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A plus-size female protagonist involved in a romance where her size isn’t the focus, and where there’s not a guaranteed happy ending: two things that are rarely found in the film industry. We need to broaden the stories we tell, and this is my impassioned shot at doing that.

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Mission Statement

Physical and emotional abuse in childhood cast a lifelong shadow. This film honors the strength it takes even haltingly trust after abuse, to love in the mess of an uncertain outcome. ——- “And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” - Steinbeck.

The Story

I do like a good mess.

As an actor and creative, I've always been drawn to slice of life stories with quirk, rough edges, and not-so-happy endings. And as a woman in a plus body in the entertainment industry, I want to create a distinctly female-focused and led film where my size doesn't come into the conversation. This is not a story of redemption, this is a story of a woman simply *trying* to transcend her very unique defenses.

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE HERE uses magical realism to tell the story of a woman's try at a "normal" relationship despite her abusive past.

Nikki (Bethany Kay of TV's Dietland, upcoming feature Puddysticks) comes from the Deep South, a place where the air is thick with tradition, for better and for worse. She escapes to the river as a young girl to get away from her abusive father, the memories of the mother who abandoned her, and the expectation to "be a good girl" despite her loveless upbringing. But for Nikki the water isn't just a place to refresh, it's a place to hide- in our film, literally and figuratively. When as an adult she runs to NYC, her chance meeting and troubled relationship with Derek (Jonathan Crimeni of Broadway's Burn This) threaten to expose her narrowly earned "peace".

Inspirations for the short include Tennessee Williams, Sarah Ruhl, Southern storms (if you’ve been in one you KNOW), The Civil Wars, Whiskey, Dave Malloy's GHOST QUARTET, Princess Margaret, every single one of my actor coaching clients, the sound of running water, a bit of Amelie, and life here in New York City.

With funds raised in this campaign, we intend to put together a damn good team that can bring this script to life with the magic it needs, to do that in as efficient- and fun!- a way as possible, and to bring it to audiences through a hefty festival run. Stretch goals include funding an expedited post-production process with enhanced marketing. We also intend to use its creation process - devised writing- to create college programs that encourage students to MAKE THEIR OWN WORK: hey. it's scary, but taking ownership of it at a young age can head off that fear and I, for one, am a poster child for just how rewarding it can be.


-B. Kay



Bethany Kay as 'Nikki'

Jonathan Crimeni as 'Derek'.


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Filling hungry working bellies for three days of shooting.

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Insurance. Transportation. Drives to backup footage. Contingency funds. Adulting.

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A dock. Two apartments. We need places to shoot. We have some amazing offers, but contingencies are just, ya know, smart.

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