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Sci-Fi, Romantic Comedy

Stanley Wong

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Inspired by HER, ETERNAL SUNSHINE, PALM SPRINGS and BRAZIL, FUTURE DATE mixes weirdness and sincerity to promote the power of human connection and the importance of experiencing life together when the world around you is uncertain, even hostile.

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Mission Statement

Humanity’s future doesn’t look great. Even the present isn’t always fun. But all isn’t lost; the way forward is through true connection with other people. FUTURE DATE embraces this theme, telling an oddly funny, heartwarming sci-fi story about people overcoming absurdly bleak circumstances—together.

The Story


FUTURE DATE is not your ordinary DIY indie. It’s a sci-fi comedy-romance with a unique tone, as if BLACK MIRROR decided to be funny and sweet. It features eye-catching visual effects and clever, creative production design that immerse you in a humorously dystopian distant-future world.

Furthermore, this is not your ordinary film crowdfunding campaign—principal photography for FUTURE DATE is already done! It took place in two segments, one in February 2022 and the other in June 2022, and the results were outstanding. Just look!

So why are we crowdfunding? Because we still need your help to get FUTURE DATE in front of as many people as possible, via necessary post-production, marketing and promotion, a wide film festival run and, potentially, self-distribution. This is arguably just as important as the filming itself—after all, a film without an audience is just a file on a hard drive.


What happens in Future Date

It’s the distant future. Climate change is so bad, people can’t go outside. All but the rich are confined to tiny solo apartments. It sucks.

Ry and Ria are two of those sad souls. Desperately lonely, Ry wants to meet The One. Overlooked at her job, Ria wants to afford a real house. Both are selected to be in a contest: They will spend three days together, in an old-fashioned house, to see if they’re compatible. If they are, they get to keep the house and each other’s company forever.

They hit it off, despite having no experience around people and Ria not wanting a relationship. But soon, their secrets and shortcomings get in the way, potentially derailing what they really need: true human connection.


Why we need your help

We always intended to make FUTURE DATE ourselves rather than seeking permission from a studio or major financiers. But “ourselves” in indie filmmaking doesn’t mean just a few people. It takes a whole community contributing to a project. That’s where you come in!

We are launching this campaign to elevate our film and help it reach a larger audience. A festival run is critical to a film like ours, and we have already begun the submissions process, sending it to places like Sundance and South by Southwest. There are many more festivals that will play a major role in helping get FUTURE DATE in front of as many people as possible.

All money contributed will go directly toward our film festival run in 2023, securing a publicist for maximum audience visibility, scoring a distribution deal, and finishing key post-production elements such as score composing, color grading and sound mixing. Each of these factors is make-or-break in terms of FUTURE DATE becoming a low-budget indie success.


Why we made this movie

We made FUTURE DATE ourselves because we realized—after years of making short films, writing screenplays and playing overlooked side characters—nobody was going to hand us anything. We had to create our own opportunity.

We wanted to be pragmatic about it. This being Stanley’s directorial debut, we couldn’t try and raise an impossible amount of money to tell a huge, multimillion-dollar story. Instead, we chose a big idea that could be told on a small scale. That was FUTURE DATE.


Why we told this story

FUTURE DATE is personal. For years we’d been fascinated and terrified at the growing state of disconnection in people, from young adults in Tokyo living solo lives to older rural Americans being completely cut off from other humans. Driven by technology, wealth inequality and other factors fragmenting society, this was a subject that embedded itself deeply in our minds.

Then the pandemic happened. Disconnection grew drastically. Stanley, having just gone through a devastating breakup, turned to online dating to cope, and in the early and middle days of COVID, it was unlike anything he’d ever experienced. Between the fear, loneliness, awkwardness, and confusion from forgetting how to socialize with people, to the weird way things moved really fast in a pandemic-dating environment, it left a lasting impression.

That, coupled with both Stanley and the writer/producer, Patrick reassessing what truly mattered—as well as the growing dread for what’s to come for the planet—became the basis for FUTURE DATE. We didn’t want to make a “pandemic” movie that would be dated the moment it came out, nor did we want to make something that wallowed in despair. So we took our experiences, our oddball senses of humor, and our desire to make this film matter well into the future, and blended them together into this unique debut.


