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Frankenstealth brings awareness to recent natural disasters and it informs us of technological avenues that will aid in rescue and relief efforts. In addition, it explores the life of a male-military spouse who raises his six-year-old daughter while his wife is deployed.

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Mission Statement

This project increases representation and inclusion in front of and behind the camera. The artists that have worked on the project come from Latin, Asian, and African roots. The film also focuses on a black, middle-class, military family.

The Story


Family-Friendly, Comedy, Animation


A self-taught engineer named Oscar creates a robot to aid in natural disaster relief.  However, this arduous task causes him to lose touch with his daughter Ariah.  Oscar goes through a series of unexpected events that help him realize what's most important.



(We'll let the art speak for itself. ☺)


The inspiration for this film stems from my love for robots and how they will improve the way we respond to natural disasters around the world.  Since 2010, we have witnessed the most horrific floods, earthquakes, and wildfires.  These catastrophic events have displaced families from their homes--injuring many and leaving communities in ruin.  Frankenstealth not only highlights these issues, but also reminds us that there is hope.  Scientists, like our main character, Oscar, are building robots that will aid in natural disaster relief.  While there are technological challenges, progress is evident.



Oscar Johnson - Oscar is a self-taught robotics engineer who uses old equipment and appliances to build high-tech machines.  As a male-military spouse, he assumes the role of mom and dad while his wife is in active duty.  Despite his genius, Oscar struggles with time management and tidiness.  The busier he gets, the more disheveled he becomes.  He barely has time to help Ariah with her homework, let alone spend quality time with her.  Nonetheless, he is passionate and determined about achieving his goals. (This character is inspired by some of my favorites including Inspector Gadget, Steve Urkel, and Rick Moranis (Honey, I Shrunk the Kids)).


Ariah Johnson - She is an inquisitive six-year old who loves hanging out with her daddy, Oscar.  Ariah's favorite outdoor activity is roller-skating.  She is full of energy and enjoys helping around the house.  Although she likes to learn new things, she hates doing her homework.  Her least favorite subject is language arts.  However, when tensions arise, Ariah will discover a new way to improve her reading skills. 


Frankenstealth .001 (prototype): 

Frankenstealth .001 - He is a rescue robot made out of old equipment and appliances.  Interestingly, Frankenstealth runs on hybrid energy.  He draws his power from wind and solar electricity and stores it within his "refrigerator" compartment.  Oscar builds Frankenstealth in order to help communities affected by natural disasters.  Thus, Frankenstealth is also classified as a disaster-response robot.  Like any prototype, Frankenstealth .001 exhibits several glitches.  This makes it difficult for Oscar to achieve his goal.



Like Oscar Johnson, we all have goals and dreams.  However, our goals can cause us to lose sight of what's most important if our priorities are not in order.  This film emphasizes the importance of family values, achieving dreams, and having a balanced lifestyle. 



Third-Party Artist Honorariums - $3,400 

Sound Recording/Mixing - $300

Composer - $300

Render Farm - $1,500*

Software - $2,000

Advertising - $220

Cost Contigency - $400


Total = $8,120**

*A render farm is a group of networked computers devoted to rendering images, used typically in the production of computer-animated films.

**Our desire is to help families that have been affected by natural disasters.  If fully funded, I would make a 6% matching donation towards American Red Cross Natural Disaster Relief. That would estimate to $490--how awesome would that be?!



Approx. 7-8 minutes



September 2019 (if fully funded).  Note:  Feature-length animated films can take up to four years to complete.  This animated short film will take about one year to complete as there are several stages within production and post-production. 




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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Artist Honorariums

Costs $3,400

Compensate the artists who have given their time and effort to the project.

Sound Recording/Mixing

Costs $300

Mixing sound effects and voice acting is a special skill that is essential to the final animation.


Costs $300

The composer creates a soundtrack that emphasizes the mood of each scene in the film.


Costs $220

With all the hard work, we'll need to get the word out via print advertising and digital marketing.

Render Farm

Costs $1,500

3D animation contains a lot of data that needs to be processed efficiently.


Costs $2,000

We need to purchase 3D animation software to process the shots on the render farm.

Cost Contingency

Costs $400

Projects commonly run into unexpected expenses. This is standard practice for budgeting.

About This Team

Olu Ogunye Jr. - Writer/Director

Olu (pronounced "oh-loo") is a freelance artist specializing in animation and motion graphics.  He graduated from Georgetown University and the School of Visual Arts.  Olu's previous animated film, Clowning Around, featured at several international film festivals including the Short Film Corner at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.  It brought laughter and entertainment to families and kids around the world.  Now, he embarks on a new journey to create a film that will not only bring laughter, but will also highlight a deeper message about life and current events.  Olu enjoys watching sci-fi films, reading comics, and serving at his church.



Liz Martin - Story Editor

Liz Martin is a freelance 3D Artist and creative based in Columbus, Ohio. In her free time she enjoys snuggling with her cats and streaming her digital video game shenanigans with her friends.


John J. Kim - Animator/Storyboard Artist

John J Kim is a designer and animator based in Long Island, NY. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts with featurettes of Computer Animation and Design. After completing his Bachelor's, he went on to animating on such projects as “The Big, The Bad, The Bunny,” “Clowning Around,” and the 2017 film “Don’t Talk to Strangers.” In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, watching films, and discussing social commentaries.


Auden Lucas-Sparkes - 3D Modeler

Auden is a 3D modeler, new to the industry. He studied at School of Visual Arts, and while there, acquired a variety of CG skills. In his free time, he enjoys sculpting, drawing, and other artistic endeavors.


Gaby Borregales  - Visual Development/Look Dev

Gaby graduated from the School of Visual Arts Computer Animation program. She has extended her efforts in designing the environment art for Frankenstealth. In addition, she created textures for 3D models using software such as Substance Painter. 

Current Team