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Ever hit any road bumps trying to be a successful parent? How about any while trying to be successfully parented? If so, then you know that sometimes you just need to laugh at all the trials and tribulations. Please watch my pitch video about the movie I want to make to help you laugh at it all!

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Mission Statement

An exciting element to this production is the female power behind it. Women who have run successful businesses. Risen to high ranks in the male-dominated financial world. And foster female entrepreneurs around the world. We’re excited our team has the female leadership this industry needs.

The Story

Give And Take is primarily about parenting.  We love it.  And we hate it.  But we actually love it.  Right? 


If you watched the campaign video, then you know how passionate I am about finding meaningful relationships with family.  We have an innate urge to avoid letting our families down - especially our own children.  And that’s why I want to tell a really funny story that incorporates those themes.  We face enough overwhelming obstacles when we’re doing the real thing, so let’s laugh about it when we go to the movies!


Our story is about a man who has all the right intentions of being a great dad - but just can’t get it right.  The bad news is… He’s being divorced by his wife.  He’s losing custody of his Daughter.  And his Daughter has fallen in with the wrong crowd, hitting the fast track to juvenile  hall.  The good news is… Well there is no good news yet.  See, this daughter of his is pretty devastated because she lost her best friend to suicide.  Did I say this was going to be funny?  And her friend's parents are in total denial about it.  So naturally, she steals the urn which holds her best friends ashes with the plan to spread them where her friend wanted to lay to rest forever - at their personal secret hideout they've had since they were kids.  The problem is her best friend's parents find out, and unless she returns the urn, she's heading to juvy.   


Our dad feels way too responsible for this debacle because he's been away for some time.  So he makes the smartest decision any Dad would -                                              

          He kidnaps her - in an attempt to return the urn.  However, her nosey Guidance Counselor who turned her in intervenes and it becomes a battle over the fate of her future.


Meanwhile, once it hits the news, the entire town is talking about this outrageous series of events!  Wouldn’t you?  And that’s where the documentary element enters our story.  We’ll be blending the genres of comedy and documentary into one, using interviews from the “local townspeople” to help tell the story.  When we’re watching this movie, I want you to feel like it’s actually a true story that’s being caught on camera right as it’s happening.


A hilarious, heartfelt, hell of a wild ride.


Thank you for considering to support our vision.  Hope to join you one day to watch it on the big screen!


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Quality Actors

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Ok so we're not going after Tommy. But the more $ we raise, the more access to experienced actors.

Experienced Soundperson

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Ever watched a movie with awful sound? Probably not because it never got released.

Film Festivals

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Festivals will be the first step toward distribution. And we need to attend them!


Costs $2,000

We can't shoot our movie without a camera!

Production necessities

Costs $10,500

This includes major crew, locations, costumes, props, and all the necessary things to shoot a movie!


Costs $2,100

So we shot a movie. Now we have to put it all together! This will cover editing and sound mix.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Writer / Director / Editor, Andrew Shearer

Andrew is an award-winning screenwriter, director, and editor.  He's won seven film festival awards and has been Emmy-nominated twice for his work on NFL Network's Undrafted.  He was also honored to receive the Academy's Nicholl Fellowship.  After twelve years in Los Angeles working within the studio system, he's excited to finally be making his own feature film, a personal project close to his heart.  He's also a dad with two daughters who challenge and fulfill him as much as any film project ever could. 


Local Producer and Business Owner, Leigh Oder

Leigh has been a successful business owner for over twenty years in Asheville.  A VERY successful business.  She knows how to make things happen, and is bringing significant resources to the project. Leigh is a screenwriter herself and has been an essential partner in developing the script.   Additionally, because she co-owns Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company, she can provide us a place to screen our local premiere!


Julie Harris, Financial Executive

Julie Harris is not only an amazing sibling of Andrew's, but also his business partner.  She is relatively new to filmmaking, but has had the itch to get involved for some time.  And now she's eager to take advantage of that opportunity.  Julie's very successful career has been built on managing money and worldwide organizations.  She'll bring the passion, grit, and hard work to this project that has made her so successful.


Bob Peck, Magic Hour Productions

Bob is a local director/editor/sound artist who has had successful career in Asheville for over a decade. He's also one of Andrew's best friends.  Anyone in Asheville will tell you that Bob knows EVERYONE.  Bob is bringing important resources to the project and will be involved in editing and sound mixing during post.


Stephanie Carson, Out of the Box Video

Stephanie Carson is an Emmy Award Winning Producer who left the television news business while "she still had some soul left." She now spends her time producing video projects and events in North Carolina and Colorado. When she's not hard at work bossing people around with her "producer hat", Stephanie is a ski bum and lover of craft beer and cider.

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