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Futureboy is an exciting new comedy/sci-fi short from award-winning director Ryan Blackwell and producer Katie Barnes. It tells the story of a man who, in trying to change the past, learns to live in the present. We have an amazing cast and crew dedicated to bringing you the best film possible!

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The Story


Futureboy tells the story of Billy Morgan, the guy who unlocked the secrets of time travel. There's no DeLorean here, though. No Circle-K phone booth. In this world, time travel is achieved by harnessing the power of memories.


However, things don't quite work out as planned and the technology has made a mess of things in the future - with both criminals and government abusing it. But most dire to Billy is the fact that eventually, his wife leaves him. So ol' Billy comes back through time to stop himself from inventing time travel. When that fails, however, he gets stuck in the present and must convince a judge, a shrink, his wife... and himself... that he's not just crazy.


I've always been fascinated by ideas like time travel - concepts that sit just outside our realm of understanding, but maybe... just maybe... are possible. And while I love to ponder these possiblities, underneath it all, Futureboy is a story about relationships. It's about trying to change the past and learning to live in the present.


OUR GOAL is to bring you the best film that we can. We've gathered an amazing cast and crew - including award-winning director Ryan Blackwell, Nick Fondulis (30 Rock, Mercy, Kings) as Billy Morgan, and Dena Tyler (Bull, Orange Is the New Black, Louie) - to help tell this story. When filming is done and the footage is edited, it's off to the festivals we go. Our hope is to garner enough recognition that we'll be able to bring you more, bigger, better films in the future!


Of course we need money to do all that - but that's only part of the story. We want to grow our audience - that means you! We love the idea of a community that can create and share for years to come. So whether or not you're able to contribute financially, we urge you to follow our project and become part of that community!


Thanks so much for dropping by. And stay tuned for more from Futureboy!


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Film Festival Fees

Costs $1,200

Finishing the film is just the beginning. Festivals are where this puppy will live - and hopefully enable us to bring you more projects!

Additional Equipment

Costs $1,025

We've already got some great gear, but there are still a few items we'll need to rent. Like a monitor... so we can see what we're doing.


Costs $900

A hungry cast and crew is... it's not good.

Cast & Crew

Costs $9,000

Without them, it's just words on a page.


Costs $1,500

Not only does it protect our cast, crew, and equipment, but it's a must-have for many locations.

Doorway Dolly

Costs $375

A specialty piece of equipment that puts the motion in motion pictures.


Costs $150

Gaffer tape, clothes pins, wipes... they may be small, but they're invaluable on set.


Costs $500

We're looking for: - college quad and college interior - psychiatrist office - good-sized 1 or 2 br apartment - a small office


Costs $200

Printing. Copies. You know... the fun stuff.


Costs $150

We wouldn't want to take some of our larger equipment on the subway. We're not those people.

Post Production

Costs $1,000

Color and sound... it's what separates us from the animals. Well, no... but...

Publicity & Advertising

Costs $500

Word of mouth is the best. But sometimes you need postcards.

Discretionary & Deliverables

Costs $500

Plan as you may, the unforeseen always drops by.

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