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A Thriller inspired by the B-Horror films of the 1980s, Fruit is a contemplation on death, sacrifice, and our fixation on returning to the past. Mystery, murder, and magic-- blended with a dark sense of humor-- make Fruit a must-watch social commentary and bloody thrill ride.

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Mission Statement

This project increases representation of race, gender, sexuality, and ability both in front of and behind the camera because many of the cast, crew, and characters in this film represent minority groups such as the black community, the LGBTQIA community, and the female community.

The Story


(Mer Soleil Vineyard, Salinas Valley, CA)


Agatha is an elderly widow with a hardened past. She’s owned a vineyard in the Salinas Valley for decades, maintaining it with the help of her loving husband, Henry. Shortly after they married, Agatha becomes pregnant, but loses the baby in a very traumatic miscarriage. After that, she devotes all the love and maternal instinct she has built up towards their vineyard. The grapes become very much her surrogate children.


Decades pass. Henry dies, and the vineyard seems to go with him. The vegetation begins to die, and the grapes begin to fester. With her husband gone, and her "children" on the brink of death, Agatha is left alone, desperate, and without hope. After a freak accident happens in the fields, Agatha slowly begins to realize that there is something that can save her grapes…and that happens to be blood. Human blood.



She takes action. Studying ancient texts and pagan rituals, Agatha hatches a plan to restore her vineyard to health once and for all. In an attempt to lure some prey for a human sacrifice,  she advertises her estate as a bed and breakfast. Just when she's about to give up, a young couple arrives: David and Shoshanna. The couple, while appearing innocent, eventually demonstrate malevolent intentions of their own. 



Aside from being a fun, mysterious, and bloody ride, Fruit. is an important and relevant story for our times. We’re living in an age where the gaps between generations are wider than ever before. Older generations are struggling to let go of the past, and the young are struggling to cope with the present and the future. From this, a deadly cycle is born: the old neglect to see how their fixation on returning to the past is hurting the present, while the young neglect the sacrifices and comfortable lifestyles gifted to them by older generations. 


Fruit. explores this dilemma along with a classical theme: sometimes we commit terrible acts in order to hold on to the things we love. The question is, how far do you go? And at what point do the sacrifices you make become about yourself, and not about what you are trying to save?






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Travel & Accommodations

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These funds will go towards our passenger vans, gas for trucks, and our hotel accommodations

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Grip and Electric

Costs $2,000

All the lights, stands, and gels we need to light the film. Especially during our night exteriors.

Production Design

Costs $2,000

To achieve our otherworldly theme, we need help funding the set dressing and design of this film

Catering and Craft Services

Costs $1,500

Since we're traveling, we need to provide 9 meals for 37 crew + cast members. Help us feed our team!

Post Production

Costs $500

This money will go towards special effects and color that will bring Fruit to life! Literally!

About This Team

Nick Wingate, Director 

Nick is a Film Production Major with an emphasis in Directing at Chapman University. He recently served as a Production Intern at Viacom for two semesters, working on Digital Content for Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, and Spike TV. Nick has directed over 30+ Short Films and Music Videos, including "U" by Ben Alessi-- which premiered through Billboard Magazine. His short film, Potoprens, was screened at the Closing Night Ceremony of the 2016 National Film Festival for Talented Youth. 



Halley Albert, Producer

Halley, a Bay Area native, is an energetic and driven Creative Producing major. This will be her fourth time working with Nick, Jack, and Noah. Her most recent jobs included her internships for VICE's Digital News and VICELAND production department and Sony's Columbia Picture Development Department. She currently supports A24's LA office as a distribution intern. Halley is proud to be part of the Women In Motion Pictures Society (WIMPS) and hopes to empower female filmmakers through her film work and create insporational content.  Halley's favorite animal is a mimicking octupus and she currently lives deliciously under Black Phillip's reign. 


 Noah Feinberg, Writer

Noah is a TV Writing & Production major at Chapman University. The recipient of the Sodaro-Pankey Talent Scholarship for Screenwriting, Noah has previously interned at Adult Swim, CBS Television Network, and now at Blumhouse Productions for three consecutive semesters. He is an avid horror enthusiast, and is currently in post-production for his directorial debut Hell Off the Interstate. Noah is a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all things spooky.


