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If you are a woman, or love any woman, this film is for you to know. Especially in such a relevant time of women's reproductive rights under threat. I encourage you to watch the short proof of concept film to really get an idea of the true story I am sharing. I'd love for any and all to be involved.

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Mission Statement

This film centers around a Latin American culture, depicting a direct reflection of where some of our United State laws are currently headed. Abortion bans these women have been living with since 1998. My goal is to educate by raising awareness and inspire change in sharing this true story.

The Story

LOGLINE: Based on a true story in El Salvador, 2004: A rookie, underdog lawyer fights for the release of a young woman incarcerated for miscarriage. 



My name is Alyssa Carter and I am a writer, director, and producer in Los Angeles. I have a true story I’ve been researching for the past four years with a complete feature length script written. After interviewing the two real main characters, Cristina Quintanilla and Dennis Munoz, I have obtained their Life-Rights (permission to tell their story), and have also made a short four-minute ‘proof of concept’ film, which has now been officially selected into nine film festivals over the past year, with two awards for ‘Best Short Film.’ (You can watch the short film on this page!)


It has always been my intention to turn this into a feature length movie sharing Cristina and Dennis' incredibly brave journey battling strict laws in the fight for justice. This will be my first feature as a director, and I want it to be meaningful, a piece that can really have an impact in our world. These two beautiful people deserve to have their story shared. 




Imagine being eighteen, eight months pregnant, when suddenly you feel sharp pains in your lower abdomen. You’re soaked from bleeding and pass out on your bathroom floor, only to wake up in a hospital room with your wrist handcuffed to the bed. Rather than being greeted by a doctor, a police officer informs you that you are being detained for the murder of your child. Abortion is illegal, and your stillbirth miscarriage is considered an abortion. Not only did you just suffer the loss of your child, but now you are sentenced to prison for thirty years, convicted of aggravated homicide. Doctors turn their back for fear of being an accomplice. Other women condemn and spit on you. After all, you are a baby killer. The worst part… you believe them.


This is our protagonist, Christina Quintanilla, and this is just the inciting incident. The feature film will follow the rest of her journey, as she becomes the first client of Dennis Munoz, a new lawyer, who fights to help her despite the opposing wrath and immense hate cultivated by a corrupt legal system run by the church. This is an uphill battle for justice that has been occurring in this country since 1998.

There is power in knowledge, as both Dennis and Cristina investigate to learn more about this issue. In the end, Dennis succeeds in helping Cristina obtain eventual freedom in 2009, after four years of being unnecessarily incarcerated. She currently lives in Chicago under asylum for her protection. Unfortunately, it does not end there. Innocent women in El Salvador, and many neighboring Latin American countries are still being put in prison for miscarriage.




This is not a stance on pro-life or pro-choice, as it’s not a black and white matter. My message is to educate by raising awareness and hopefully inspire change especially during this very relevant time. This story is ultimately showcasing a culture with a significant lack of education, ruining lives by keeping people in the dark.


I have specifically written this piece as a narrative, rather than a documentary, similar to true story films like Erin Brockovich, Spotlight, or North Country in an effort to bring our audiences closer to our characters, experiencing their journey alongside them.

As a woman, I am outraged to know this is not only a reality, but also shutter at the thought of this type of injustice spreading in our own states... right NOW.

I am utterly shocked to see this become an incredibly relevant reality within our own country the United States, even in just the past few moths, with Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, Lousiana... actively passing bills which will uphold the very same violating laws, creating an unsafe environment for women’s health and reproductive rights, especially in poor communities.

This film is essentially a future depiction of what our own system can become, even though this occurred in 2004. And its just the tip of the iceberg. I believe this to be a very important story worth sharing.


Help me take a stand in making this film. It needs to happen now.  



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About This Team


Alyssa Carter is a proud Hungarian, raised in San Jose, CA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production from California State University Northridge. With a strong acting background in musical theater and improv, Alyssa got her start working in Los Angeles casting offices such as Michael Donovan, Brad Gilmore, Mark Saks, and Emily Schweber, eventually casting numerous independent projects on her own. She has since found herself diving into various forms of the freelance film industry. She has produced web series content with the Walt Disney Company Maker Studios on the Polaris Network, as well as producing and directing over 150 episodic shows on the REACT Channel with Fine Brothers Entertainment. On the side, Alyssa established her own production company Cast & Reels, helping actors develop professional material for their talent reels. Alyssa has also written, directed, and produced several award winnging short films, music videos, and branded commercials. She looks forward to directing her first feature length film.

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