I Love You, AllWays

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Stuart Sox

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The AllWays Lounge is the queer and dear home for all things drag, burlesque, and cabaret in New Orleans. The lounge's owner and its colorful cast of performers show their resolve and creativity in keeping their home bar from closing forever during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Mission Statement

Stuart Sox is a filmmaker whose passion is rooted in uplifting those from marginalized communities: the queer community, women, people of color. He is especially interested in the intersection and celebration of all these beautiful expressions of identity and at The AllWays, this happens every day.

The Story


The Story of "I Love You, AllWays"

New Orleans is one of the cabaret, burlesque and drag capitals of the world and at its center lies The AllWays Lounge, the queer and dear home for the city's community of performance artists. This place, like most other performance venues around the world, was forced to close indefinitely in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. With New Orleans still in hard lockdown, the club's staff and the colorful cast of drag queens and burlesque dancers show their resolve and creativity in keeping The AllWays Lounge from closing its doors for good.

Inspired by old-style burlesque & Vaudeville peep show booths, Zalia, the club's owner, dreams up The AllWays Lounge's Peep Show: a weekly show where AllWays performers get to work their magic safely behind the glass of one of the club’s windows for one or two patrons at a time. While The Peep Show keeps morale up among the AllWays staff and queer community of performers, it only amounts to “grocery money,” as Zalia puts it. With mounting debt to the club's landlord looming, the only thing that will keep the AllWays Lounge open is the ability to host live shows and performances again.

By the spring of 2021, the Covid-19 vaccines finally arrive in New Orleans and it feels like there is hope for the AllWays Lounge to fully reopen. By the summertime, live shows are finally happening again and everyone begins to feel cautiously optimistic that life will soon return to normal. But with the arrival of new variants of the coronavirus and the worst hurricane New Orleans has endured since Katrina, everyone at The AllWays Lounge begins to face the reality that their lives may never be "normal" again. 



Where We Are/What We Need

While most of the "documentary-style" footage has already been filmed over the past year, we still need funds to pay for beautiful, cinematic interview shoots with the main subjects of the film. We also need funds to cover post-production costs like an original score, sound design, color correction, artwork and more. Each of these tasks requires a specialist and we want to hire the best of the best. Your contributiions to these last few shoots and post-production elements are a necessity in making 'I Love You, AllWays' come to life! Check the Wishlist tab of this page to see a breakdown of the funds we are raising for this film. 



Artistic Statement:

In deciding to make this film the first thing that came to mind is doubt. I don’t think that’s uncommon for many filmmakers and artists in general, either. I knew "I Love You, AllWays" would be a film that couldn’t be told without mentioning the Covid-19 pandemic so I kept wondering: “Will the world need or want another film about Covid-19 once all of this is said and done? Will people want to be reminded of such a dark period in so many people’s lives?”

Once I began shooting however, doubt was replaced with hope, excitement, and that super special nameless feeling a documentary filmmaker gets when they know they have the opportunity to make a piece of art that is truly meaningful. In filming at The AllWays Lounge with its wonderful staff and the many other colorful characters that inhabit such a magical space—I realized this film isn’t about a pandemic at all. It’s a film that’s about what all good films are about: people. And the people in "I Love You, AllWays" are something special.

It goes without saying that New Orleans is one of the most vibrant and interesting cities in the world. With its drag queens, cabaret dancers, burlesque performers, The AllWays Lounge is a microcosm of that magic. And seeing this community grapple with the struggles of keeping that magic alive has been the greatest privilege of my life as an artist thus far. 

This pandemic is something everyone all over the world has struggled through in some from or another. So in “zooming in” on The AllWays Lounge I knew that what would unfold on screen would ultimately be something universally relatable for all who watch. Because when this film is finally finished I know it won’t serve as some reminder of a dark period in our lives, but as a monument of something we all persevered through and emerged from better—together.



Accountability: Why am I the person making this film? 

The AllWays Lounge was actually a significant part of my first feature documentary! This is how I became very well-acquainted with the space and the staff there. Zalia, the owner, even attended the world premiere of my first film at the New Orleans Film Festival and I have since grown to be part of the wonderful community of queer artists at The AllWays Lounge. Once I heard about The Peep Show, I had the idea for "I Love You, AllWays." 

Throughout 2020 I also spent many afternoons and nights at The AllWays Lounge with various members of the New Orleans drag and burlesque communities filming their acts for them so they could profit from virtual/online drag shows and performances. I was and still am grateful I could use my work to do a small part in helping The AllWays Lounge and its community of performers get through such tough times. 

As a matter of accountability I also want to be sure that every film I make is beneficial to those it documents. With my first feature I made this commitment to my main collaborators and the same will be true for "I Love You, AllWays." Should the film make any profits (and that's a big if in the world of independent documentary filmmaking) a plan will be in place to distribute the film's earnings among the main collaborators equitably. 

Finally, I want to make it clear that my passion as a filmmaker is telling stories about historically marginalized communities. We don't need more films about straight white guys! I know that my work (not just what I do for a living but like, my WORK work, the reason I am here on this earth) is to make films that celebrate those whose voices need to be heard and uplifted. BIPOC people, queer people, women. There are so many amazing people who come from all kinds of beautiful expressions of identity at The AllWays Lounge and I can't wait for you to learn more about them. 

-Stuart Sox





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Costs $1,000

Every film needs an official poster! We'd also love a custom title, font and credits designs.


Costs $3,000

For renting a quality camera package to shoot interviews (and insurance for said camera package!)

Camera Operators/Crew

Costs $2,000

The people operating the cameras need to be paid, too!

Color Correction

Costs $3,000

Color-correcting is its own art-form and requires a specialist, which can get pretty expensive!

Original Music

Costs $4,500

An original score is integral to the language and tone of a film, so we need a REALLY good one.

Sound Design

Costs $1,500

You don't think about good sound in a film when it's good. But when it's bad? It's no film at all!

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Director: Stuart Sox 

Producer: Stuart Sox 

Editor: Stuart Sox 

Cinematographers: Stuart Sox, Dorothy Davis 

Original Score: Evan Sox 

Sound Design: Evan Sox 

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