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Joe Lombard

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Set in the heart of gentrification in Northeast LA, Eagle Rock, our story follows a Latino filmmaker, a woman artist, and an immigrating Caucasian artist new to Eagle Rock - as new and longtime residents compete for whom represents Eagle Rock, the neighborhood is caught in the middle.

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Mission Statement

Northeast Los Angeles neighborhoods have experienced rapid gentrification in the last half decade. Through rising rent prices, local voting manipulation and restaurants turning away Latino patrons the neighborhoods are a hotbed for animosity. Our film illustrates issues local residents face.

The Story


(The rock cliff that overlooks the neighborhood)


Welcome to Eagle Rock


   It's 2017, and gentrification ripples through North East Los Angles neighborhoods.


What is gentrification?

Rising rent prices that long-time residents are no longer able to afford. 

New condominiums are being build that are too expensive for local residents.

Local vendors's that have supported the neighborhood for decades are being bought out by management companies.


On Colorado Blvd, a Eagle Rock monument is being torn down with plans for a luxury apartment complex. 


In Eagle Rock's sister neighborhood Highland Park, the gentrification process has displaced entire blocks when uncontrolled rent prices skyrocketed.

And now, Eagle Rock is on the cusp of it's own change.


The neighborhood exists on two sides of the spectrum - neighbors that are used to a way of the neighborhood and very skeptical of outsiders. 


Eagle Rock, founded in 1911, joined Los Angeles in 1923. The city is named after the bird shaped outcropping on the large cliff overlooking the neighborhood. Also, the city has a strong connection to the film industry already - current indie filmmakers Jay and Mark Duplass reside in the north side of the highway.


In the heart of Eagle Rock is a small liberal arts school that is the setting for parts of our story.

There are the residents who have been here long enough to have gone through this cycle before.







Found in Eagle Rock follows local residents's and new residents, 'outsiders' experiences in the neighborhood.


We hope to bring light to both sides of what is taking place when the process of Gentrification happens. There are those on both sides of the issues, and we need to recognize the impact and issues surrounding the unrest. 


This film is a dramatization of experiences that take place within the community.





Pablo Sanchez

Pablo is caught between two visions of himself - staying in Eagle Rock to help his mother, or leaving to follow his dreams in New York as a music video filmmaker. His struggles are our story - caught between his ambitions and his obligations. 




Gloria Sanchez

Gloria has lived in Eagle Rock her whole life. A strong-willed single mother full of love for her sons, Gloria embodies the local resident kindness. She works at the the mayor's office, and sits on the local neighborhood city council. Her loyalties lie in her neighborhood.



Manuel Sanchez

Manny Sanchez is the younger brother of Pablo and youngest son of Gloria. An impressional blank-slate, Manny enjoys riding his bike throughout the neighborhood and making friends. He holds his brother with upmost respect, but wants to stretch his own wings.

Katherine May

An Eagle Rock native, Kat is hell bent on her ability to express herself. Her roots to Eagle Rock are important to her, and Kat works to improve her art and self-expression to showcase that connection


 Why do you care?



 This film is my experience being on one very specific site of gentrification- the invader. being in the center of the the process, I have had a chance to experience the interactions that place between long time residents and those who are new to the neighborhood. This film is my narrative take on how the neighborhoods are changing, and attemping to share what I've experienced.




We shot half of the project, and are looking for the funds to finish the rest of shooting and be able to piece the film together. We know the narrative style, film structure, and artistic direction and hope you can get the message of the film in our trailers.



Yes, this is a microbudget movie.


The only way the film can be made is with efficient and simple filmmaking.


 Our have years of experience working with budgets of various shapes and sizes. Therefore, we know some awesome tricks on how to get the most out of our


money while never sacrificing production value.



Simply put, we're dedicated to making sure what goes on screen is always there to serve the story and the performances, first and foremost! 





If this project seems something you'd be interested in, we would love all the support possible.




Collaboration is awesome.



