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Hysterical Women is a dark comedy about gender in the workplace in our current political and sociological climate. The women in this office are ready for a revolution. Will Alexa be able to be the leader they need?

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Mission Statement

Hysterical Women was created by women, for women. Dedicated to inclusion and diversity, we strive to make films that are as complex, honest, weird, funny, dark and intricate as the women who make them.

The Story

Hysterical Women is a dark comedy about gender in the workplace, in our current political and sociological climate. It follows Alexa- the overlooked co-founder of a music marketing firm- as she realizes that all her buddies in the office might not be such good guys.  The women in this office are ready for a revolution. Will Alexa have the guts to do anything about it? Can she be the leader they need?


Alexa (played by Whitney Uland) is the co-founder of MiddleMen (the music marketing company). She's passionate, really good at her job and one of the guys... but also totally not given the adequate power at the company. 


Miranda (played by Nora Kaye) is the frazzled and spunky head of Human Resources at MiddleMen. She would really like to be taken seriously...but that doesn't seem like it's going to happen.


Jessie (played by Maddy DeFreece) is Customer Support at MiddleMen and also Miranda's support in the toxic office...she's the only reason to keep showing up to work


Robby (played by David Park) is the supa cool CEO of MiddleMen and Alexa's best friend. He's got the world on a string...for now.


Naomi (played by Megan Masako Haley) is head of marketing at MiddleMen and is always around for a snarky quip...she's honestly too cool.


Cynthia (played by Angela Oh) is the Head of the Executive Board at MiddleMen and also Robby's aunt...classic nepotism.


Matthew Kibman (played by Matthew Walker) is the only character with a last name. He's your classic lanky, weirdo heartthrob...you know the boy you've always been dreaming of...is this not universal...oops.


Sexual assault, misconduct and gender inequality are incredibly complex and no laughing matter. However, Hysterical Women explores just how complicated these issues are within our even more complicated gendered society.


Whitney & Nora were first introduced playing friends for a film project in November 2017. Life imitates art because they became friends and partners in collaboration. They co-wrote and produced a short film called "A Dingo Ate My Baby" and Nora directed on an episode of  Janessica (Whitney's web series streaming on Amazon). But they were ready for more. 


Frustrated by the bland and often two-dimensional roles being offered to women like...


"the girl next door but she doesn't know she's pretty"

"tall, thin (2 lines)"

"model pretty"

"cute but dumb as a bunny"

you get the point....but if you want more, check out @femscriptintros


Nora & Whitney wanted to create complex characters that had room to be flawed, have fun and grow. In a post Devil Wears Prada fever dream, the concept for Hysterial Women was born. 


Thank you so much for supporting this project! We are so excited to bring it to life and share it with you! 




Whitney & Nora


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About This Team

Changito Perrito Productions LLC

Writers: Whitney Uland & Nora Kaye 
Directors: Whitney Uland & Nora Kaye 

Featuring: Whitney Uland, Nora Kaye, David Park, Matt Walker, Angela Oh, Madeline Grey DeFreece, Megan Masako Haley, Alexander Manuel, Paul Hinkes, Pablo Sandstrom, Maggie Thompson, Collette Astle, Charlie Gillette, Chandler Rosenthal, Jon Uland, Kathryn Shasha, Alex Lee Smith, Dallin Greenhalgh, John Mason, Gigi Vallone, Rachel Kenaston, Ray Walters


Director of Photography: Noah Yuan-Vogel

AD: Charlie Gillette, Jon Uland

Sound Mixer/Recordist: Nico Osborne
Gaffer: Kate Nahvi
Assistant Camera: Gigi Vallone

Recording Assistant: Connor Gillooly

BTS Photographer: Rachel Kenaston
Production Assistants: John Mason, Chris Vitiello

Key Make-Up: Ainslie Waterford

Asst. Make-Up: Catherine Velazquez


Main Image 
Graphic Design: Jon Uland
Photography: Sarah Rassmussen


Special Thanks: Teachable, Casey Kwon, Ankur Nagpal, Egg Restaurant, Tompkin's Square Bagels

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