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Two distant cousins, an urn, a hitchhiker, and a broken Volvo. They'll figure it out.

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Mission Statement

Often times in our world people with mental illness are ostracized. We wanted to portray our main character, Hudson, in a positive and relatable light. This is a comedic and dramatic film about loss, regret, forgiveness and the importance of human connection.

The Story



Hudson is a man in his late thirties who's somewhat of a recluse. He hasn't done much with his life and after his mother's passing he feels even more disconnected and lost. His cousin Ryan, who he hasn't seen in fifteen years, comes to visit him and Hudson decides he wants to take a trip to scatter his mom's ashes in the Hudson Valley. Along the way the old Volvo breaks down, they meet a hitchhiker that wants to help them, and they visit Hudson's dad who has moved on with life and started another family. Throughout this journey, the cousins visit nostalgic places from their past, and dig up old stories from when they were kids. One story, in particular, causes them to confront the truth and it may be why the family is so distant today.

This is a sweet spot of comedy and drama. Taking hints from movies like Sideways, Little Miss Sunshine, Drinking Buddies, and Broken Flowers, there are a lot of genuine, awkward, and dramatic moments that bring out the comedy organically. Since the script is mostly improvised, we’ve counted heavily on our actors to breath life into the story with their natural dialogue and nuances. Working in this fashion, with actors bringing ideas to the table and keeping an open mind, is such a collaborative and fun process and so rewarding because it’s full of surprises. WATCH THE TEASER TRAILER HERE




We are interested in telling honest stories with relatable characters. This script draws from a lot of real-life experiences of not only the filmmakers but the actors as well. It’s a collaboration of all our efforts to tell a story that’s truly unique and genuine. Dysfunctional family relationships are something everyone can relate to, no matter what background you have. We all get lost in life and need some direction. Often times it’s a stranger or someone you would least expect to enter your life and help you see things clearly. This is the kind of heartfelt and funny story that interests us and it’s the one we want to share with the world. We want to make people laugh as well as tug at their heartstrings.



Since this was our first feature film, we didn't really have the foresight to plan ahead for post-production funds. We kind of figured, hey we filmed it... we're done! But that is very far from the truth. We need help with color correcting, sound mixing, music recording/licensing, sending to festivals, posters. There is still much to be done to make this film really shine and we need your help to get it out to the world! We're very proud of this little indie flick and we honestly think you're going to love it. It's a story with big laughs and an even bigger heart. Please check out the pitch video AND the trailer and if you're feeling like this is something you believe in, we'd love your support in funding this film of ours. 



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