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Our society has an opinion on every aspect of a woman's life - her body, her words, her actions. This dark thriller follows three women who must decide whether they will survive by doing as they're told or risk it all to fight back, together.

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Mission Statement

We are a diverse and largely female team of artists united by our passion to call out injustices and lift up underrepresented voices. We prioritize stories that not only entertain, but also challenge the viewer to fight for meaningful change. (Check us out in "The Team" tab above!)

The Story

Thanks to you, we've hit our goal in JUST 2 WEEKS!!!

 (Ohmygosh we're not crying, YOU'RE crying.) 

This means we are GREEN LIT to shoot the film!


Now that we have the basics for a brilliant shoot, here's some elements we can afford if we surpass our goal:

$10,750 Intimacy coordinator

To help ensure a high standard of comfort, safety and quality for our actors in our most sensitive scenes. (Very on-brand for us!)

$11,650 Steadicam

To give smooth, cinematic movements that elevate the look and help tell the story in a more dynamic way. There's fighting, there's dancing - our characters like to MOVE!

$13,150 Editor

We're committed to hiring an experienced female editor. As they say, a film is told 3 times: when it's written, when it's filmed and when it's edited. A great editor is crucial!

$14,150 Composer

We aim to find a brilliant female composer to create a tailored score for the movie!

$15,150 Colorist

Did you know that coloring movies is an art form in itself?

$15,650 10 Submissions To Film Festivals

So we can make sure this film gets seen in as many theaters as possible!

Three captive women must participate in degrading challenges to earn food as they try to find a way out.

In a windowless room, three women prepare for a titillating performance. The hair. The makeup. The enticing outfits.

We never learn their names, but their identities are determined by their flower necklaces. Rose, Daffodil and Iris.

Every day they enter the Challenge Room, never knowing what they will face. Much like an escape room, they must piece together what their unseen captor desires them to do, guided only by prompts from a monitor.

What they do know is that the challenges are always objectifying, always soul-crushing, and their only hope of earning food.

Despite their differences (and their hunger), they must unify to find a way out.

Plus a few (surprise) supporting characters...

Half of our population identifies as female. Yet despite recent movements, women are still overly sexualized in the media, still earn less than their male counterparts, still are blamed for waiting to tell their assault stories, for dressing "suggestively", for "wrecking homes".

"It's gotten better" is not enough. Acknowledgement that there's still a problem is the first step to meaningful change.

We need stories told about women, by women, for everyone. Stories that don't sugar coat or tip toe, but slap awake. Stories that unite people of all genders to fight for each other and for equality.

We've already raised 30% of our total budget, and every penny from this campaign will help push us over the finish line to cover the costs of a high-quality production. Once we have a final edit, we will be submitting to targeted film festivals while also using it as a proof of concept for the full-length film!


Anything over $10k will go towards enhancing a crucial piece of the film.

This could mean a camera upgrade, better lenses or an extra pair of hands (always helpful on set). Alternatively, we could put it towards post-production, affording us better editing or music or sound design.


Safety is crucial in all aspects of production. We will be following all of SAG's COVID safety guidelines and insisting on a safe working environment every step of the way.


The most impactful step you can take is joining our team by pledging to help us reach our goal! Whatever amount you decide on will go directly toward bringing this story to life.

The good news is we already have many skilled professionals dedicating themselves and their resources (!!!) to the project, but in return it's only right that we pay fair living wages.


"Follow" our campaign here to keep up-to-date with our progress! We'll post updates, behind the scenes photos and high quality content along the way, and we'd love to share it all with you.


Our crowd-funding success relies on us reaching audiences beyond our own networks, and YOU can help!

If you'd like to help us call out everyday sexism through stories that promote gender equality, please share our campaign via your social media platforms, emails, word of mouth, carrier pigeon, whatever you've got!

Here are some examples. Feel free to copy/paste!


It's time for more thrillers about women, by women like GOOD GIRLS GET FED! Check out this female-driven film at @seedandspark:

I can't wait to see GOOD GIRLS GET FED, a short thriller highlighting everyday sexism! Support them @seedandspark:

Help this female-driven team by supporting their short thriller GOOD GIRLS GET FED about three captive women who must participate in objectifying challenges to earn food. Join their journey @seedandspark:


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Help us wake our society up, together.


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Crew Fees

Costs $4,000

Help us pay our dedicated crew, because passion doesn't pay the bills!


Costs $2,000

Since our characters often bite their tongues, the right location has to do the talking for them.


Costs $1,000

A brilliant crew needs equipment to do brilliant work!


Costs $1,000

Help us pay the other actors we'll be bringing onto the team.

Production Design

Costs $1,000

The costumes, the props, the set dressing! These crucial pieces bring this story's world to life.


Costs $1,000

Good cast and crew must get fed.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

DIRECTOR | WRITER | "ROSE" - Kelly Lou Dennis


WRITER | "DAFFODIL" - Kayla Klein


PRODUCER - Mikail Chowdhury


PRODUCER - Jamie Ohlsen


PRODUCER - Shannon Elizabeth Clark


PRODUCER - Beck Williams


CINEMATOGRAPHER - Stephen Vanderpool




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