Corinne DeLouise, Production Designer 

Corinne grew up in Gloucester, Massachusetts before moving to Orange, California to pursue her passion for film. Her favorite movies have always been ones that include fantasy elements. She enjoys creating environments that can exist only in films. She is excited to get to work and face the challenges that comes with creating the world of Fruit.



 Jack Craymer, Cinematographer 

Jack, a Film Production major with a emphasis in Cinematography, has grown up surrounded by the world of film and photography. His father, Chris Craymer, a professional photographer, inspired Jack to peruse the craft of cinematography. Jacks style is extremely vibrant and usually over the top so this is the perfect project for him. He has now developed quality content for high profile clients such as US, UK & Russian Glamour, Vanity Fair, SELF Magazine, Clarks Shoes, and Redbook Magazine. One of Jack's many talents is the ability to shoot in 130 degree sauna weather.



Raven Peterson, Editor 

Raven is a Television Writing/Production major with an editing emphasis at Chapman University. She recently worked as an assistant editor and online editor for multiple feature films with Kappa Studios, and has been working as a freelance editor for most of her time at Chapman in addition to editing multiple short films made by other Chapman students. Raven hopes to better the film and television industry by making content that addresses real issues and empowers those that are striving for equality. She can also sing the alphabet backward in less than 3 seconds.



Noah Kovalick, Sound Designer 

Noah is a Film Production student with an emphasis in audio at Chapman University Dodge College in Orange, CA. He earned his associates degree in Film, Television, and Media at Moorpark College where he also helped rebuild the sound studio. His passion for audio was evident early when he became a DJ where he was known as DJ XRAY. He is also a member of the Audio Engineering Society. In 2013 Noah was selected to participate in Grammy Camp, Los Angeles where he worked with students and Grammy award winning faculty as part of the audio engineering program. Noah lives in Newbury Park, California and in his spare time enjoys working on his vintage BMW.



William Simmons, Unit Production Manager

Will, a Texan by heart, is a Creative Producing major with a minor Political Science. He has previously worked as a PR intern for Dallas-based Levenson Group (assigned to the Warner Brothers account), a Series Production intern for MTV, and a News/Sports Broadcasting intern for CAA. He recently acted as a + Associate Producer for a short film that was just accepted into the 2017 Austin Film Festival. Will also recently developed a recent obsession with tracking my genealogy (Not a recommended habit for anyone trying to get a decent amount of sleep). Will will be returning to CAA next Fall. He hopes to get on a desk in the Film Finance/Sales dept. Will's ultimate goal is to create a motion picture/television financing company that pulls private equity from Texas. 



Ankush Khemani, 1st Assistant Director

Ankush is studying film production at Chapman University with an emphasis in directing. He has worked and interned for various production companies and studios such as Lionsgate Entertainment, Studio 8, and Windward Productions in the directing, editing and production departments. As the 1st AD on Fruit, he’s excited to work with Nick, Halley, and the rest of the creative team to tackle some of the unique, logistical challenges of this shoot.




Alastair Mecke, 2nd Assistant Director

Alastair, born and raised in Paris, France, is a Creative Producing Major at Chapman University. She has previously worked for Tribeca Film productions this last summer. Alastair is proud to be trilingual and hopes to create own her own production company someday. 



Gia Rigoli, Location Manager

Born and raised on the United States/Mexico border, Gia Rigoli grew up with a love of storytelling from a young age. She is currently in post-production on two feature films and developing a feature length documentary while pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts. She hopes to make films inspired by her background and social justice issues currently surrounding the Latinx community. 


Ashton Avila, Casting Director

 Ashton Avila was born and raised in southern California where she fell in love with filmmaking as a child. She followed her passion for storytelling to the University of Rhode Island where she received her B.A. in Film Media. Between industry jobs, she decided to go back to graduate school. She graduated this past May from Chapman University's Dodge College of Film & Media Arts where she received her MFA in Film Production with an emphasis in Directing. She's cast many Chapman University films over the last few years, including the ones she has directed as well as a couple of independent projects. She's driven by her love of working with actors, producers and directors. She hopes to someday write and direct her own films, but is currently enjoying helping others cast theirs! Ashton is excited to be on Team Fruit working with Nick and Halley and can't wait to see this film be brought to life by a talented cast and crew.







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