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GOALS N' SHIT is an absurd, comedic series centered around a newly unemployed businesswoman who's forced to rebuild her life on "process" instead of perceived "success". We tackle issues from student debt to relationship woes to being a 1st generation American! Helmed by women and people of color.

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Mission Statement

Goals N' Shit is created, written by and starring people of color. Its focus is showing a lesser seen narrative of millennial black women holding privilege in one hand and struggle in the other. From our crew to our desired audience, we aim to be diverse and inclusive.

The Story

Goals N' Shit follows BISPA, a woman that's JUST hit rock bottom. She's been spit on (literally), fired and broken up with -- and has never faced this kind of rejection in her life. Bispa's forced to confront some dark truths about herself and one that she definitely does not want to face is the fact that she is *gasp* NORMAL. 

Season One

Bispa has a thriving relationship with her best friend KERI,

and a loving relationship with her boyfriend TOMÁS.

But it doesn't last for long. 


Keri's a first generation Ghanian-American and besides working 50+ hour weeks as a nurse, also sells African clothes on the side to subsidize pay and take care of her family at home. Over the season, we see that Keri gets close -- real close -- to being fed up with Bispa's self-absorbed ways. Does the friendship last through hard times? We'll see. 


Tomás and Bispa have been dating for almost a year. It's been smooth sailing until Bispa starts to have a breakdown that's more than Tomás (btw, his real name is Thomas, but he's fancy) bargained for. He becomes emotionally unavailable (surprise) and now wants to completely break ties. But relationships are never THAT simple, so season one chronicles their journey.


All the while Bispa is trying every way she can to regain a semblance of the status and priviledge she once held. That means lying, exagerrating, chakra-aligning, building, breaking down and more. In season one Bispa attempts to launch a new business herself -- and sees that the journey ain't pretty.


Since we're tackling  quite heavy topics, our way of infusing humor is through absurdity. The more outlandish the situation or outcome, the better.  


In order to tell our story the best way we can, need your contributions to help make our project look as beautiful as possible as well as keep our cast and crew happy and fed!


We belive that GOALS N' SHIT is necessary viewing. As our society further glamourizes perfection, quickly changing beauty standards, instant-gratification, the "hustle" mentatlity and more, we want to take it back. Slow it down. Show that life gets messy, gets put on pause, can sometimes be a struggle but also that YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT -- and can have a lot of fun along the way.


Let's make light of this mess called life and own our GOALS N' SHIT.


Support today!


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Includes: editing, color grading, sound mixing and mastering, special effects, ADR etc.

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About This Team


Alexandria Collins is an American actress, screenwriter, and film director. She has appeared in more than a dozen national and international commercial campaigns for major corporations (Apple, JBL, Crest) and has starred in several feature films and TV movies, most recently appearing in ABC’s TIME AFTER TIME and UP TV’s SECOND CHANCE CHRISTMAS.


In addition to her work in TV and features, Alexandria has written, directed, and starred in multiple award-winning short films including the official Cannes selection THE COLLEGIANS. She made her NYC theatre debut during the summer 2017 Fringe Fest stage drama SCRATCHING. Alexandria is an upstanding member of SAG-AFTRA.


Alexandria is not just a performer — she is a storyteller. Along with her ever-growing list of accomplishments in front of the camera, Alexandria is pressing into life behind the lens with her debut digital series GOALS N SHIT. With an impressive resumé behind her and an compelling new frontier ahead, Alexandria Collins is an exciting personality on the rise.



Esi Yamoah is an international award-winning filmmaker and actress. She is a 1st generation Ghanaian-American from Florida. After college, Esi returned to her family home’s country Ghana, West Africa where she began her professional career in the film and television industry. Esi produced, directed and wrote her first professional silent short film, Yaa. Yaa has been selected in film festivals around world including the biggest African film festival, Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO).


As she continued to sharpen her storytelling, Esi was selected to participate in the highly competitive Haile Gerima Workshop in Egypt, where she studied screenwriting and directing. While in Ghana, Esi continued to peruse her acting career by acting in several short films, which gave her her first award, for The Best African short film in Her First Time. Esi later on landed the role of Ruth in the well-known stage play, A Raisin in the Sun, which made its stage debut in West Africa.  


Esi then transitioned into the American film industry in production and is known for her work on The Haves and the Have Nots, The Front Runner, Superfly and more. Esi now resides in Los Angeles where she is currently working as the creative producer and supporting actress on Alexandria Collins’ web series Goals N’ Shit. Esi is passionate about her craft and looks forward to the opportunity to continue telling diverse stories about the African diaspora. She is projected to produce her first feature in Ghana, West Africa this winter." 



Connor Heck is a Los Angeles based cinematographer with a diverse body of work. He graduated with a TV/Film degree with an emphasis on cinematography from California State University Northridge in 2014, and has not stopped working since. At 26 years old he has shot three feature films ranging from horror, to drama, to comedy. He also has shot a number of music videos, short films, comedy sketches, web series, cooking videos, interviews, and commercials. 

Some of the clients he has worked for include: Nerdist, Legendary Entertainment, WB Games, Recoil, Kraken Rum, Awesomeness TV, Fab Fit Fun, Marvel Puzzle Quest, and the apps Yarn and Wishbone. 

When he’s not shooting, Connor tries to immerse himself in the craft. He is constantly trying to learn by working under older, more established cinematographers, often ASC members. He works as a camera assistant in the IATSE Local 600 Camera Union, as well as camera operating and gaffing non-union projects. Shadowing other cinematographers and shooting diverse projects has made Connor a well-rounded and technical cinematographer. He deeply understands the camera side of the craft as well as the lighting side, and knows how create looks for artful narratives, horror, drama, comedies, sitcoms, documentaries, interviews, tabletop/macro, and visually stimulating music videos. 

Connor Heck owns full camera and lighting packages. Lists of his equipment and quotes for rates available upon request.



Micah Bijon Vaultz I., is a self-taught Musical Composer, Artist, Actor and Inglewood, California native. He found his way to the world of acting in 2014, suggested from an elder customer, while working at Trader Joe's. Making his staple visually & phonically, he is part of a production company titled Bowerbird.Co. led by one of his best friends.




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