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Jacob Royce Gustafson

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Best friends Cliff and Otis plan to get rich quick by stealing from some of the most dangerous foes in the business: drug dealers. Going against the plan, the two spend the night partying, allowing the audience to see that, in a certain light, the bad guys really aren’t all that bad!

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Mission Statement

We're just a couple Alaska Natives exploring the world of addiction, which has not only been a central issue in Native lives, but in the lives of everyone we’ve met, regardless of ethnicity or gender. We're bringing Native voices into the film world and it is our hope that you join us!

The Story


My brother and I dreamed up this project about a year ago. We wanted to film something on a micro-budget, using local actors from Seattle and the San Juan Islands up in Washington State. In one sentence, our film is about two friends that take matters into their own hands to help pay for the medical bills of a family member.


The film follows our two leads as they journey into a basement filled with drug dealers, only to find out that the people they intend to rob have just as many problems as they do. Simply put, this film is just a druggie, dramedy, indie musical that’s filled with Germans, Jesus, banjos, bongos, beers, and bongs. We're hoping it has a little something for everyone!


Being huge fans of the way music can influence and even elevate an image being displayed before an audience, we wanted to create this project because we have always felt that there was something missing from the world of musicals. That isn’t to say that we aren’t a fan of musicals (our oldest brother’s favorite movie growing up was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers), but they never really told a story that we could relate to. This is where our film comes into play. It highlights the world of addiction and situations that people have gone through with a certain lightheartedness. We are going to make something dark and gritty and funny and beautiful because that is how we see the world. And we would like you to be apart of it. 




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Cash Pledge

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Rental House

Costs $2,500

Unfortunately, our places don't quite look like a basement, so will need to rent a house to shoot.


Costs $1,000

We need to feed our crew!


Costs $1,000

We need fake movie props to use

Cast Transportation and Stipends

Costs $1,000

We'll need to get our cast to and from the set + make sure they have enough to take time off of work

Rode NTG3 Microphone

Costs $700

For sound!

Ronin Gimbal

Costs $1,450

For that super smooth!

Crew Transportation and Stipend

Costs $1,000

To get our crew to and from set + make sure they


Costs $1,350

We need some film lights!

About This Team

My little brother, Jacob Royce Gustafson (co-writer, producer, slightly resembles Adam Sandler's love child, and who chooses to use his middle name because it connects him to his son, which in turn forces me to use my middle name so our names don't look so weird together on screen), is the brains of the operation.  He is a film student at UC Santa Cruz and has produced many different film shorts and film projects, as well as written many different scripts individually (and with his lovely older brother!). You can find some of the projects he has worked on at his Vimeo Page here.


Our Director of Photography, sound recordist, handsomeness supervisor (and pretty much any other job that helps make a movie) is "The" Carl Billington.  He's a local boy with great ideas about what we want the movie to look like.  Carl has many different film projects under his belt after attending the one and magnificent Seattle Film Institute.  All of those beautiful images you see are of his making. 


Between the two of them, they have almost all of the equipment needed to make the film. 


Our two sisters, Amy and Jenny, are the backbones of the production process. They keep us in check and make sure we hit each and every deadline. Without them, we would be lost.  They are two of the strongest and smartest women that we've ever known, and will push this film into existence from sheer will if they have to.  Amy, being a college professor, handles the organizational efforts that help lock down certain aspects of the production process. Jenny, who has gotten her degree in the field of Arts, teaches us and contributes to all of the aspects involving the art department. From the poster to the storyboards to the production design, Jenny handles it all.


For the rest of our cast and crew, pretty much all have been volunteers.  We have gathered a great collection of actors, ranging from those experienced in film, to musicians with theatre experience, to first timers; all have helped bring this dream into a reality.  The movie will have all original songs written by Molly Elder, who is the female lead in the trailer.  The song used in the trailer is her brilliance.  Our island has a lot of talent and we are excited to showcase it to the world!


As for myself, I am just one big humble pie. I don't know too much about anything, but I know stories.  I know hardships, and I want to express them out to the world for everyone to see and feel and experience.  This film is about the journey of the human spirit and I want you to be apart of it with me. When you cry, I want to be crying.  When you laugh, I want to be laughing.  And most importantly, when you are singin' and dancin' to your heart's content, I want to be right there with you doing my world famous Chicken Dance, beltin' out the words with my deep rumbling voice (slightly off tune, of course).


We'll see you out there!


Much love,


David James Gustafson




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