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When Judith finds Adam after his attempted suicide, they end up on a search for their childhood haunt in the Californian desert. Home Again is a darkly humorous story about two queer friends moving forward after life has fallen apart.

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Mission Statement

Home Again features LGBTQ+ characters played by LGBTQ+ actors, and written by a queer female playwright. The production team is committed to hiring a gender/nonbinary-balanced, intersectionally diverse and inclusive cast and crew of all abilities.

The Story


Adam wakes up in a car in the desert beside Judith, his childhood friend, whom he hasn't seen in ten years. Judith has recently seen a life end; Adam has just attempted to end his. As they drive in search of the childhood haunt they used to escape life's complications, Judith discloses that the reason she sought Adam out may not be what Adam thinks. Home Again looks at the struggles involved in finding a way to move forward after crisis.

PRODUCER'S NOTES: Emily Siobhan McCourt
The first time I read Home Again, I was sitting in a diner and when I finished it, I cried. Not because it's sad - there are actually a lot of funny moments - but because it's truthful. It tells the story of two people trying to find a way forward after tragedy. I love that it's a story being told through queer eyes, whose characters have depth and humanity. We need to see queer characters going through the same struggles as straight characters on film. It's refreshing that Adam and Judith aren't the movie stereotypical queer 'best friend' or 'sub-plot love interest' characters. Their story is about the struggle of being human: A son, a child, a mother, a parent, a partner. Home Again is about picking up the pieces and moving on, no matter who you are. 



I'm really really excited about this project, for many different reasons. First, I'm looking forward to working with Calla and Emily. I read Calla's script and immediately responded to it because I think Home Again has two very interesting complicated lead characters who are instantly likeable and funny, but are very messy and have made some compelling big mistakes in their lives. Some things we find out first-off, others sort of reveal themselves gradually, and they're very complex, three-dimemsional characters.

I think it's an interesting thing to look at, in that it's about two leads in their thirties, it's not quite a mid-life crisis for them, but it's not them in their twenties. It's a really interesting midpoint between those two markers to look at, and I don't feel like it is explored a lot in movies, so I'm looking forward to diving into that.



I wrote the beginnings of “Home Again” as part of a month-long playwriting challenge - it was meant to be a goofy play about two friends going on a road trip. Then life happened, as it does, and the issues I was dealing with in my personal life began to clash immensely with my vision of a fun and goofy road trip comedy. Amazingly, the play opened up, morphed and transformed into something that carries a lot of my heart in it - personal problems and all.

In its short life, “Home Again” has proved to have seemingly ENDLESS transformative capacities - I’ve reimagined it as a stage play, a site specific performative experience, a radio play, and now this film. I’m so grateful to Emily, Brendan, and everyone at Vicarious Playground Productions for helping to get this now mournful and nostalgic road trip onto the screen!!

We're committed to hiring as diverse a crew and cast as possible, and to creating a safe, respectful and open-minded environment for our team. 



A Car. The Desert. A lot of Beer.

We're going bare-bones with our props and set. Minus the beer.



Set in the Californian desert, Home Again will be shot in the stunning landscapes of Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. 


We are excited to go on this journey with Judith and Adam, and we hope you'll come along for the ride with us!





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About This Team

Calla Wright is a prolific playwright, writer and actor from Edmonton, Alberta. When I started looking for a project, Calla was one of the top on my list. I've worked with her before on several theatre projects, and jumped at the chance to showcase her work again. She writes beautifully and brings humour and drama together seamlessly.


Brendan Meyer is an uber-talented actor and director hailing from Edmonton, and now living in LA. I saw some of his first work when I was still living in Edmonton, and he brings the same passion and sharp eye to directing as he does to acting. 


Emily Siobhan McCourt. This is me! I am an actor and producer based in Toronto, Ontario. I started self-producing with my co-creator Ariadne Deibert last year, and the drive to self produce has only grown. I think it's essential for artists to begin speaking for ourselves, especially in marginalized communities, and self-production can be a beautiful way of fascilitating that.


Maggie McCourt is a writer and editor from Edmonton, Alberta. She is the newsletter editor and overseer. Her eye for proof-reading has been invaluable to me my whole life, and continues to be so here.


Clare McCourt is our Social Media Assistant.


Rebecca McCourt is our Social Media Director.



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