Full Moon

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Drama, Horror

Melanie Alexander

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Incense. Candles. A bright, full moon .This short explores suburban women desiring more in their relationships. Amy, gathers her friends, intending to use magic and the power that the full moon brings, and discovers she's unleashed more than any of them bargained for.

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Mission Statement

Our film is female-centric. Written, directed and produced, putting young women in many key positions in front of and behind the camera. It is not just a horror film, a genre which often portrays women as objects. This story instead focuses on the nuances and conflict inherent in friendship.

The Story


This short explores suburban women desiring more in their lives, something extraordinary. They intend to use magic and the special power that the full moon brings to let go of the undesirable and conjure the new and exciting. Through the power of the moon and the power of sisterhood, these women summon something supernatural that is far more than they bargained for.



The Story

Amy, along with her best friends from high school, is now married and living in the suburbs. Looking for more in life, she has become obsessed with new age spirituality and witchcraft. When she organizes a Full Moon Party, one of her friends brings a new person along and Amy might not be able to control her temper.



Amy (Melanie Alexander)

Amy is an artisan dealer of handmade goods online, a zealous wife and a best friend. She takes her best friend duties very seriously. In fact, for her, nothing has changed since high school. Tamora and Gracie are still the girls she gossips with, the girls she supports, champions and protects. When Gracie brings her new friend to Amy’s party without an invitation it’s more than rude, it’s a threat to the girlhood friendships that are evolving with them into adulthood.

Roma (Marissa Pistone)

Roma is a socially awkward loner. She doesn’t quite know what to do so she floats from job to job and place to place. When she meets Gracie she recognizes a fellow restless spirit and is happy to be included in a new group of friends.



Meet the Directors

Mary and Melanie met while Mary was in film school and have since worked on many shorts together. They share a love of movies and a fondness for old Nintendo games, really good scary movies, and Cheers. With Mary’s technical expertise as a director and editor and Melanie’s background in acting and screenwriting the two have been able to forge a complimenting leadership. Both are passionate about promoting women in film and telling real women’s stories.


What they both consider really good scary movies are character driven, disturbing beyond corporeal harm, visually diving into psyche like The Shining. They are passionate about creating an experience for their viewers with films that leave a metallic taste of fear in the mouth, thoughts chasing them with a sharp smell of popcorn and bodies in a crowded theater long after they’ve gone to bed.



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Cash Pledge

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Feed a Hungry Crew

Costs $1,000

We'll have about 15 people on set for five days. We want them well fed for long shoot days!

Lighting Equipment

Costs $500

We want our film to look good and spooky! We need the perfect lighting.


Costs $1,300

With people moving heavy equipment around on set, we'll need to stay covered to protect our artists.


Costs $500

After all the work is done, the editing begins!


Costs $1,000

We need to hire a sound person with equipment for a five day shoot.

Location Fees

Costs $1,800

Filming in Los Angeles can be expensive. This includes the location rental and permits.

Props & Wardrobe

Costs $500

In any horror film, your clothes are going to get a little messy...

Director of Photography

Costs $500

We have hired a DP who will supply some of their own equipment.

Camera Crew

Costs $900

We are excited to hire some awesome gals and guys to create this spooky world.

About This Team

Our Amazing Team

Here's why we picked these peeps.


Melanie Alexander — Writer, Co-Director, Producer

Melanie has a B.F.A. in Theater Performance from Chapman University where she took her first and only screenwriting class from Jessica Scott, a fearless female in the industry who inspired Melanie to consider screenwriting in addition to acting. Cut to: several years later and Melanie has added a writing addiction to her collection of other artistic endeavors. She most recently put up a production of The Realistic Joneses by Will Eno in a backyard in Pasadena, playing a neurotic and delusional woman whose husband is dying of a terminal illness. In a departure from that tragic comedy, Melanie wrote Full Moon, a dramatic horror, working with a talented repetoire of actors she's worked with many times in the past.  


Mary Stark — Co-Director, Producer

Mary has a B.F.A. in directing from The Academy of Art in San Francisco. She currently works in Los Angeles as an editor of movie trailers, a lot like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday but without that huge house. She loves long walks through graveyards and is an aspiring occultist. 


Danny Pugh — Producer

BFA Film Production, Chapman University


After building his first website at 11 years old, graduating from Chapman University's film school at 21, and launching his own creative agency by 22, Danny is a certified creative expert. Having worked on countless multimedia projects, his experience includes digital content curation and design for Sony, Samsung, and others. His portfolio includes video production, film marketing, creative direction, parallax websites, interface design, and more. Danny brings to his endeavors both an excellent creative eye and a hunger to tell the best stories across multiple platforms.


Current Team