Gun To The Heart

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We are making a modern day take on Bonnie and Clyde's whirlwind of love. Dramatic, emotional, and calling on the stylistic choices of directors of our generation, our goal is to create a story that brings thrill into a love story.

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Mission Statement

We are proud to say that our project not only has a diverse cast and crew, but has a strong female leadership! Over fifty percent of our team is female with a female director.

The Story

We are a Chapman University student film in the process of pre-production. Our goal is to tell a visually compelling and emotionally stirring story involving the themes of love, thrill and destruction.


Rhie and Jake are a couple who came together from troubled pasts and with big hopes for their futures. A thrill seeker with a lust for life, Rhie comes to Jake with a plan to rob a store. Caught in between him his loyalties for Rhie and the knowledge that she is recreating traumatic moments from his past, Jake has to make the decision whether he stands by her or leaves her to stand alone. Our modern take on classic themes, we want to create something that will make audiences feel and think. 


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Camera and Grip Equipment

Costs $800

We need quality camera and equipment products in order to create a higher quality film!

Craft Services

Costs $200

In order to keep our crew going, we will need to provide meals for three days of shooting!

Production Design

Costs $200

We will need to buy certain props and art decorations in order to create a realistic environment


Costs $200

The best locations are never free!


Costs $100

We will need to drive our crew and equipment to all our different locations

Cash Pledge

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About This Team


Rona Ahdout found her passion for storytelling in the fast paced Los Angeles environment. As a director she strives to create films as thought provoking and emotionally intricate as some of her favorite filmmakers, Xavier Dolan, Christopher Nolan and Cary Fukunaga. Rona was awarded a Scholastic National Gold Medal for her short stories in high school and two of her films and commercials were nominated at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth. Her past work experience was as an intern for Red Wagon Entertainment and she is currently working in production at London Alley Entertainment.



Karoline Ribak is a filmmaker from Garden Grove, California pursuing a degree in B.F.A. Creative Producing ('19). She has always valued character-driven narratives and is thrilled to oversee the development of this dynamic vision by Director Rona Ahdout. Her recent producing credits include The Harvest, a Virtual Reality horror experience (2016) and Washed Up, one of Chapman's two annual television pilots (2017). After completing undergrad, Karoline strives to acquire her M.B.A. and continue developing pertinent, meaningful projects. Karoline currently interns at NBC Universal Studios in Production and Development. 



Austin Hughes is a senior cinematography emphasis at Chapman. In his final year at school his goal is to create films with his cinematography that match the emotional intensity and plot intricacies in the stories. His film Eat (2016) was was nominated throughout the festival circuit this past year and his past films include Drop of Sunshine (2017) and Austin vs. Australia (2015). 



Born in Dallas, Talia Miller is a Junior at Chapman University studying Film Production with an emphasis in Sound Design and a minor in Leadership. Talia has been a part of several Chapman production sound teams and has designed several independent films. She was recently a part of the A24 team that created A Ghost Story and an intern at College Humor. She fell in love with the Bonnie and Clyde meets Laurence Anyways meets Skins vision the first time she read it and is excited to be a part of a fantastic team to make this story come to life on screen.  



Ilayda Cetinkaya is originally from Istanbul, Turkey. She studied at an arts high school and came to Chapman as a Directing Emphasis in the Film department. She has directed two shorts, a music video, and production designed her fair share of Chapman productions. Ilayda loves to bring to life the visually stylistic and stimulating parts of a film. Her favorite films that she's found inspiration through are Mr. Nobody, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Heartbeats. 





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