Forgive Us

Atlanta, Georgia | Film Short

Horror, LGBTQ

Alex Woodruff

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Queer themes have long been present in horror, but these films often neglect the humanity of the queer community. In many cases, they have been used exploitatively. Your support will help craft a film that reflects an authentic queer experience within this resurgent genre.

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Mission Statement

This film offers a unique perspective to a nightmare many queer individuals face every day - the fear that their family may not accept them for who they are. We hope to explore these fears and to do it within a genre not traditionally inclusive of queer narrative.

The Story


FORGIVE US is a dark odyssey about anger, resentment and, above all else, family. The film follows David as he returns to his childhood home after being exiled for coming out. With his boyfriend Paul in tow, David sets out to make amends with his mother and sister. Most importantly, he hopes to unburden himself of the anger and resentment he's suppressed since his departure. However, as guests arrive and new truths come to light, David quickly discovers that the family that welcomes him home is much different than the one he left behind.



We are committed to cultivating an inclusive environment for our cast and crew. We strive to cast openly queer actors for queer roles and hope to utilize queer voices behind-the-camera within our crew. Additionally, we want a crew that feels diverse and representative of the wonderful community we have here in Atlanta. We feel drawn to share this story with the world in a way that hasn’t been done before. It is of utmost importance that we serve this story in the best way possible and that can only be done alongside the same voices we hope to uplift through this narrative.



Pineapple Cut Pictures is a three-time Emmy Award-winning production company established in 2017. Their work includes narrative films, commercial vignettes, and music videos. PCP’s mission is to shed light on underrepresented narratives, to give a voice to those who need it, and to take charge on creating a culture of equality within the independent film industry. In 2019, their first feature film, Pageant Material, had its sold-out world premiere at the Atlanta Film Festival, and Water Horse, a short horror film that earned an official selection at Fantastic Fest, took home “Best Cinematography” at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival. To cap a brilliant year of growth, in 2019, Pineapple Cut Pictures was honored with three Southeast Regional Emmy Awards for their Artist Vignette series. This year, Pineapple Cut Pictures produced 7 short films that are currently in post-production, to be released in 2020.



FORGIVE US is part of our contribution to showcasing underrepresented voices in our work. Over the course of Pineapple Cut Pictures' tenure in Atlanta, we’ve found ourselves drawn to unique stories that not only depicts those different than us in new and exciting ways, but also reflects the world we live in. We hope that our short film can exist as an amplified version of the fears queer individuals face while staying true to an authentic queer experience.





We understand that circumstances may prevent you from donating money to our campaign. However, if you're as invested in the idea as we are please take the time to pass our campaign along to your network via a quick Facebook status or maybe wrap it up in a Tweet. More eyes means more opportunity for us to share this wonderful project and for us that's a big win.


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About This Team

D.W. Hodges (Director/Writer) is Founder and Director at Pineapple Cut Pictures. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Hodges was a reserved child, yet longed to tell stories from an early age. After his honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps in 2017, Hodges set out to pursue his dream of filmmaking as a medium to break through those social reservations. That year, he founded Pineapple Cut Pictures, which crystallized his will to create character-driven stories through engaging and socially relevant cinema. Thematically, his films explore the many layers of trauma as a means to foster understanding and lend perspective to all audiences. Much like his time as a US Marine, today Hodges remains consistently motivated by his peers, always striving for excellence in his craft.

Abijeet Achar (Director of Photography) is Founder and Cinematographer at Pineapple Cut Pictures. Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, Achar is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker of Indian and Mauritian descent. Arriving in Atlanta, GA at the age of 14, he found his passion for directing and cinematography and refined his skills at the University of Georgia (B.A. Film Studies) and Emerson College (M.F.A. Visual and Media Art with a focus in Cinematography). After his M.F.A. coursework, Achar was a national touring cinematographer for singer/songwriter, Corey Smith, before realizing his dream of settling back home in Atlanta and pursuing narrative filmmaking full-time. In 2017, he founded Pineapple Cut Pictures, an Atlanta-based production company that strives to shed light on underrepresented stories. Achar’s first feature film as a Cinematographer, Pageant Material, had its sold-out world premiere at the Atlanta Film Festival in 2019. That same year, he was awarded 3 Southeast Regional Emmys and “Best Cinematography” at the 2019 Atlanta Underground Film Festival. Today, Achar leans on his unique experience as an immigrant to this country, as his films navigate divisive social issues to capture narratives that create connection and empathy among all.


Alex Woodruff (Producer) is CEO and Producer at Pineapple Cut Pictures. A second-generation Atlanta native, Woodruff has always harbored a deep loyalty to his hometown, as well as a love for the arts art as a most intimate form of self-expression. Throughout his life, this passion has manifested itself in many forms, including print and broadcast journalism, Hip-Hop and R&B music, advertising and marketing, and narrative filmmaking. In 2011 and 2013, respectively, he was the sole opening act for multi-platinum recording artists Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar; crowning achievements of his time as rapper Reign. Later graduating from the University of Georgia in 2015 (B.B.A. Marketing, B.A. Journalism, Certificate in Music Business), Woodruff has parlayed his business acumen and communicative talents into a successful career as an account executive in the Fortune 500 space. In 2019, he joined Pineapple Cut Pictures, where he led the company’s transformation into a production house focused on bringing light to marginalized stories—stories that permeate every corner of his hometown. Today, he complements his time in the corporate sphere with his creative pursuits as head of Pineapple Cut Pictures and producer of seven narrative shorts in the year 2019. 


Jono Mitchell (Producer/Writer) is an independent filmmaker and actor best known for his work with Adult Swim’s digital programs Dear Jono and Stupid Morning Bullshit. In addition to showrunning, his work includes production of nearly 30 short films, three webseries, and the award-winning feature film Pageant Material. Working alongside incredible Atlanta talent, Jono has expertly crafted an empathetic style of filmmaking that challenges the viewer to explore the complexities of stories often relegated to two-dimensionality in mainstream media. By creating characters with specific, strong, and diverse emotional perspectives, Mitchell works to foster opportunities for audiences to better understand and connect to underrepresented voices in film.


Mattia Maurée (Composer) focuses on film, chamber and large-form classical works, and twisted pop. Critically acclaimed short films they've scored have played in thirteen countries. Closer to home, they were a finalist in the Mass Cultural Council 2019 Artistic Fellowships Program in music composition, and have received generous funding from MASS MoCA, the Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture, and the Emerald Necklace Conservancy. Violin, voice, and piano are their primary instruments for teaching, performing, and recording. They hold degrees in composition from New England Conservatory and St. Olaf College.

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