Ian's Realm Saga

Port Orchard, Washington | Film Short

Adventure, Fantasy

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An adventure fantasy following an unsuspecting teen as he enters a portal to another world and is thrust into conflict with dragon worshipers -- and an epic battle between good and evil. A magical fantasy saga adapted from the award winning novels.

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Mission Statement

Our team is diverse in all the aforementioned ways. The story was written by a woman, and the producers are both women as are other members on the project. We have a diverse team, but what's important is that they were selected for their talent and extraordinary creative abilities.

The Story

Ian's Realm Concept Short will be entered in film festivals and used to pitch to distributors and producers in anticipation of creating a TV series.



We're putting together a proof of concept trailer to show the world what an awesome TV /movie series Ian's Realm will make.

When an unsuspecting teenager from Seattle and his father discover that they tapped into a portal to another world on their computer, the two venture in. A pristine countryside lures them further away from the portal but calamity strikes while exploring an eerie mountain. Their horses are stolen, and Ian's father vanishes. At the same time, Ian is attacked, taken to a small village by the sea, and made a slave by dragon worshipers. His desire to escape the cult escalates when he realizes his father is lost in the dragon's lair. But a young boy wielding a magic dagger, and a fiery dragon prohibit him from fleeing.





Ian's Realm Saga has been a passion project ever since I started writing the novel in 2011. The story came about from my observation of my grandsons struggle through their teens without the relationship of their fathers. Ian is a young man who, with his dad, accidentally creates a portal into a magical world, enters, and when his father disappears, he is made captive by dragon worshipers. True, it's a fantasy tale, but it also speaks strongly of the relationship between a boy and his father. The story resonates both beauty and terror; wonder and dread; intrigue and disenchantment. Add to that a fiery dragon, a cranky wizard, a comical computer character come to life, and a boy struggling to become a man - you have the makings of what has become a rich and rewarding piece of family entertainment.


The series has grown into six volumes so far. The book itself has been downloaded to digital readers over 30,000 times since its first launch in 2012. Ian's Realm, the novel, has soared in ranking on Amazon's best seller's list in 2012  and again in 2018 in-between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

And this year it topped both Harry Potter and Wrinkle in Time in the children's fantasy category in Canada and in the UK the novel topped Suzanne Collins' MockingJay.



In 2016 we filmed a sizzler for book 5. Cassandra's Castle which was screened at 14 film festivals including Grauman's Chinese Theater and an AMC in Florida. With the same crew we have working on Ian's Realm, the sizzler was presented 3 trophies including one for the pilot script.





These days are troubling days for us. Our youth especially are looking for answers, for guidance, and for stability. I believe Ian's Realm offers significant solutions in an exciting and entertaining format.


Who hasn't fallen in love with a fantasy story in their youth and at the same time found themselves pulling for good over evil? 


As one reader wrote in his review about the novel:


"Geek grows up in two world's.... Learns the value of love and saves the day... Great characters. Wonderous way to teach moral wellness." -Bingaux



Props and set design by Blue Collar Artworks and Robert Odekirk


Chris Love: Director

Our director Chris Love, moved from the Chicago film-making industry into the heart of LA, Chris is working industriously in all aspects of filming from directing, to acting, to making music and screenwriting.


Tylor Jones: Director of Photography

Tylor Jones, an award winning in-house cinematographer for Amazon will be filming Ian's Realm. 


Jeff Stillwell plays the lead. Ian Wilson

Jeff attended Evergreen State College, where he immersed himself in film studies. In 2014 he began specializing as a script supervisor in Portland, and has now worked on numerous feature films there. Officially relocating to Portland in 2016, Stillwell continues to work both in front of, and behind the camera, as well as create his own brand of infectious pop music. 


The Wizard played by Robert Miano.

One of Miano's most notable film credits came by portraying real-life Bonanno crime family capo Alphonse "Sonny Red" Indelicato in the 1997 film Donnie Brasco, alongside Al Pacino, Michael Madsen and Johnny Depp.


John Whitaker plays Ian's dad, Alex.

John comes to us with 66 IMDb credits. John recently worked on the soon to be released feature film "Ruin Me". "The Class Analysis"is making its way into the 2018 film festival competition. North Hollywood Cinefest in March 2018 and Miami Independent FF in March 2018.


Daryl, the "trickster and the thief" played by Manny Colin

Manny started his acting career at 6 years old after attending a LA Talent Showcase with Diana Horner. From there his career took off, playing in six films in only the first 5 months. 

Kandace Caine plays Abbi.

From London, what a pleasant surprise to receive her audition. Kandace Caine is an actress and director, known for The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011), The Kandace Caine Show (2016) and An American Nobody in London (2006).


Bruce Weech plays Adrian

Actor, Director, Producer Specialties: Television, commercials, film. Bruce worked with us on Cassandra's Castle and was one of our producers. He has his own show now. The award winning Sounds of Freedom.


Luke Carlson plays Aren

Luke B. Carlson is an actor, known for Get Gone, Star Chief and Dick Strange: American Made.



Costumes by Vicki Baltmiskis and Robert Odekirk


We've spent about $20k of our own money to get the project this far and frankly, we've reached our financial limits. There is so much enthusiasm surrounding this project, but we simply can't self-fund the next steps. We need finances to finish.


That's why we're asking for your help.


Funding a fantasy film is no easy task. Post production is the most costly. We'll need an editor and we'll need a talented and skilled FX editor for the special effects this story requires. We're shopping around for a composer to score just the right music. And of course, there's film festivals, and marketing costs. As you can see from the graph, we've completed a good portion of our project. We just need some finishing touches.


Of course, our real goal is to do a pilot episode so we'll be talking about that in our wish list! Because if you all come through, there's a chance we can take Ian's Realm even closer to the screen. 


How about it? Are you in? 




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Tell everyone about our new heart-filled family film. Share our social media posts, campaign page, and backer updates!


We'll be posting updates on our campaign progress and clips from our edited film as well as more behind the scenes and interviews.



We thank you for taking the time to visit our page, here. And for your contribution. No film can be realized without fans. You are the backbone, the support system, and the audience.

Ian's Realm is being made for you, and we thank you for being here to recieve and enjoy it!

So let's get this show on the road!!


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Without a good cameraman, there would be no good footage. A working man is worth his hire!

FX and Editor

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We need to finish what we've begun and make a dragon come alive.

About This Team

I'm Dianne Gardner (D.L. Gardner) author, screenwriter, and filmmaker. I've been writing YA fantasy stories since 2010, and Ian's Realm is my most popular series. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, have seven adult children, sixteen grandchildren and one great grandchild.


C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors not just because of the books he wrote, but also because of his outlook on life. We are never too old to read fairy tales! We are never to old to dream dreams. Our imaginations keep us young and in love with life.


Being on the set of Ian's Realm has healed my own heart in more ways than I can count.



My partner is Shawnaci Colin, Manny Colin's mother. She's a busy lady holding down several jobs and helping her son with his career, flying from one state to the next to assure that he is coached by the best talent in the industry.


She's FireRing Production's paper work person, our numbers person, and is energetic in her passion to see this film be made. We work as a team, filling in where we're most needed.  




Current Team