 If you love the trailer song as much as we do, check out the amazingly talented Ezra Bell on Band Camp or Spotify!

Song name: May the Road - Ezra Bell.

New album coming soon from them! Stay tuned.


The awesome design for the film's poster was done by the insanely talented Nikolai Bain - check out his work at 




Latest news and articles on the issues



-Anit-Gentrification activists shut down an art gallery in Boyle Heights - LA - Curbed


-Downtown LA vacancy hits 17-year high. Curbed 


-Awesome interactive map to check out where more gentrification is happening in Los Angeles. Interactive Site Map


-Article from NYC in the early 2000s, an awesome case study of what housing prices can do as well as addresses the first signs of an area under gentrification. nytimes - when-gentrification-knocks-on-the-wrong-door








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Camera Rental

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Our camera team are local filmmakers from Frogtown, 10 minutes away from Eagle Rock. Let's keep them going!

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It costs a lot to get feature films seen by critics! Let's reaches many festivals across the country as we can!

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A full crew is a happy crew! Multiple meals per day for our cast and crew members to eat healthy.

Cast Payments

Costs $3,600

This film is full of amazingly creative people, and we want everyone to keep making amazing things!

Music Composition

Costs $800

All the music is original composed by the amazing composer Natasha Medler.


Costs $1,200

The team builds us up! otherwise it's just a bunch of actors standing around.

Post Production Audio

Costs $1,200

Sometimes audio recordings are good, sometimes bad. Here's to making sure everyone is good and crisp

Props and Art Direction

Costs $600

FF Copolla said that the best, most original production design is a person's night stand.

About This Team


Tommy Martinez / ACTOR

Tommy Martinez is an actor working in Los Angeles. he is in the upcoming season of Riverdale as well as Shameless.



Adrian Solis / Actor

Adrian is a freshman actor and sophomore student, making his film debut. He works hard at school and enjoys his family dog, Bear.




Sofia Domingues / ACTOR

Sofia Domingues is an actress who has worked on various film and TV projects in the US. She speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish fluently and after moving to Los Angeles has taken several different roles from comedy-drama to horror. Besides working in film, TV and commercials, she started doing theatre as a child and has a masters degree in clinical psychology.



June Schreiner / ACTOR & PRODUCER

June Schreiner is an actress in Los Angeles, California.  Most recently she gueststarred on Pure Genius (Fire and Ice, CBS) and NICS (Pay to Play, CBS).  


Jordana Lilly / ACTOR

Jordana Lilly is a California born-and-raised soft-core hippie with a deep and profound love for cuddly animals, music, and the magic of storytelling. Her ultimate passion is communication through various art forms.





Jameson Carr is a cinematographer who grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. He has always held an intense love for movies and became highly interested in filmmaking, especially cinematography, when he and his friends made a movie for a project in middle school. Through the end of highschool Jameson and his friends shot multiple short films. Jameson then took his talents to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in filmmaking at ArtCenter College of Design. Since then he has been honing his craft as a cinematographer, shooting short films, commercials, and music videos.




Josh Picus / PRODUCER 

Josh Picus is an ambitious and energetic young producer born and raised in St. Louis, MO.  Since elementary school he has been fascinated with film and film production.  In high school, he and his friends founded Partial Visions Films and together produced multiple short films.  He took his talents to South Beach, and the University of Miami to continue to pursue his producing dreams, earning the “Dean’s Choice” award for, End Of Days, a film he produced his freshman year.  After graduation, he moved across the country to Los Angeles where he continues to add to his experience producing commercials and short films.  Josh continues to seek out excellent work and individuals to help them reach their aspirations, by making high quality films.




Alec Cotugno / ACTOR & PRODUCER

Alec Cotugno is a filmmaker/potter living in Ealge Rock, Los Angeles. He enjoys working onhis motorcycle, and playing with his two dogs, Lola and Rye.






Joe Lombard is a young filmmaker from the Midwest. Living in Los Angeles, this is Joe's first feature. He hopes to continue to make films with a social conscious. 





Current Team