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Laura G. Chirinos

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For generations, American women worked tirelessly to aid national war efforts, but with very little support or recognition. In 1942, the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps changed everything, and set a new course for the future. Help me tell the story of one incredible woman's fight to get there!

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Mission Statement

HEED THE CALL revolves around an incredibly important piece of history, the moment where American women began to make their own decisions. Women behind the camera include the Writer/Director, Editor, Production Designer, Key Grip, Casting Director, and more we will undoubtedly pick up along the way!

The Story

My connection to this story runs deep... from a pool of over 35,000 applicants, my grandmother Wilma was one of only 440 women to receive a placement in the first Officers Candidate School class of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. Drawing inspiration from her experience, I want to show not only the excitement that was felt when the Corps was first formed, but also the fear and uncertainty when it came to going against the social grain to pursue a life in the military.




This project is an intimate portrait of a young woman dealing with overt sexism, rumors of the "lesbian threat", and what some opposed to the WAAC were calling the "inevitable destabilization and destruction of American society at large".


Imagine being told you weren't allowed to do something so important. Imagine feeling as though wanting to support and protect your country was wrong. Pretty weird, right??


In today's world, feminism is not only about the right to be treated as equal, but also the right to a choice. Whether a woman chooses to stay at home full time with her children or dedicate all waking hours to an impressive career, equality between the sexes means being able to make either choice and receiving the support to do so.


Seventy-five years after WWII, women are still encountering discrimination based on their sex, and sexual orientation. And not just when it comes to the military! This story shows the beginning of feminism in earnest, when women really began to see in great numbers that they could be financially independent by pursuing work that excited them instead of assuming their only path was to become a wife and mother.




In order to create the world of 1942, I will work with a fantastic and experienced team of industry professionals. We will follow in the footsteps of greats like Billy Wilder, Howard Hawks, and Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, capturing elements as seen in Technicolor titles such as BLACK NARCISSUS, THE RED SHOES, and ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS. Dramatic shadow effects contrasted with richly saturated colors, along with the talents of my production and costume designers, will help me create the light, space, and style to make the time period feel honest.






Slated for four days of shooting in mid-July, it was an action-packed 7 day production window including all pick-ups and returns. I have set my fundraising goal here at $10k, but we will need much more (probably 4x more) to get this film delivered.


Here is the reality of our budget. The first $10,000 we raise will go to Locations & Permits, Set Dressing, Cast, and Wardrobe & Styling as shown in the beautiful pie chart below:



So I guess we could make this film for $10k if a) all crew donated their equipment AND worked for free, b) we got restaurants and grocery stores to donate all the catering/craft service food, c) we somehow got vendors to rent us tents, walkie-talkies, trucks, trash bins, chairs, tables etc. for nothing, and d) we had no production insurance or contingency funds set aside in case something went terribly wrong.


EEK! That doesn't seem like a very safe or professional way to mount a film production, does it? So it looks like we're going to need another $23,305 for all those important things I just mentioned, as shown in this beautiful pie chart:



And so that gets us to $33,305 and we are full steam ahead! But wait... what about the rest? What about finishing funds, and getting the film out to festivals so everyone can see how amazing it is? Yep, that's going to cost us another $8,200 as seen in our third (and last!) beautifully-colored pie chart:



So this is the reality. We are looking at needing at least $41,505 to get this project delievered, and that is still on the conservative side. Needless to say, I am working hard to get as much possible donated in time, services, and equipment, but please keep this very real number in mind when you decide which incentive on the right to click on. Every dollar counts, and the incentives only get better!




The formation of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corp is a deeply American story of patriotism and historical significance that has not only never been explored, but is tailor-made to the times. As filmmakers, we tell stories that are meant to be seen and heard, that perhaps help our audiences understand something personal or teach them an important truth. I want what any other artist wants: to connect with an audience. My long-term goal in making this short is to garner enough exposure through festival screenings domestically and internationally to attract funds for a feature. The short will serve to show not only my taste and aesthetic, but also the foundation of the incredibly layered and fascinating story I will explore in the feature film version of this project.


