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Drama, Romance

Mason Taylor

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How do you spend your entire 20's with someone, and not end up with them? We want to be able to tell stories showcasing couples of color in everyday relationships. With Follow My Lead, we are continuing on that mission.

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Mission Statement

Follow My Lead will be brought to screen with a diverse and inclusive cast and crew, specifically giving opportunities to underrepresented ethnic identities.

The Story

The Story

Samuel and Quinn are a couple who’ve known each other for most of their lives, and they’ve spent the last 5 years “together”. Outside looking in it seems like they've outgrown each other. The truth is, they’ve forgotten how to speak each other’s language and they go on a journey trying to work through that.




                                        Mason Taylor - Samuel    Yasmin Ray - Quinn

Our Process

The world is in a different space than it was at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, the timeline for our film has been affected just like most other things right now. We are currently in Pre-Production with this project, and have all but one cast member cast! We're all meeting through Zoom very week to check-in and have a table read. This campaign will help us move forward with this project once we're allowed to film again by giving us the ability to secure locations, rentals, travel, and more. There are still a ton of preproduction things we're actively taking care of right now! A few of those things include remote location scouting (as best we can), weekly virtual table reads, buying props + wardrobe and so much more. Your contribution now will help us hit the ground running when we're able to film again! 

What's in it For You

It all adds up, seriously. We want to send a sincere thank you to each and every person who decides to help bring Follow My Lead to life. When you donate to this project, there's a range of perks that we've carefully crafted to show our appreciation to you. Some of those perks include a social media shoutout from the team, a Live Q&A with the team, and even an associate producers credit in the film!

Ways You Can Support Us

Financial Contribution to the Project: This is a direct way for you to become a part of the Follow My Lead family. It was a goal of ours to come up with incentives we thought you'd really enjoy and some that would tie into the theme of the film as well! As an added bonus, your support will go directly to a team of filmmakers + creatives of color!

Follow Us: Seed&Spark is simple. A project with more followers  = more support from the platform itself! The more we get, the more opportunities and packages become available to us!

Share the Link: Social Media is the current state of the internet. That being said, a good presence on social is crucial in bringing this campaign to life. By sharing with your friends and family, you're helping this story get into circles that it might not otherwise reach. On top of that, you're playing a vital role in sharing the story, before the film is even made.

What Happens Next?

Our plan after we are through post-production is to take the film on a festival run! We have a list of previous festivals we've been in/to and are always updating it so that we are only submitting to those that have a theme that Follow My Lead would best fit. After our festival run, the film will be made available to stream (early to those who chose that incentive :) ).




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About This Team

Mason Taylor - Writer

A heavy-handed actor+filmmaker with a passion for broadening the narrative when it comes to Black stories.


Togo Lakes - Director

Togo Lakes is a left-handed director, writer, actor that enjoys everything that involves film-making. Whenever he is not creating, he's thinking about creating.


Natalia Moscosso - Cinematographer

Freelance cinematographer based in Los Angeles, from San Diego, CA. Looking forward to networking with new filmmakers, making their stories come to life, each with their own unique voice.


Current Team