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“Ghost Light” rips the blinders off what goes on behind the curtain-and-bright-lights of community theater. It's is an insider’s look at the crazy people that make theater happen in your hometown theater. If you thought actors were weird...don’t look backstage.

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The Story


Our story is far from over. We’re excited to bring you the thrilling second season of our winning web series.  Season 1 was an introduction into all that is backstage:  potential hauntings, backstage romance and trying to fit in as the new guy all while navigating new tools, terms, and technology.  Season 2 takes the rug out from under the very feet of our off-beat hero, Lee.  Just as he’s been accepted, the theater’s livelihood is at stake, and Lee is about to risk and lose it all before he’s even had it.  We’ve had an incredible year, being accepted into the Miami Web Fest and attending the ITV Fest where we met all sorts of content creators making new and wonderful series for the frontier that is the web.  We have a small but mighty fan club out there and we’re excited to bring you a bigger, better, more incredible second season!!


We cannot make this second season without your pledge!  We are masters at squeezing the most out of a dollar, so you can rest assured your investment in the project will be used to great effect.  Season 1 was done on a shoestring budget - $6550 in total, of which we raised about $4900 on Seed & Spark.  All of our actors deferred their pay, the artistic team donated their time, and our crew worked well below their standard rates.  Additionally we shot all of Season 1 in a grand total of six days.  That’s MORE than an entire episode per day.  And when you figure how many locations we had and how many actors…. well, let’s just say it was a bit insane.  We don’t to drive anyone insane this year (especially our director), so we’ve doubled the amount of time needed.  We've added cool new locations and expanded our crew as well - and all this adds up.  Our cast is incredibly talented, our crew is made up of seasoned industry veterans, and our story is a truly unique voice in the world of web series.  We thank you in advance for your financial support!!


Nope, not Superbowls - we're #theatergeeks afterall.  But every good artistic project needs goals beyond their goals.  While $11,000 covers our production costs, it DOES NOT pay our Artistic Team (Director, Composer, Editor, and our Colorist & Sound Editor for post-production), and it doesn't pay our actors.  This is a passion project for many of us, and we've all agreed to defer our pay until a millionaire picks up our series.  But an extra $1350 pays our Artistic Team and an extra $3700 beyond that pays our thirteen actors a small stipend.  Grand total $15,934.  Here's a pie chart, cause we all love pie charts:  

Budget pie chart w actors and artistic personnel $16K_1.png

We hope you'll try and soar us past our FIRST goalpost on Seed & Spark and help us sail beyond to pay our team!!!

THANK YOU for watching our series, for loving our series, for believing in us.  We're nothing without you.  


Team Ghost Light



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Craft Services Food

Costs $30

New Jersey water just doesn't taste the same. Don't make us drink from the tap.

Box of Joe To Go

Costs $150

This was the most beloved item on our Season One set! 12 hour days, all. Nuff said.

Snacks from Costco

Costs $100

These keep us going like the robots we are.


Costs $1,850

Sponsor a Meal! $10 feeds one person a meal. We've got 13 actors, 10 crew, and ten days. Whew.

Backup Hard Drive

Costs $360

We need 4 2-TB External Hard Drives to back up all we shoot. Or else.

Lenses - Cooke S4 Prime Set

Costs $500

Your eyeballs have 2 lenses. Our camera is not human, so we need to rent some.

Kino: Diva-Lite 400 Kit

Costs $500

Turns out, theaters have MANY dark spots.

Grip Kit

Costs $50

The Grip is the guy that moves the lights around., grip! I get it!


Costs $325

If you've seen any film or TV you've witnessed a dolly zoom. We're ready for the big league.

Production Insurance

Costs $600

Our industry is a risky business.

15 Passenger Van

Costs $1,700

It's $170/day to move our precious cast and crew over to NJ for the shoot! Where's my Metrocard??

Vehicle Insurance

Costs $130

We're safe drivers, but people in NJ are not.


Costs $250

We need gas.


Costs $160

There's an expensive river we gotta go under to get to set.

Walkie Talkie

Costs $15

All techies need walkies.

Ace bandages

Costs $12

We don't wanna scare you, but the theater has rats.

A Dozen Donuts

Costs $10

We promise this is a prop.

Homemade-looking pie

Costs $10

Carroll is our pie-maker in the series. (The Costco pie from Season 1 was delicious!)

Six-pack of beer

Costs $12

The best plotting happens over beers.

Ghost puppet

Costs $20

This is being made by hand by our awesome Props Mistress Julia!

Location fees

Costs $800

The Barn Theatre is an amazing place to shoot in! Please help us show our gratitude!

Wireless and Lavalier Microphones - Lectrosonics Wireless Kits

Costs $300

We've got THIRTEEN actors, guys. We should probably mic them.

Sound kit

Costs $500

We need to control the sound of actors' voices. If only we had these for the subway.

Freelance Crew

Costs $2,500

It'd be really ironic if we didn't show them love. They are the heart of the production!!!

About This Team


JEANETTE BONNER - Writer/ Producer

Jeanette Bonner is an award-winning actor, writer, and producer in NYC.  She has been writing informally since the age of five, and is now combining her love for writing with her passion for theater.  Her solo show, "Love. Guts. High School," which was developed in Matt Hoverman's solo show workshop, premiered at the 2012 Midtown International Theatre Festival and won nominations for Best Actress and Best Solo Show.  As an actor she has performed with Magic Futurebox, Manhattan Theatre Source, and Vital Theatre Company, and workshopped plays with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, Abingdon Theatre, and Primary Stages.  She is a company member of improv troupe National Comedy Theater.


Neil Fennell earned his degree in Musical Theatre from the University of Northern Colorado, and has been performing, directing, and self-producing everywhere from Austin, TX to Minneapolis.  Since moving to NY, Neil has been extremely active as a film and theatre director.  Fennell is a company member of Wide Eyed Productions, where he directed the world premiere of "Noah's Arkansas" by Jerrod Bogard.

A self-taught filmmaker, Neil currently works for Jack Morton Worldwide as their resident video editor.  Over the past three years, Neil has had the opportunity to create over a hundred pieces of corporate and creative content for Jack Morton.  Neil's partnership with fellow producer Andrew Harriss has led to the creation of their original web series, "White Liars," in addition to other web videos for the past two years.


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