Fruit Fly

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

LGBTQ, Romantic Comedy

Nicole Dizon

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Fruit Fly is a story about the defense mechanisms we use to cope with rejection. Our protagonist, Jules, was once burned by love. The film examines how a person can be swept up in love enough to go after unattainable people (in this case, gay men) and invite the possibility of being hurt again.

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Mission Statement

Fruit Fly addresses sexual repression and the myriad ways in which sexuality presents itself. “Gayness” comes in many forms and is not limited to audience perception. LGBTQ issues often get constricted by Hollywood tropes and stereotypical portrayals of queerness.

The Story

Fruit Fly is about a young woman named Jules who develops a thing for gay men after her seventh grade boyfriend leaves her for another girl. We follow her journey throughout middle school, high school, and college as she goes from one friendzone disaster to the next.

Jules agrees to help Xander Salvador, the top actor at her school, win the affections of Riley, the new transfer student. All three play a love triangle in the school's upcoming production of Twelfth Night, which mirrors their real life dynamic.

The night before the play opens, Jules gets drunk at a party after witnessing Riley and Xander together. Jules ends up confessing to Riley that she was playing wingwoman for Xander, and Riley, in turn, confesses (to Jules's shock) that he has developed a crush on her.  Xander then witnesses them kissing.


After receiving some much needed advice from a gay waiter, Jules ends up confessing her love to the middle of the opening performance, live on stage.


In Fruit Fly, this dynamic is played for major laughs. Jules is so blissfully unaware of her own psychological hang-ups that she goes from gay man to gay man, oftentimes in an incredibly desperate, and sometimes even deranged, manner.

The backdrop of Shakespearean theater serves to highlight the “roles” we play in order to pursue the objects of our affection (Think Crazy Ex-Girlfriend). There will be wacky antics of college students dying from lust, making shady  deals, breaking promises, getting into fights, and peeing in the bushes in a fit of drunken sorrow.

Though the characters in Fruit Fly are college-aged, we want the film to  evoke the feel of a high school coming-of-age story. Visuals will be peppy and bright.  We are aiming for something of a retro-aesthetic to evoke school years nostalgia (somewhere between 80’s and early 2000s). The pace will be quite brisk and the tone energetic,  though not so much as to overtake the more heartfelt aspects of the narrative. Think Glee as if it were an episode directed by  Baz Luhrmann: a little dreamy, a little off-kilter, a little maudlin, a little neurotic/insane, but still packed with depth, feel-good hilarity, and charm.



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  • More than anything, we would be extremely grateful for your support through a PLEDGE. Creating a film from the ground up is no easy feat. This film would allow these 4 Filipinas to provide the opportunity for other people of color to showcase their work and bring needed visibility to the LGBTQ community.

Rejection, heartbreak, relationship mistakes. We’ve all been there! Created out of catharsis and hope for love, we strive for the film to offer the same to audiences. Learn more about our fly FIlipina team behind this film!

ANY AND ALL DONATIONS will be used for the following production needs. Your contribution will further ensure the quality of our storytelling and the representation of people of color in front of and behind the camera. Please check out the fun incentives you'll receive for your generosity!

With love,

Kaitlyn, Chelsea, Mary, and Nicole


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About This Team

KAITLYN FAE (Executive Producer, Director)


Kaitlyn Fae is a director, writer, actor, and singer.  Her first film, Madeira, debuted at the 2017 LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, and was awarded Best Music at the 2018 Feedback Female Film Festival. Since then, she has directed a number of short films and plays.Following Jamie, a short she co-wrote and co-starred in, was just accepted into the 2019 Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival.


CHELSEA JAVIER (Co-Producer, Lead)


Chelsea Javier is an actress, producer and artist. She recently appeared  in a commercial for the video game “The Sims 4”, as well as the short films, “Stranger Danger” and “Complicit”, in which she played lead roles. She also works as a graphic designer in the entertainment industry, and has worked on "Good Mythical Morning", a #1 rated comedy talk show with over 14 million subscribers, several comedy specials through Comedy Dynamics, and on various projects for Netflix, Hulu, Seeso and Amazon.


MARY GRANT (Co-Producer)


Mary Grant is a Filipino-American actress, voice-over talent, screenwriter, and producer who loves to share her culture through social media, short films, and promotional videos. It started off in 2015 as a crazy idea, a joke.  Megan Trainor's song, All About that Bass, had permeated into the World's soul.  She thought it would be a fun idea to spin it into a song about Filipino food. She sent some ideas over to her cousins, they kicked some lyric ideas back. What started off as something silly to share & bond with her cousins over, turned into a creative voice for Filipino-Americans. Social media has given her a platform that she never imagined was possible.  To know there are others in this vast world that can relate to oneself is comforting. From parody songs, to food vlogs, to short films, and more recently producing promotional videos for Filipino owned businesses, she only wants to continue being an uplifting positive voice for her community.


NICOLE DIZON (Co-Producer)


Nicole Dizon is a first generation Filipina-American artivist (artist-activist) from Los Angeles. After she graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Film and Media Studies from the University of California, Irvine, she freelanced as a production assistant on shows for NBC, Disney Channel, and more. She finished working as an accounting clerk for Apple’s Are You Sleeping, and premiered, “Boxed,” her first short documentary on overseas Filipino workers, at the Asian World Film Festival 2018. Dizon commits to sharing the intersectional experiences of the Asian American diaspora in her work and strives for gender and racial equity in the industry.

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