Friuli: A short film by Blaze Mancillas

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Philip-Andrew Blaze Mancillas

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Blaze's grandmother's farmhouse in Italy was occupied by Nazis in 1943. Help us tell her story.

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Mission Statement

My grandmother has told this story to our family many times. After having first written a script for this short film 6 years ago I've now found myself having spent the last year working as a director and I'm excited to use my newly acquired skills to bring this story to life. -Blaze Mancillas

The Story

Luigia Brollo, my grandmother, grew up on a farm in the Friuli region of North-Eastern Italy.

In 1943 her home was occupied by 2 Nazi soldiers for about 8 months.

My grandmother was a teenager and her mother and 3 children had no means to defend their home. They were forced to house and feed these two soldiers with the little resources they had. Many years after the war she eventually settled in California and went on to live a long and full life until her death in 2016. She told my mother this story many times over the years and I hope to honor her by making this short film about a challenging time in her life.

What We've Been Working On

For the past year Ian and Blaze have been working for a production company called ReelArc that makes cinematic quality demo reels for actors. Ian has been a cinematographer and Blaze a director on over 250 demo reel scenes. Check out some of the scene they've worked on together!

Watch "Sides" Now!

director Blaze Mancillas, DP Ian Degner

Watch "Boseman" Now!

director Blaze Mancillas, DP Ian Degner

Watch "Options" now!

Director Blaze Mancillas, DP Ian Degner



So how are we going to shoot a short film that takes place in 1943 on a farm in Italy?

Here's a photo of our corn field location in Connecticut that's only an hour and 45 minutes from NYC. Locations are just one aspect of creating a short film. We're asking you for $20,000 to properly these portions of our production:


Compensation for our stellar cast and crew
Food & Catering 
Securing our Corn Field Location
Production Design
Equipment Rentals
Lodging for Cast and Crew
COVID Safety


Other Ways You Can Help

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Help @BlazeMancillas and his filmmaking team by supporting his awesome movie "Friuli" about the 8 months in 1943 when his grandmother's farm was occupied by Nazis.
Join them on @seedandspark:


So excited to watch "Friuli" written and directed by @BlazeMancillas. Join him and his team on @seedandspark to help get this movie made!


Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to tell this story. We can't wait to share it with you!

Blaze Mancillas & Ian Degner



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Equipment Rentals

Costs $2,000

We've got the camera covered. We need support getting a few more lights and gear.

Food & Catering

Costs $1,463

The best way to keep people happy on set is to keep them well fed!

Corn Field

Costs $2,000

Help us pay a town in Connecticut for rental of their corn field in which we will shoot our movie!

Evergreen Inn

Costs $2,910

2 nights lodging, breakfast and dinner for the entire cast and crew at the Evergreen Inn.

15 Passenger Van

Costs $777

For hauling people and gear!


Costs $1,400

For the actors that will be bringing these characters to life!


Costs $5,850

The lovely people making all the magic behind the camera.

WW2 Costumes

Costs $300

We want to make sure the soldiers that appear in this film look legit!


Costs $2,000

As Ben Franklin said, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Post Production

Costs $1,300

Editing, color correction, sound mixing and music takes great time and care.

About This Team

Writer and Director, Blaze Mancillas

Blaze is an NYC based filmmaker, actor, and Webby Award-Winning gameshow host. He's done motion capture performance in video games like Grand Theft Auto: V and Red Dead Redemption: II and has appeared in national commercials for brands like Reese's, Skechers and TV Land.  For the past year he's worked as a film director at ReelArc. A production company in the Brooklyn Navy Yard that makes custom cinematic quality demo reels for actors. He has an MFA in acting from Columbia University in New York City.


Cinematographer, Ian Degner

Ian Degner is a Brooklyn based filmmaker whose years in the industry has led him to work on films such as Jurassic World, Godzilla, and Red Tails. With the help of industry professionals along his journey, he has worked on films of all sizes including features and short films, to music videos and commercials. He has a BFA in filmmaking from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Producer, Robert Ramirez

Ramirez has a wealth of experience in digital video production and distribution, as well as localizing content. Previous to working for Peacock Originals, he established and maintained partnerships with distributors and vendors for Netflix and has served as a digital content specialist for the Global Indies and Latin America. Before joining Netflix in 2012, Ramirez was a manager and home entertainment associate producer for VIZ Media and a video production coordinator for LiveNote. Ramirez earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast & Electronic Communications Arts from San Francisco State University.



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