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This is Sanjellica's LAST CHANCE at fame! And YOUR chance to support ALL FEMALE created sketch comedy! We have assembled a team of gifted, absurdly funny women who want to create abstract character comedy. We want to GET LOST! And we want you to join us!

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Mission Statement

GET LOST! With Sanjellica is and all female production, co-written by Holly Mandel (The Groundlings) directed by Sarah Hamblin(The Daily Show), produced by Rebecca Sirmons(Ellen) created by and starring Sarah Cornell(The Producers) and features talent from the LGTBQ community.

The Story

In a landscape of "real life" comedy, we wanted to create an absurd, abstract sketch show that centers around the self-agrandizing delusions of a faded soap opera star, Sanjellica Daniels-Carmichael. We're an all female team and this show is more than a mock-travel show. Its an hilairous journey into the core of femeninity and all of its societal trappings. At this time in history, with so much political unrest and global tension, GET LOST! playful pokes fun at the Capitalism of (what we thought was) a bygone era, and the Xenophobia maybe all Westerners suffer from to an extent. But here's the REAL story...


Sanjellica just love, love, loves to travel the world in comfort, luxury and general "Escuisiteness". GET LOST! all began when Sanjellica was recovering from an unfavorable divorce trial and retreated to her  two bedroom, one and a half bath, condo in San Diego. An angel, in the vessel of a Turkish Angora house cat, visited Sanjellica and gifted her with a divine mission to bring back the glamour of luxury travel shows like, "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous". And the cat also told her that she was to be at the center of it all! A the glorious host, dazzling the world over with a natural charisma and a learned elegance! Sanjellica bravely answered the call and created 4 compelling webisodes (under the alias of "Sarah Cornell") that can be viewed here



This is a show for anyone who longs to "live the life" and just be WONDERFUL! But maybe needs a little guidance from an expert. Sanjellica will take you where you want to go, and also some places you didn't know you wanted to go until you got there...but that's what happens when you GET LOST! 


What started as a passion project in 2014 from the comedic minds of two Canadian expats, Sarah Cornell and Sarah Hamblin, has snowballed into an exciting collaboration between some of the greatest female talent this side of the border. This season, Holly Mandel (The Groundlings, Comedy Central, Improvolution) joins the writing team and Rebecca Sirmons (Ellen, Dancing With The Stars, etc) jumps on as Producer. Joined with fellow funny people, Ariane Price (The Groundlings), Scott Thompson (Kids In the Hall, The Larry Sanders Show) Drew Droege (The Groundlings, Chloe Sevigne) and Sam Pancake (Cougar Town, Transparent, Bajilliondollar Properties), this season is sure to put Sanjellica back into the spotlight and back into the only lifestyle she knows how to live! 

But don't just take it from us! Here is a letter directly from Sanjellica to all of her adoring fans...


Dear Lovely Web-Travelers!

It is with great duress that I right you this letter from my escuisite sweet in Chez Pari. Why just now there is a rooster "Co-co-reek-co-ing!" to signal the pastries for the Boulangerie are finished baking and ready for all the lovely Francophone men and women with their overpronounced upper lips to bite into! But I digest...I write you today about a very ugent need that is connected to an even greater, more extremely serious and urgent need.

Television Networks, Hollywood Agents and Blockbuster Movie Moguls have been licking their chops at getting "first looksies" (an industry term) at the Second Season of GET LOST! However I am at a standstill! I have assembled a team of top TV maker people and showbiz darlings from international TV networks (Ozone Perfkt Japan, anyone?!!) They're screaming to make my show! But all of them, every awful one of them, insists I pay them, even though I've told them many times, "I don't BELIEVE in money!" And yet despite all of my best efforts to trim our lean budget (I'm not even flying first class at this point!) I am still staring down that silly number that doesn't even exist...$25,000. Oh how glorious it is to be able to travel the world and share all of my lovely eperiences with you, you wonderful wonder friends! And that bring me to the great, gaping, cosmic need, yes, a need bigger than all of the biggest disasters, diseases and wars...the need for glamorous travel with an attention towards luxury. Together we can erase boringness, grittiness, "financial conservatism"...all of the things that threaten our Freedom and American Wonderfulness!


It used to be I'd spend $25,000 lining my closet with fur, but times have changed and I'm a survivor.


Please Give Generously,



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Exciting Destinations!

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Catering/Craft Services

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Its ALL about the food on set! Are you a chef? Want to try your hand at craft services?

Sequins, Sequins and more Sequins!

Costs $500

We need a talented stylist interested in creating Sanjellica's signature glamorous style!


Costs $1,000

We need a few good men and women to help us on the day! Amateurs welcome! Come build your resume!


Costs $500

We are a union shoot and we're paying people for their amazing talents!

Color Correction, etc.

Costs $500

Post production is extremely important.

About This Team


Holly is an alumn of The Groundlings and became a Main Company member in 1996. She is a senior instructor there, she directs the Main Company shows as well as performs in a variety of improv shows there including THE CRAZY UNCLE JOE SHOW which she founded, WIGPROV with Drew Droege, THE HORN SECTION and SUPPORTING CRYSTAL which she also helped create.

Holly moved to NYC in 2000 for many years and began her own character-based improv school there, IMPROVOLUTION, which is still running in the West Village. She’s taught improv at HB Studio, Pace University while living there and has taught at UCLA and abroad in London and Copenhagen.

She started her own drop-in improv studio in LA in 2015, THE LOWBAR, with friends and fellow Groundling instructors Tom Blank and Roy Jenkins.

She has her own corporate education company, iMERGENCE, and has also developed a talk and workshop series focused on women’s and girl’s empowerment in the field of comedy and performance, GOOD GIRLS AREN'T FUNNY. She has worked extensively with both groups and individuals on leadership training and team dynamics, creating the conditions for greater autonomy, creativity, ownership, and innovation.


She has lived in a lot of places but is proud to be from St. Louis which makes her addicted to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard and an enormous, die-hard Cardinals fan.



Rebecca is an entertainment industry veteran with more than ten years of experience creating, producing and developing premium content.  Currently under representation by REP Talent & Literary Agency. 

Currently, Rebecca lives in Echo Park with her wife and their dog Barney. 




Sarah currently writes and directs on THE DAILY SHOW with TREVOR NOAH. Previously she directed YOUTUBE's most popular web series, GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING with RHETT and LINK. Her intimacy with TRAVEL and LIFESTYLE shows can be tracked to her work on Eat St. in 2011, Tabitha's Salon Take-Over, I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY, etc. Originally from Nova Scotia, Sarah loves seafood and is getting married to a merman later this year. 






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