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This series is a comedic glimpse into a rarely seen (though often dramatized) aspect of professional football: halftime. The show will feature a diverse cast, long takes and split-screen real-time action in the style of "24."

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The Story

"Major League" meets "Friday Night Lights" in "Halftime," the story of one team's efforts to figure it all out while the game is unfolding around them.


In theatre, and all storytelling really, writers are encouraged to "start in the middle" - as far into the story to pull the reader immediately into the action, but not so far as to lose context or background - that is what this series will attempt to do as we catch up with this group of misfits every week, right in the middle of the game.


I was inspired to create this series after several (stalled) efforts to sell my stories to people (producers, studios, network execs) who could get them made on screen. There are tons of variables that come into play when you put the destiny of your work into someone else's hands. So, I wanted to figure out a way to follow my characters in a format that I could control and execute (without spending a fortune). 


And hence, "Halftime" was born. I have always been a HUGE fan of football (I was born and raised in Pittsburgh)! So writing about a football team was fun for me, not to mention, I love humanizing characters who sometimes seem other-worldly. But more than that, I developed this series for the non-sports fan: it's a look at the off-field action between the plays. It's about this group of men and women and their struggle to work together to do something great! (much like my production team!).


Last year, I wrote one episode of this series and entered it into the Austin Film Festival, where it placed in the Finals (out of thousands of projects). I've created 3 more episodes since then in an effort to stretch my series-writing muscles, and to demonstrate what a full 16 game/episode season might look like. I've been working as a field director and story producer in LA & New York for 8 years: I'm leaning on all my colleagues and contacts to help bring this to life. I am really grateful for their help and yours! I look forward to sharing this experience with you. Please visit the "wishlist" section to learn more about how you can get involved. 






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Special Teams

Costs $3,500

Literally can't make this thing without a film crew. They'll be going the extra mile BEHIND the scenes to make this thing special.


Costs $2,400

Once this thing is the can then the "reel" work begins. See what we did there? Your donation will cover our editing costs.


Costs $750

Image is everything in sports. We'll be working with the best in the biz to make sure a positive picture reaches the masses.


Costs $500

We'll be entering the series into festivals across the US. Your donation will cover entry fees.

Wild Cards

Costs $250

Production is unpredicatable sometimes. Your donation will cover the expenses and costs that we're probably not even thinking about.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

The Locker Room

Costs $2,400

Not just those damp dungeons we avoided in high school: this locker room is the centerpiece of our show!

Gridiron Gang

Costs $3,700

Actors: these guys and girls will be going the extra mile to bring this thing to life on screen.

Gatorade and Energy Bars

Costs $1,200

We're in for a long season: our team has to eat! Your contribution will go toward food & beverages for the cast & crew.

Production Insurance

Costs $300

Accidents happen. Best to be insured.

About This Team

Matt Demblowski is a writer/producer/director living and working in Los Angeles. He has produced numerous television programs for networks including Bravo, National Geographic, MTV, truTV, Travel Channel and The Food Network. His screenwriting has won several awards and placed in national competitions including: Final Draft Big Break Competition, The Austin Film Festival, Creative World Awards and Stage 32 WAN Competition. "Halftime" is his debut effort in directing scripted TV content.


Justin Peters is a writer and performer in New York. From 2009-2014, he performed on house improv and sketch teams at the Magnet Theater. Today, alongside Kelly Buttermore, he tours the country with the nationally acclaimed improv duo From Justin to Kelly. Together, they have headlined and taught at comedy festivals and theaters in over 20 different states. Peters has written and produced four comedic solo shows and several ensemble pieces, most recently the country-western euthanasia musical Kill Yourself! with Deke Davis. He is a correspondent for Slate and the author of The Idealist: Aaron Swartz and the Rise of Free Culture on the Internet.


Josh Hoberman is a writer/producer currently on the ground in Los Angeles. A perennially depressed Jets fan with a background in series production and feature development, Josh finds comfort in developing romantic comedies with Larry Levinson Productions. He has previously worked for ABC Studios, Netflix, Investigation Discovery, and Sunday Night Football.

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