Going Mental

Orange, California | Film Short

Drama, Musical

Aram Gevorgyan

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After transferring to a new school, Shaina attempts to follow the advice of the high school counselor to bottle up her anxieties. But once she meets Dale, a happily depressed student, that idea is challenged by his views and the lyrics of songs they both enjoy.

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Mission Statement

Going Mental is a story that we wants to tell to bring awareness to coping with social anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses, through a new way – by song and dance in a rock musical.

The Story

Going Mental follows Shaina’s journey to face her social anxiety. After being rejected by friends at her old high school because of her panic attacks, Shaina wants to make a fresh start. She ends up taking advice from her new school counselor to keep her issues to herself so she can fit in. No matter how hard she tries though, the memory of her confrontation with her old friends continues to haunts her. When she befriends Dale, a comfortably depressed student, she gets challenged in what she has been told to believe about her mental health. She is unaware that the key to overcoming her anxiety may lie in the lyrics of her favorite band.



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Recording Studio

Costs $1,000

We need to book time at a recording to studio record the soundtrack for our musical Going Mental.

Steadicam and B Cam

Costs $3,500

We need to record with two cameras for our dance numbers to finish production in a time.


Costs $2,500

We need to be able to pay to shoot on-location at local high schools in Orange County.

Grip Truck

Costs $1,000

We need a truck to transport all of our equipment.

Craft Services and Food

Costs $2,000

We need to be able to provide our cast and crew with food and lunch!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Camara Rauen


At 17 years old Camara Rauen left San Ramon, California to attend Tuacahn Performing Arts High School in the picturesque red rock desert of Southern Utah. Now she is living her dream as senior Film Production major at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. She is a songwriter, random dancer, and passionate advocate for social justice issues.

Aram Gevorgyan


Born in Armenia, and raised in Los Angeles from a family of immigrants, Aram has always loved hearing stories of legends, fairytales, and relatives since childhood. Now he's grown to have a passion for telling stories himself, and is on his way to a Bachelors in Creative Producing to do just that. Both a music nerd and film student, Aram is excited to be producing a musical.

Stephanie Caress


Stephanie Caress is a junior at Chapman University studying Music and Strategic and Corporate Communications. She is very excited to be working on Going Mental as the composer and hopes to work in the film music field professionally post graduation.


Hannah Spellman

Sound Designer

Hannah Spellman was born and raised in Northern Massachusetts before moving to Orange County to study film (and escape the snow). She is a senior film production major with an emphasis in sound design and a minor in studio art. In her free time she volunteers, photographs and produces video content for nonprofit animal rescue and advocacy groups The Lily Sanctuary exotic bird rescue in Westminster, CA, and the Austin Pets Alive no-kill animal shelter in Austin, TX.


Alec Medén


Alec Medén is a senior creative writing and screenwriting student who escaped the cold and rainy wilderness of the Pacific Northwest to live in Orange and write films. Going Mental is his most recent project.


Farrah Su

Director of Photography

Born in Taiwan, raised in New York, and currently studying Cinematography at Chapman University in California, Farrah Su finds joy in meaningful relationships, expressive storytelling, and a good cup of tea. She believes in sharing stories that may not be commonly seen in mainstream media and empowering others to share their own stories through art. In addition to filmmaking, Farrah spends her time participating in student organizing, playing the ukulele, supporting her communities, and watching Last Week Tonight. She is very excited to be a part of Going Mental and looks forward to bringing this story to life.


Emily Fischer

Production Designer

Emily Fischer is a senior screenwriting student who has a passion for art and has experience with both classical art and music. She has been painting and playing various instruments since she was young, which prompted her to continue honing her skills in college. Emily often using storytelling to bring mental illness into the spotlight in order to both inspire others who struggle with the same issues, and educate those who may not understand. She enjoys painting leisurely and hanging out with her bird.


Victoria Wang

Unit Production Manager

Victoria is currently a senior Creative Producing student with a minor in Television. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, she was subject to excruciating academic pressure therefore resorted to spending her afternoons watching too much television and writing short stories as an escape. When she discovered film school didn't require taking advanced mathematics, she knew she had found her true calling. One day, she hopes to be a development executive at a network.


Bryce Cyrier

1st Assistant Director

Bryce Cyrier is a producer, editor, and translator. His experience ranges from narrative films, to live broadcasts, to short documentaries on four continents. In all his productions, Bryce strives to facilitate effective teamwork and innovative storytelling through dynamic leadership.

Current Team