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NYC artist Linda Troeller endured the anguish of a broken heart in her late twenties, and in her desperation, she found Healing Waters that would inspire her feminine power. Linda's photography stands to define "the female gaze," inspiring equality worldwide.

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Mission Statement

Our projects have always promoted racial justice and inclusivity on both sides of the camera. We are committed to elevating the voices of Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ, Immigrants, and other historically oppressed communities. Healing Waters Film is an extension of this vision and our best film to date.

The Story

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Film Synopsis

Linda Troeller is an art documentarian known for creating sensual images inside sublime water environments inspired by her childhood exposure to the healing powers of water. In this biographical film, we discover the intimate relationships between water and the female gaze from a resident artist at the Hotel Chelsea. Healing Waters explores Linda's work with key figures in the art industry who examine her as a valued contributor to the first generation feminists art movement.

Linda Troeller

This film depicts the journey of a world-renowned artist from conception to discovery and the manifestation of major works of art that have profoundly influenced social ideologies concerning water and healing around the world. Linda Troeller has lived for over two decades in the Hotel Chelsea in New York City. Her work has appeared extensively in galleries and print. Linda is one person determined to be a photographer and create no matter the changes or challenges that got in HER way. In Healing Waters, we will discover how she found success as an artist and come to understand the journey she has undertaken - a journey that continues today.

Photo: Sabine Kutt "Linda Troeller in front of Chelsea Hotel."

Dereks Connection to Linda

Linda Troeller is one of my mentors and happens to be one of the first-generation feminist movement contributors who has spent a lifetime producing projects inside her female gaze frame. I have been humbled and also excited to discover the deeper narrative of Linda's life journey. Covid has been a perfect delay for this project and gave me a chance to dive deeper into Linda's story, much of which I was surprised by. Her story is one that derived out of compassion and a sensitive heart at an early age.

The Team

The film is a collaboration between Derek Johnson at Kai Films and Ali Scattergood of Oak Light Films. Derek has a 20-year background in fine art and commercial photography and a career that he started with as Linda's assistant. After he transitioned to the documentary world in 2000,  he earned an Emmy Credit on an HBO documentary on the events of 9/11. Ali's 10 years in the documentary world have spanned from Ken Burns' Florentine Films to various projects with Ark Media and Nomadica films, while her photographic portfolio includes work reviewed at the Paris Photo exhibition. She was recently officially invited to document the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, in 2019.

Lindas Message

The work that Linda has produced over her entire life carries a precious message for the world. Her story will inspire others to take action to help evolve the female gaze in films, photographs, and other works of art we consume. This time in history, we find more divisions amongst people than connections. Linda's work carries a message of how we can reconnect to ourselves and each other. Linda's images are known to leave the viewer with a sense of relief and healing, and we expect you also to experience this with the film.

Distribution Plan

I have spent three years working on this film, and I have one final interview to shoot to complete the production. Your contribution will help me finish the edit, pay crew, and get this project on the festival circuit this year. I will be seeking television distribution and a home on a streaming platform. We have finished 98% of the principal photography, and editing has begun.  The intended runtime is forty minutes.

Thank you for your support of Healing Waters Film.


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Costs $2,000

Ali Scattergood is the primary editor of the film and also a co-director of the story.


Costs $500

Color Grading is the final visual correction of the film that unifies all the clips.


Costs $1,000

An original score will always enhance the final emotion and structure of a film.


Costs $1,000

Marketing is the only way to get the film to its audience. Festival fees can go into the thousands.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Crew Labor

Costs $1,500

Our 95% Female Crew is getting a livable wage. A simple way to support diversity in film.

About This Team

Derek Johnson Producer/Director

Knowing the “heart of man” is one aspect that drives my intention as a director and filmmaker. I first heard this concept from one of my mentors Werner Herzog. In my process, I've learned to look through a person’s eyes, into their heart, and find the deepest meaning to their story. And Just like Werner, I do not want to be a man who lives without dreams. I always find a way to tell a great story.

I have a lifelong addiction to cameras, stories, and pizza. I am also known to go to unbelievable lengths to find a great cup of coffee.

I am known for creating powerful interviews that go really, really deep into storytelling and creative excellence in my cinematography. I am the founder of Kaifilms a boutique film production company.

My first achievement in film production was documenting 9/11 in NYC, which lead to 10 features and 4 Emmy credits. Twenty years later, I am the president of my own production company.

Its True, James Gandalfini Came to the opening of my first ever film. RIP James.




The team I am assembling are all my creative partners. We have working relationships on previous projects and all of us have solid experience and excelled in our respective job roles.


Linda Troeller of Course is the feature of this film and considered respectfully in the top 5 of her profession. Not to mention that she is a lifelong inspiration for many and one of the first-generation feminist creators.






Lisa B. Hammond is a true talent and visionary in the film industry. She has without a doubt, a proven asset to the creation of our film and how it looks. Lisa and I have been co-workers for over a decade and she is also the segment producer of this film. Lisa chairs the Women In Film, Seattle President.





Ali Scattergood is another visionary on our team who has worked with top editing teams in the world, including Ken Burns. Her passion and skillset in the editing room will guide this story into perfection.







Our crew came together wither their A-game to create a project that promotes an artist known as an icon to many and a purveyor of diversity to others. The three principal names for Healing Waters Film are listed here, but the crew and cast list is still growing. The Cast that I assembled for this film really is a dream come true. I have interviewed some of the top people in the photography industry and those closest to Linda herself.

Current Team