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Follow two female filmmakers as they hear authentic responses from 60 year marriages to single people searching for “the one", and the occasional vagabond, as they search for a deeper understanding of marriage, relationships, commitment and what it means to really love.

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Mission Statement

Relationships. We all experience them in one way or another. Our culture is filled with divorce and brokenness. Two women filmmakers travel the world hearing stories of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, being authentic in the struggles and learning from each other’s experiences.

The Story

     We are Sadie and Teya, filmmakers who met in 2010 and became fast friends, discovering a similar passion for filmmaking, frolicking through open fields, seeking truth and sharing it in a creative way.


     Being in our early 20s at the time, with the pressures and confusion of the dating world around us, we were having discussions about, "Is this how its supposed to be?" "Does it have to be so difficult?" "Why is  divorce so common?" .  Discussing the in's and out's, joys and challenges of the dating culture today, hearing about divorces you wouldn't expect and seeing friends getting engaged left and right on Facebook... 


      After numerous adventures and projects around the world and having these conversations about our own struggles, we, as filmmakers, decided to start documenting our talks about relationships, marriage, commitment and choice.  


       In 2015, we realized we weren’t the only ones having these conversations and decided to make a documentary about our experiences.   We know through sharing experiences with each other, we learn. 


       Which is what led us hereWhy are we doing this?

We see the value and importance of relationships and authenticity...

and the power of a story.  


Have you ever been inspired by someone's story?
Heard a story and you were given hope? 
Realized you are 'not the only one' who struggled with that?


This is the power of storytelling and being authentic and vunerable. 


We have had many conversations and heard lots of stories...but we feel we are only scratching the surface.  

The funds we raise will be used for the second part of Production. 


More importantly, we want you to join us on the journey, to learn together,  to understand how to have healthy relationships and see the impact real love makes.  Whether you are single, married, divorced, widowed, etc.

















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About This Team


  We are Teya and Sadie, both filmmakers, who met in 2010 and became fast friends, discovering a similar passion for filmmaking, frolicking through open fields, seeking truth and sharing it in a creative way.

      After numerous adventures and projects around the country/world, many conversations about life, the joys, the struggles, the passion on our hearts to see change, speak truth and encourage others - 


Together we created a production company, website and became more intentional about traveling to interviews and making the film happen!

       Which is what led us here…we see the value of relationships, being authentic and the power a story. 

 Our goal is to keep it real and remind ourselves and others of the value of sharing stories and learning from each other.  Everyone has a story.  You are valuable.  There is always more to learn.  Even when life is hard, it is worth living.



Teya spent her early days learning the benefits of earth worms and composting, but was also fascinated by films that showed a mesmerizing world outside the boundaries of her small Colorado valley home. After high school, she attended University of the Nations and is now a filmmaking nomad who likes long walks on the beach, tepid water and a story well told.




Sadie was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, where she began playing sports and taking photos/videos at a young age.  After attending Film School in Scottsdale, AZ, she traveled around the States and to over 25 countries for volunteer work, photographing weddings, documenting stories and has loved getting to know the different cultures around the world.

She currently owns her own photography and video business in Arizona. When Sadie is not working, she enjoys spending time with friends, headstands around the world and adventuring with her dog, Kona.


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