Diversity and inclusion

Throughout the process, FUTURE DATE has been fully committed to diversity and inclusion. The crew/production team was more than 50% BIPOC and more than 50% women and nonbinary. The film itself features Asian leads. But FUTURE DATE also tells a story that goes beyond typical cultural roots, showing us as people who are more than just our ethnicity.

I’ve always been outsider being the Asian kid growing up in a Southern Louisiana town. I coped with this fact by turning to comedy as a way to connect, but still never quite felt accepted. This led me down a mixed road of success playing the Asian nerd in movies like THE BIG SHORT and 21/22 JUMP STREET. Even sitting with the main cast of THE BIG SHORT at the SAG awards, I realized I would forever be seen as a side character. The only way my story would actually get told is if I made it myself.

—Director Stanley Wong’s note




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About This Team

Stanley Wong (Director, Lead Actor, Producer, Story By)

Stanley Wong in The Big Short.

Stanley Wong is a director, actor, producer and writer from New Orleans. As a character actor, he is best known for his memorable turn as The Quant in the Oscar-winning THE BIG SHORT, opposite Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell. He also played the character Roman in the blockbuster 21 & 22 JUMP STREET series alongside Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.

As a director, Stanley has been a prolific short filmmaker. He was selected for the Armed With A Camera Fellowship for HAND FART, which won the Audience Award at the Nashville Film Festival and earned the prestigious honor of being a Vimeo Staff Pick. Stanley also starred in, produced, edited, and co-wrote the story for STEVE CHONG FINDS OUT THAT SUICIDE IS A BAD IDEA, which won the Audience Award at the Asian American International Film Festival and was nominated for best feature at the New Orleans Film Festival. As a writer, Stanley and co-writer Patrick T. Dorsey placed 3rd in the Slamdance Screenplay Competition with the horror feature THE CAUSEWAY.


Shuang Hu (Lead Actress)

Shuang Hu on the set of 5 Blind Dates.

Shuang Hu, aka Shu, is a talented multi-hyphenate who is starring in, writing and producing the first Australian-Amazon original romantic comedy FIVE BLIND DATES (currently in post-production). Shu was a regular on THE FAMILY LAW (now streaming on Hulu), RONNY CHIENG: INTERNATIONAL STUDENT, and as a creator has more than 9 million followers on YouTube and TikTok.


Johnny Pemberton (Actor)

Johnny Pemberton in Ant-Man.

Johnny is a successful stand-up comedian and actor best known for his standout performance as Bo on the long-running NBC sitcom SUPERSTORE. Johnny was also a series regular on Fox's SON OF ZORN and NBC's I FEEL BAD, and had a scene-stealing role in the Oscar-nominated comedy IN THE LOOP. He was also in blockbusters like ANT-MAN and 21 & 22 JUMP STREET series.


Patrick T. Dorsey (Writer, Producer)

Patrick T. Dorsey is a writer, producer and script consultant whose short film, IT’S NOT REAL, is currently on a festival run and “scared the %#\ out of” Danny DeVito. His feature screenplay with Stanley, THE CAUSEWAY, placed 3rd in the Slamdance Screenplay Competition, earning them an invite to Park City. FUTURE DATE is his first produced feature.


Alan Pao (Executive Producer)

Alan Pao has produced or executive produced such films as breakout indie horror hit IT FOLLOWS, the Andrew Garfield-starring UNDER THE SILVER LAKE, Sundance Film Festival award winner GOOK, Justin Chon and Alicia Vikander-starring Cannes Film Festival Un Certain Regard nominee BLUE BAYOU, and many more. Pao’s recent EP slate includes a series of films that feature the likes of Simu Liu, Ewan McGregor, Vince Vaughn, Andy Garcia, Michael Shannon, John Cusack, George Lopez, Jeremy Irons and Billy Crystal.


Nancy Xu (Producer)

Nancy Xu is a startup executive who moonlights as an indie film producer. She produced a number of shorts from the American Film Institute before joining the FUTURE DATE team. 


Nathaniel Elegino (Cinematographer)

A longtime collaborator with Stanley, Nathaniel Elegino has worked on features documentaries, commercials, music videos and more, creating images with an impassioned eye for light, composition, color, and movement. Nathaniel has studied under such legends as Dean Cundey (JURASSIC PARK, BACK TO THE FUTURE) and Caleb Deschanel (THE RIGHT STUFF, THE NATURAL).


