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Kevin Huhn

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This short film - Hope for Christmas - has many layers for "Why this film?" Leaving a legacy is at the core - Kurt Huhn (son) passed away Nov 6, 2021... Strengthening newly formed friendships... Appreciating others... and giving a creative story to you... are the most important.

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Mission Statement

We love Christmas time and how it renews hope in people. Collectively, our mission is to put a smile on people's faces. By combining the two, we believe we are able to do that.

The Story


On Christmas eve a small town’s psychologist is brought out of retirement to analyze a new visitor in town, who is accused of killing Santa Claus.



For those of you who don’t know us - we are Kevin Huhn AND Robert Crowley Smith, Co-Producers of the short film - Hope for Christmas.


We are SUPER EXCITED and GRATEFUL to be sharing this film with you.


The story is set in the 1930s in a remote town that has been forgotten.  A stranger drops in unannounced and causes turmoil to the mundane lives of the townspeople. In their paranoia they tie him up and accuse him of murder, then call in the local retired Psychologist to analyze what to do. 

Once his patients, these townspeople hover over the discussion between the Dr and the Stranger --- this is what makes up most of this film. Until the end, when the tables are turned, and we learn, it is the Dr, who is guilty for causing all this darkness, to the townspeople.  .. and the stranger becomes the saviour.

This is a Drama/Holiday film.





First off... we graduate from Toronto Film School in December '22… AND what better time to have a Christmas film?

Next... because we choose to make a stand for what is possible in life.  At the ages of 58 and 40, we have gone back to school to acquire new skillsets about making films – BUT we have learned that this opportunity is about collaborating and building friendships and helping others... so we can al live our best lives.

On a personal note:

"My son passed away in November 2021.  He was a President/Honours' list graduate in 2019 from Toronto Film School and then they hired him, where he worked for 2 years.  Because of him I got to meet Rob, Alex and Matt. So although it may be sad - he left a legacy that as a father, I want to respect."    Kevin Huhn


And lastly it is HOPE in life – that keeps us going.  This film allows us to share that message.


SET: Doctor's House


The plan is laid…  The location is locked… The core team is set (ALL outstanding -- as they are President and Honours' list students)… So the strength of this film is easy to see.


KEVIN HUHN - Co-Producer / Writer


ROBERT CROWLEY - SMITH - Co-Producer / Cinematographer


ALEX BELKE - Director


MATT WORTHINGTON - 1st Assistant Director

Diego Aldana - Camera Operator


Making a film is like any business!

--->  It takes money to bring it to life.


Follow this project for updates... Share with your family, friends and followers - and any others who may need holiday inspiration this year...  and please don't forget to Pledge to our project,

Would you help us bring Hope for Christmas this year?


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Set Location

Costs C$1,500

We have the perfect spot... this is where we get to shoot 2 locations in one.

Food & Catering

Costs C$500

This is an important piece of filming... besides, I am not that good at rationing.


Costs C$550

The set is in Milton - we need to get cast and crew there each day.

Props, Set Dec and Wardrobe

Costs C$300

Set decoration, props, and wardrobe makes for a pretty scene.

Expendables, Tools and Technical Items

Costs C$150

From tape to portable SSDs and light bulbs to cables - equipment and tools are essential in filming.

Cash Pledge

Costs C$0

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