women in the American South. Gaby's documentary and narrative short films have screened at venues in the US and internationally, including the Atlanta Film Festival, the Nashville Film Festival, the Oxford Film Festival, the Isle of Man Film Festival, DOCUTAH and London's Little Wing. 

Director of Photography: Colleen Gardner also known as Colbie Fray, is an American director, cinematographer and photographer, from Charlotte, NC now residing in Atlanta, GA. Pursuing her passion for film, she has since worked tirelessly in partnering with others in the film community and independently to foster creativity in the visual arts. A lover of everything “dope” and “artistic”, she began her film company Dope Artistic Focus Films (Dope AF Films) in 2017. Her new rising film company is a brand that produces original content such as narratives, music videos, and commercials. Her latest achievement has been her film “Under” being featured in the 2018’s Bronze Film Festival. This film speaks to Colbie’s artistic imprint with a focus on black women, women empowerment and the display of beauty outside of circumstances. She is self-taught and continues to learn new ways of storytelling through lighting and composition

Assistant Director: Indie Johnson is a 24-year-old Black, gender nonconforming trans fem who uses they/ them pronouns. They graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Media Arts and Media Management. They’ve held the Regional Communications Fellow position for Southerners On New Ground rooting their practices in organizing and world-building while helping to move campaign work and change narratives surrounding queer/trans person of color (QTPOC) and incarcerated people. They have created a television series, a web series, wrote, directed, and produced 5 short films and 8 digital commercials. They've also held a grassroots and marketing internship with A24 Films and a fellowship with Visionary Justice Storylab for their "Resisting Narratives of Erasure Series".

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