Lizzete Flores (Production Designer)

Making her first short film in Mexico, Lizzete discovered a passion for visual storytelling. She is a trusted production designer, art director, and set dresser for varieties of projects. From promo videos for businesses like Sycuan Casino to independent films, Lizzete hopes to continue to be a "go-to" person whenever someone desires to create something that is not simple to make.


James Fitzpatrick (Editor)

James Fitzpatrick is a prolific comedy editor and collaborator with Stanley who has worked on Netflix’s Will Arnett-starring MURDERVILLE, ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING, WAFFLES + MOCHI and more.


Robert Mai (Composer)

Robert Mai is an experienced composer with an eclectic sound, spanning many genres in over one hundred projects, resulting in a variety of international awards for his music and credits with Showtime, Netflix, Ubisoft, and Amazon. Robert was also recently honored with an official membership in BAFTA and the Grammy Recording Academy.


Hunter McHugh (Casting Director)

Hunter McHugh is a New Orleans-based casting director who did the casting for Jon Batiste’s Grammy Award-winning music video FREEDOM. He has also worked on BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC, PREACHER, YOUR HONOR and more.

Full Cast

Stanley Wong as Ry

Shuang Hu as Ria

Johnny Pemberton as Dallas

Matthew Harris as Culver

Amy Baklini as Ash

Zein Khleif as Shasta

Kate Marley as Tulsa

Bri Giger as Sierra

Peter Banifaz as Fresno

Patrick T. Dorsey as Director

Madeleine Hernandez as Olympia

Anthony Gonzales as Lowell

Feodor Chin as Sam

Jessica Rau as Jordan

Olivia Cordell as Alex

Kristine Gerolaga as Barbara

Steven Krimmel as Oxnard

Jason Caceres as Solvang

Christian Lopez as Ojai

John Ennis as Dallas' Dad / CNKTR CEO

Full Crew

The film’s experienced crew has worked on blockbusters like TOP GUN: MAVERICK, DON’T LOOK UP, A QUIET PLACE: PART II and JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3. It is more than 50 percent BIPOC and more than 50 percent women and non-binary.

Stanley Wong - Director, Producer, Writer (Story by)

Patrick T. Dorsey - Writer (Screenplay by, Story by), Producer

Nancy Xu - Producer

Brielle Yuke Li - Producer

Calvin Jiawen Wu - Consulting Producer

Robert Mai - Composer

Nathaniel Elegino - Director of Photography

James Fitzpatrick - Editor

Jack Fatheree - Additional Editor

Hunter McHugh - Casting Director

Lizzette Flores - Production Designer

Dowon Yoon - Art Director

Maria Morillo - Costume Designer

Emerson Bualat - Set Costumer

Lianne Leong - Costumer

Carmonie Fuselier - Hair & Makeup 

Leyla Marzbani - Hair & Makeup

Josh Long - First Assistant Director

Chloe Benz - Set Dresser

Ava Feng - Set Dresser

Josh Gomez - Set Dresser

Maymay Natnaree Rungcharoenruayying - Set Dresser

Brice Richardson - Sound Mixer

Marco van den Bogaard - Visual Effects

Jared Hawkley - Still Photographer

Mondrian Hernandez - Gaffer

Rachel Julia Rice - Key Grip

Eythan Maidhof - Additional Key Grip

Cameron McGrory - First Assistant Camera

Megan Babbitt - Second Assistant Camera

Varun Puri - Second Assistant Camera

Salvatore Natale - Additional 2nd Assistant Camera

Alexandra Wolff - Script Supervisor

Shadia Sepehrnia - Additional Script Supervisor

Brad Holt - Driver

Miao Wen - Driver

Josh Gomez - Production Assistant

Carly Muscio - Production Assistant

Maymay Natnaree Rungcharoenruayying - Production Assistant

Sierra Badua - Additional Production Assistant

Matthew Bahrami-Lopez - Additional Production Assistant

Chloe Benz - Additional Production Assistant

Ava Feng - Covid Compliance Officer

Dante Swain - Acting Coach

Current Team