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When Claire is finally asked out by her office crush, Devon, she thinks she's beginning her happily ever-after. But after she's sexually assaulted on their date, her entire life and career begin to crumble, and she realizes there's no room in corporate America for a woman in trouble.

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Mission Statement

Written and directed by a woman, "Grab This" places the realities of sexual assault front and center. There's no fixing, no solutions, no happy endings. There's only survival, and it highlights how people think they're helping - when they're only making life harder for victims.

The Story

Grab This is a short film that started on November 8, 2016. I knew I had to respond to the election and political climate with the only form I know how - art. After Claire's asked out by her office crush, Devon, she thinks she's beginning her happily ever-after. But after she's sexually assaulted on their date, her entire life and career fall apart, and she realizes there's no room in corporate America for a woman in trouble.


Her best friend, also her HR rep, tries to help her with advice that's more about not causing any trouble or rocking the boat. She doesn’t want to be seen as “the drunk girl who fucked Devon.” And though she's been a favorite of her boss for the next big promotion and raise, the moment she shows signs of trouble, she's demoted instead of offered help. This is all too common in business. The moment a woman shows weakness, she's tossed aside because her problems are "bad for business."


What's heartbreaking and why I have to finish this film is that after talking to many friends about this project, women that I've known for years and years have opened up about their own experiences of sexual assault. I didn't realize how many people in my life are victims living with the pain and destruction sexual assault can have.


And while Trump's name is never said, his image is in the backdrop of the film. His own admission of sexual assault is what drove the title and story behind this film. A man can assault a woman, touch her without her permission, and still become one of the most powerful men in the world. And what about her? She's tossed aside. One of millions of women who suffer the same fate.  


When someone holds power or sway, those around him will do everything they can to write off this behavior as "locker room talk" or "boys being boys." They don't want to deal with the uncomfortable truth which is why victims are blamed and written off  as though they're lying for attention. 


My team and I drove up from Florida to Washington DC for the Women's March on Washington where we filmed the beginning and the end of the movie using the march as a backdrop. It was a wonderful and invigorating experience to be apart of that historic march and stand and fight for women's rights while also making a movie.  


(Kendall - Director/Writer; Karen - Lead Actress; Kamron - PA; David - Cinematographer)  


We have three days left of filmmaking ahead of us. Please help us reach this goal and #resist.


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Rokinon 50mm T1.5 AS UMC Cine DS for Canon

Costs $51

Rent a cinema lens to help us shoot gorgeous footage.


Costs $300

Our crew works so hard. Please help us pay them!


Costs $250

We need to feed our cast and crew for 3 days.


Costs $300

Help us pay our talented cast who give everything they have to the story!


Costs $150

Inevitable costs crop up for props, location, and the unexpected.

Candy Cat Weeble

Costs $25

This is an important prop for the story.

Rokinon 85mm T1.5 Cine DS for Canon

Costs $40

Rent cinema lenses to help us capture gorgeous footage.

Heliopan 77mm Variable ND

Costs $48

Heliopan for cinema lenses.

Canon LP-E6 Battery

Costs $30

Backup battery so we have enough juice to shoot!

Tiffen 72mm Variable ND Filter

Costs $24

Heliopan for our cinema lenses.


Costs $50

A projector will play an essential role in the film for a key scene.

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About This Team

David Howard is a successful director and cinematographer who's worked on many shows for HGTV, A&E, and Showtime, he's also assisted in the filmming of NFL games. His short film, Duality, was shown at the Cannes Film Corner. 


Karen Overstreet is an accomplished film and stage actress who's appeared in such films as Box, Thunder, Hopscotch, and Solo. 


Eric Dietz is a musician and composer. He's scored previous films including Girl of My Dreams, Willow Garden, and Box. 


Charles Sutton is a graduate of The Art Institute of Jacksonville, and has directed, produced, and done sound work for many films including Willow Garden, Suzanna, and Box


Grab This is Charles Eichhorn's second time acting as Executive Produer. He previously was the Executive Producer of Box. 


Kendall Brunson is a writer, producer, and director. She's written and produced two short films, Willow Garden and The Final Girl. The Final Girl was a finalist in the 60 Seconds to Impact competition. Box was her directorial debut.


Current Team