In 1942, the women of America very much wanted a way to be actively patriotic, and by the time the war ended, more than 350,000 had served in the army. Women were integral to the war effort seventy-five years ago, and they are integral now. Help me tell their story.

Thank you!




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There is no way to do this without your generosity and support! THANK YOU! 


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Wardrobe and Styling

Costs $2,000

To send the audience back to 1942!

Cash Pledge

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Locations & Permits

Costs $3,000

To build the world in which the story exists, and have permission to shoot there!

Set Design & Dressing

Costs $3,000

To design and dress the sets to perfection!


Costs $2,000

To hire fabulously talented actors!

About This Team

  Laura G. Chirinos - Writer/Director

Under production banner BEFORE NORTH, Laura produced three independent features and numerous music videos. She spent several years in post production at Technicolor Hollywood, and directed her first short film REVELATIONS in 2013, screening at domestic and international festivals including HollyShorts, Lady Filmmakers Festival and Portobello Film Festival in London, and landing distribution deals with outlets GAIAM and ShortsHD. As a freelance music photographer, Laura has shot eclectic artists such as Janelle Monae, Portishead, Solange, The Dillinger Escape Plan, FKA Twigs, Nick Cave, Savages, Wu-Tang Clan, Bat For Lashes, and Run The Jewels.


  Jeremy Chang - Producer

Jeremy is a graduate of the UC Irvine Business Economics program and the American Film Institute’s Masters Producing program. He has spent time working in Tokyo, Taipei, and while working in Taiwan, narrated news for the Public Television Service. Jeremy is currently touring US film festivals with his latest short film.


  Terrance Stewart - Cinematographer

Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, Terrance has lived and worked in Los Angeles for nearly a decade, focused primarily on short films, feature films, and music videos. More recent commercial clients include the LA Galaxy, the LA Kings, All-Star Chef Classic, Little Tikes, Tire Pros, and Joe’s Jeans.


  Kalilah Robinson - Key Grip

A native of Bermuda, Kalilah attended Stanford University as a student of Psychology and Film. Following a year-long production course at the New York Film Academy, she began working freelance in the Camera and G&E departments on projects that took her from Bermuda to London, Nigeria, and Paris. In 2010, Kalilah founded Somers Isle Productions, an independent production company dedicated to developing projects about Bermuda's rich cultural heritage.


  Ken Whiting - Gaffer

Ken discovered his love of film and lighting at age 14 when he built his own darkroom and began experimenting with unique lighting techniques. After moving to Los Angeles from Florida to pursue production work, he developed a strong sense of genre lighting and especially excelled as a gaffer. His most recent work includes GUN, CAPTAIN BLACK, and BRAND NEW OLD LOVE.


  Berenice Chavez - Editor   

Berenice attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, during which time she worked with notable directors David Schmoeller and Brett Levner. She produced and edited two short documentaries, PASSING THE TORCH and NORTH TO PARADISE, which received a total of three National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences: Pacific Southwest Chapter Student Emmy Award nominations. She won two of those awards, one of them for editing. Berenice is also a recipient of the Las Vegas Film Festival's Emerging Filmmakers Scholarship. 


  Ross Williams - Key HMU

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Ross has enjoyed working in Los Angeles on television and films projects such as VERONICA MARS, THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, 21 AND OVER, and SPA NIGHT.


  Sven Faulconer - Composer

Born and raised in Belgium where he began his formal music training at age 8, Sven employs a wide and unique range of musical styles. As a passionate clarinet player, he performed a number of solo concertos with symphonic orchestras in Europe before moving to Los Angeles to finish his schooling at UCLA. His keen sense for collaboration and strong story-telling skills have earned him music credits on blockbuster films such as THE HUNGER GAMES, NIGHTCRAWLER, THE BOURNE LEGACY, and MALEFICENT.


  Kell Riches - Set Photographer

Originally hailing from Australia, Kell has been working as a photographer in Los Angeles for the better part of a decade. Clients include short and feature film production, product and talent branding, headshots, and high fashion.


Current Team