Fugitive Zero - Thriller Short Film

Los Angeles, California | Film Short


Joe Lam

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This film sheds light on how the criminal justice system can change for the better. The film shows a convict being led through a series of hidden moral tests to determine if he's truly reformed and ready to re-enter society.

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Mission Statement

Our Cast & Crew are comprised of minorities: Asians, Hispanics, and African Americans. Also, nearly 50% of our Cast are females that portray strong characters such as an FBI Agent, Computer Hacker, Psychologist, and Grieving Mother.

The Story

About the Story

This story is about an escaped fugitive who discovers he's taking part in a live simulation where every moral decision determines his eligibility for parole and the person who decides is the mother of the victim he killed. It's The Truman Show meets The Fugitive.


Why is this Film Important?

This film is important to me because it can plant a seed to help change the criminal justice system from punishment to rehabilitation. If a person spends 10 years in jail, how do we know if their morals have changed for the better? What if we placed a series of hidden moral tests to see if they're safe to return to society? That's what this film explores.


Based on an Award-Winning Movie Screenplay

The Feature Length Screenplay version of this story won "Best Thriller Screenplay" at the Los Angeles Film Awards in 2019.


Purpose of The Film

The purpose of making film is to use it as a proof-of-concept to attract Producers and Investors to make the full-length movie version. 

Finishing Funds for the Film 

The good news is... 60% of our film has already been shot! We only need funds for the last remaining shoot day and for post-production. Joe Lam has produced over 200 films/videos so he has a track record of getting projects done.


Meet the Cast

Starring: Andrew Golubic, Brent Henry Gutierrez, Georgina Elizabeth Okon, Nick James, Patrick Zeller, Colin Campbell, Jessica DiGiovanni, Alicia Kelly, Matthew Gilbert, and Silvia Cam. 


About the Team


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Visual Effects

Costs $800

We need a VFX artist to create a few shot like in Minority Report.

Camera Package

Costs $600

We need a Red Camera Package to make our film match the amazing footage we've already shot.


Costs $600

It can take 100+ hours to shape a film and it's important our Editor Brian is taken care of.

Sound Mixer

Costs $600

Sound is a crucial part of every film and we want you to give you a high-quality audio experience.


Costs $400

You'll feed our Cast & Crew nourishing food & drinks so we can get through our 12-hour shoot days.

Music Composer

Costs $600

Original Music Score will enhance the emotional and exciting moments of our film.


Costs $600

Our Cinematographer was nominated for a Student Academy Award and Student Emmy. Nuff said.


Costs $3,375

A crew is essential to support the creative vision of the project.

Make-Up Artist

Costs $250

Needed for blood and bruise effects for the films opening fight scene.

Production Insurance

Costs $775

Insurance is required for renting cameras, lights, and trucks.


Costs $2,000

We have to pay for the use of 2 locations to match the look & feel we're envisioning for the story.

SAG Actors

Costs $1,200

We hire professional actors who are members of the Screen Actors Guild.


Costs $700

Rental of lighting & grip equipment.

About This Team

The Cast

We went through 6,000+ actors to assemble our cast. They are all members of the Screen Actors Guild and you can watch this video below of them discussing their characters.

Starring: Andrew Golubic, Brent Henry Gutierrez, Georgina Elizabeth Okon, Nick James, Patrick Zeller, Colin Campbell, Jessica DiGiovanni, Alicia Kelly, Matthew Gilbert, and Silvia Cam. 



The Crew

We've assembled an amazing crew, including a Cinematographer who's been nominated for both a student Academy Award and student Emmy and industry veterans with a combined 50+ years of experience who've worked on film franchises such as Taken, Fast and the Furious, Star Trek, and X-Men.








Current Team