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She's back! ANGRY, WHIMSICAL & AMBITIOUS, HEY YUN makes a documentary of her rise to success.

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The Story

Filmmaking came to me as an accidental necessity. I was a frustrated, struggling, chunky Asian American actress trying to find work in New York City, and no one knew which box to put me in. "Sidekick" or "karate girl" just wasn't my thing. Making my own films started out as a way of creating an elaborate audition tape.

Writing parts for myself and making my own work, I learned that what turns me on as an artist is to let people see the strange mix of who I am, part childlike whimsy, part abrupt, explosive and sometimes grotesque adult. I'm most curious about these kinds of characters: the New York City misfits that are finding their authentic voices, encountering their strange tribes, and their struggles to survive along the way. And Season Two of Hey Yun - the Web Series is exactly that!

As a writer, performer and filmmaker, I often use an autibiographical and experimental approach to constructing narratives as they occur. I firmly believe that as artists and storytellers, our privilege and responsibility is to take what can poison us and turn it into something powerful, good and sometimes hilarious.

Wildly inspired by Louis C.K.'s self titled show Louie, I created Hey Yun - a comedy about an angry whimsical Korean artist. I thought the slight change in the spelling of the name would leave enough separation between the "character" and myself, I doubt it does ;). We had a successful launch of the first season, garnering a strong fan base, mainstream media attention, awards and several film festival screenings in Los Angeles and in New York. People dubbed it as smart critique of "hipster racism", I'm still waiting for Louis to watch it.

A year later, I am ecstatic to launch Season 2. This time I crafted the series in mockumentary style. Breaking of the fourth wall inspired stories that were more honest, immediate and visceral of the struggles as a misfit artist desperate to succeed.


My enduring goal as a filmmaker is to keep shining light onto the "ugly" and the "uncomfortable" in human forms, behaviors, psyches, and relationships through honest and raw storytelling sprinkled with humor and absurdities. And in the current climate of more diversity being welcomed into mainstream media, I believe my voice as a Korean American woman will contribute nicely to the increasingly colorful storytelling landscape.



Hye Yun




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About This Team

Our team consists of so many amazing women filmmakers, awesome feminist men and dynamic guest stars!



Hye Yun Park - Writer/Director/Producer/Actor

Hye Yun is a writer, performer, filmmaker based in NYC. She has made 3 short films and successfully launched an award winning comedy web series Hey Yun. She also made a viral video First Kiss NYC, which was featured on Huffington Post, The Daily Mail UK, and Slate Magazine. When not making films, she prances around town taking photos of toys, clowning around or acting in other people's films.

Ronnie Rios - Editor/Co-Producer

Ronnie is a freelance editor and filmmaker from a small town in South Florida. A graduate of NYU's Tisch BFA Film/TV program, he has written and directed several short films and currently writing his next.

Nancy Schwartzman - Producer/Actor

Nancy is a filmmaker, media strategist and catalyst for social change who beleives storytelling and technology can create safer communities for women and girls. Named one of the "10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2011" by Independent Magazine, Nancy is the director of The Line, a documentary that examines the line of consent and PBS/POB broadcast xoxosms, a love story that explores digital intimacy, teenagers and technology. She is currently in production for Roll Red Roll, a new documentary about Steubenville, Ohio. She is also the Executive Director of Tech 4 Good, LLC which created Circle of 6 iPhone and Android app. She makes a splashing guest appearance in one of the new episodes of Hey Yun.

Marisa Viola - Associate Producer

Marisa is an actress who also directs plays and produces films. Elliot Loves, a feature that she produced is currently playing on HBO. She has played Anna Nicole Smith and Sarah Palin and found them to be very similar women. Marisa also teaches meditation and had fun mildly satirizing her own people on the pilot episode of Hey Yun.

Joanna Arnow - Director of Photography (Episodes 2,3,5)

Joanna is a filmmaker and cinematographer based in Brooklyn. She recently wrote, directed and edited BAD AT DANCING, a narrative short that premiered at this year's Berlinale. She also directed several other films including personal documentary feature I HATE MYSELF :) a film that was included on top ten lists at Indiewire and Fandor. As a cinematographer, she has shot numerous projects including documentaries about The World Trade Center Memorial Museum, Occupy Wall Street, Eiko & Koma, Syl Johnson, Big Star as well as the BFF Web Series and Hey Yun Season 2.

Sarah Anderson - Director of Photography (Episodes 4,6)

Jamie Li - Director of Photography (Episode 1)

Storm Garner - Art Director

Storm is a New York-based, Paris-raised survivor lover queer activist artist of many disciplines currently curating a conversation between them all in the arean of mostly-narrative filmmaking, among other constant creations for human kinder in music, performance, writing and visual arts. She is grateful to have studied creative non-fiction with Amy Benson and video art with Shelly Silver at Columbia University, where she has been confronting her bête noire ((academia)) in small doses in her meager free time between creative projects since 2008.

Sean Mannion - Assistant Director

Andrey Radovski (Episode 2-6), Brian Neris (Episode 1) - Sound Recordist

Erin Clayton, Caroline Offit - Assistant Camera

Amanda Gates-Elston - Composer

Celiné Justice - Script Supervisor

Rhett Sever, Joe Vaughan - Production Assistant

Nick Messeti - Sound Design/Associate Producer


Phillipe Coquet - Master Andre (Episode 1)   



Kana Hatakeyama - Greta (Episode 2)



Nancy Schwartzman - Juliette (Episode 2)



Jason Alazraki - Lance (Episode 3)



Kerry Flanagan - Melisa (Episode 4)



Bob the Drag Queen - Mizz Clown (Episode 5)



Diana Oh - Natalie (Episode 6)



Current Team