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In this series, Ghost Girl, Jess, navigates the afterlife and helps BFFL, Emma Leigh, through the 5 Stages of Grief. Quirky, crafty and musical, the Ghost Girl will have you laughing, crying and singing along to your new favorite songs!

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Mission Statement

Ghost Girl has a creative team comprised of all women. The Ghost Girl series centers around the strength of a life-long female friendship. Our goal is to celebrate the spirit of this friendship both on screen and off.

The Story

Ghost Girl, Jess, died in The Mysterious Accident That No One Will Talk About (Shhh!). The only person who can still see her is her BFFL, Emma Leigh. Ghost Girl navigates the afterlife and helps Emma Leigh through the Five Stages of Grief with songs, snacks, sleepovers & more.  


Ghost Girl originally premiered live on stage in New York City as five-time winner of Reckless Theatre's Fighter Pilot competition. Audiences voted to see Ghost Girl return for five consecutive months, and now they'll get to see her make the leap to the big screen!


Following the showcase stage production of Ghost Girl at Reckless Theatre on May 13th, we have launched our fundraising campaign to raise the necessary funds to film the Ghost Girl series in Summer 2017. The web series will be unique in that it incorporates crafts, music and humor in quirky and silly, while also heartfelt and meaningful ways. 


The scripts that have been all staged live for audiences are Episode 1: The Halloween Sleepover, Episode 2: The Thanksgiving Turkey, Episode 3: The Xmas Special, Episode 4: Happy New Year? and Episode 5: Valentine's Day Sabotage.


The webseries script is updated and adapted for the screen. Our audiences who have seen the live episodes will recognize many of their favorite characters, including, but not limited to: Ghost Girl, her best friend Emma Leigh, Cousin Carrie, Ghost Turkey, Dirk - The Cutest Guy in Public School. In our pilot episode, we will venture to the Friend Bench, the Public School, Jess' Home, Cousin Carrie's Home and The Peaceful Hilly Cemetery. With the webseries, we plan to add more songs, dances, props and costumes to flesh out the world to tell the Ghost Girl story. 



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Craft Services

Costs $900

We're a big cast and crew with even bigger appetites!

Art Department

Costs $900

So much of Ghost Girl's unique style is in its visual elements: vivid sets, crafty props, quirky costumes, etc!


Costs $1,400

Our shoot will not be possible without an amazing crew! We value their time and skill and want to pay them appropriately for it.

Cargo Van

Costs $400

We're going to need a big ol' van to carry around all of our large equipment from location to location


Costs $250

Expenses for gas and parking costs for our van, and taxis to transport our cast and can crew add up fast!


Costs $150

We want to cover fees for shooting at the locations that will best help tell this story - including a cemetery, school classroom and mall.

Spooky Surprises!

Costs $500

As organized as we are, we know there are unexpected expenses that come up last minute.

Makeup and Wardrobe

Costs $250

Our cast will be ready for each of the featured holidays with quirky costumes designed and chosen for each character.

Festival Submissions

Costs $250

We want to share Ghost Girl with the world. With a few chosen festival submissions, we'll be able to share the story with a larger audience.

Camera Package

Costs $1,000

To film Ghost Girl, we will need a camera package with camera and lens.


Costs $500

We will need expendables, including gaffing tape and gels, to make sure our actors hit their marks and so our lighting is top notch!

Camera Rig

Costs $500

To film Ghost Girl on the go and to be as efficient with our time as possible, we need a Camera Rig.

Grip and Electric

Costs $500

To film Ghost Girl, we will need lights and bounce boards.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Sam Evans (Creator/Writer) is a NYC based writer, actress and improviser from Philadelphia. Her writing has been produced on Refinery 29 and at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, The Barrow Group, The NOW Collective, UglyRhino, the SHRTWV Play Festival and at Reckless Theatre.


Ashley Cohen (Executive Producer) is a Florida Transplant and co-founder of Friendly Mother Fu*kers Productions. Her work has been featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival, and on Refinery 29. She currently works at Show Shop TV and frequently partners with Tangerine Entertainment. 


Teal Martin (Executive Producer) Oregon born and bred and Boston educated (Emerson College), Teal has settled her nest in New York City. She is the Producing Director of DreamStreet, a nonprofit theatre company that provides perfomance opportunities for members of the developmentally disabled community. Teal wears many hats, and is also an actor, director, and teacher.


Nikki DiLoreto (Director) is a New York based Theatre/Film director. She has developed and presented work with Williamstown Theatre Festival, Atlantic Theatre Company, Boston University, Fresh Ground Pepper, and UglyRhino Productions. Film credits include The Weekend Detectives, an original web series available now on Vimeo. 


Grace Agnew (Art Director) is a recent transplant from Melbourne, Australia. In November, she graduated from the National Theatre Drama School. Her original solo show, I'm Quitting the Pageant, premiered at The Butterfly Club in Melbourne earlier this year. 


Joyah Spangler (Social Media Director) is a writer, performer and social media maven. Joyah coordinates all social media for Reckless Theatre and Training Center and is co-host of the Hot Water: Feminine Mys-tea-que podcast.


Casey Tucker (Make-Up/Styling) is originally from Southern California and is a recent transplant to New York after graduating from Boston University with a BFA in Acting. Casey has worked as a stylist with Tarzan's Mom Productions, BHLDN and Anthropologie. As a freelance make-up artist, she has worked headshots, events and has done makeup for Pretty Pretty Princess Parties and NY Princess Parties. 


Laura Cornachio (Associate Producer) is a NYC based performer with a BS from Skidmore College. Laura originated the role of Emma Leigh in the NY stage production of Ghost Girl at Reckless Theatre.


Current Team