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We're on a mission to bring a major TV series to be filmed in Milwaukee. Film Freed is a nonprofit that produces films, documentaries, and TV while teaching the art of filmmaking through hands-on, experiential opportunities.

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Mission Statement

Film Freed encourages and celebrates diverse voices in film and other arts. We connect people who are vulnerable to experiencing oppression to key positions at all levels within our projects and give aspiring filmmakers from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to learn the craft.

The Story

What if Breaking Bad had been made in Milwaukee instead?
Film Freed is obsessed with bringing the TV series Bleed Millions here to Milwaukee.



With the demand for original content on streaming services growing, now is the time for Milwaukee filmmakers to take flight.


With your help, we aim to see Bleed Millions playing on a top network or streaming service.



Just like how the major sports teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and Green Bay Packers elevate community pride, having a major TV series set here will be a game-changer for the Milwaukee culture. 



We'll show the world that we have the diverse talent to play on the global stage.  Show the world that we are a resilient, creative, thriving city while creating balanced film opportunities for all.



About Bleed Millions: 


An artist rises to absurd levels of fame by committing bloodlettings to paint art.  Allegorical of USA's dark history, his "volunteers" represent all the oppressed, maligned, subjugated, abused, and those who died in the name of building America.




Funds raised from this campaign will help with distribution, selling and marketing Bleed Millions as well as lay the groundwork for future projects including:

Black is the New Orange - A drama about youth in the juvenile detention system and the effect on minority communities
Brewsin’ - A comedy about a scatterbrained alt-girl starting a microbrewery in Milwaukee and struggling with her constant flow of harebrained ideas.

Mobile Pop-Up Cinema - A vehicle that we can take on the road and show Milwaukee movies across the country.

Film Freed Streaming Service - A Netflix-like platform that will showcase Wisconsin films and the community can participate in voting on what movies we make next.

Read more about Film Freed Projects and Initiatives on our website.



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Cash Pledge

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Costs $5

As a writer, I burn through these like nobody's business! Help get me my next creative pour device!


Costs $45

Help us submit to the Sundance Film Festival! Where the sun boogies but doesn't melt the snow!

Cannes Film Festival

Costs $55

Submit us to the world's most prestigious film festival! Do you say CAN or KAHN? No one knows!

Austin Film Festival

Costs $55

Submit us to the Austin Film Festival! Last time we met Susan Sarandon & Frank Darabont!

Venice FIlm Festival

Costs $70

Submit us to the Venice Film Festival! You'll gondolove it!

Tribeca Film Festival

Costs $60

Submit us to the Tribeca Film Festival! Robert DeNiro approved!

Berlin Film Festivals

Costs $85

Submit us to the Berlin Film Festival! We'll bring you back a jelly doughnut!

Marketing Materials!

Costs $125

Fund printing screenplays, hand-outs, posters, and other marketing materials!

Film Student Consult

Costs $200

Fund sitdowns with 10 film students to get them on a faster track to success!

Aspiring Filmmaker Consults

Costs $200

You don't have to be a student to get help from us! Fund 10 sitdowns with non-students!

Fly us to LALA Land!

Costs $250

We have connections at Netflix, HBO, and other big companies. Help us get there to take meetings!

R&D for Mobile Cinema

Costs $500

Kickstart the mobile cinema to life!

Sound Mastering

Costs $850

Evan Grahm Dunn to master the sound for the entire film and add sound fx.

Music Composer - Amanda Huff

Costs $1,000

Professional musician and film composer Amanda Huff to create musical landscape.

Student Dance Project

Costs $1,000

Fund the project of a first time dance video director!

Streaming Service Phase 1 !

Costs $1,000

Help fund Wisconsin's First Major Streaming Service brought to you by Film Freed... And YOU!

Future Show Development!

Costs $1,000

Our Next 3 TV Shows in Development are Drama: Black is the New Orange, Comedy: Brewsin, Scifi: Breed

Velvet Negroni Music Video "Prospect Development"

Costs $3,500

Velvet Negroni (co-signs Kanye West & Bon Iver) just released Neon Brown & opened for Tame Impala!

About This Team

  Sam Kozel

  At the age of 17, Sam founded video a game company called Lucid Thought  

  that reached 8.5 million people worldwide. Later, he moved into film acting  

  before landing as a producer. He founded Film Freed, a nonprofit dedicated to

  providing on-the-job training in filmmaking and strengthening the community

  through filmmaking. Film Freed's first feature, “Serial Daters Anonymous”,

  starred Sam Page (Mad Men, House of Cards).


  As a filmmaker, he has produced a number of award winning projects; and as a consultant, he has guided several filmmakers through the maze of filmmaking.



ScreenCraft Awards - 1st & 2nd place finishes 
Finalist for the Sundance Catalyst Program 
Sundance Award Winning Consulting Producer 
fuck it list was in the top 5% of the BlackList 2016 
Participated in over 40 films in the MKE Film Festival 
Managed productions with over 300 total people 
Puffin Grant Recipient 


Current Team