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This film follows 4 athletes around the globe as they compete in the 2023 Ice Cross season. When covid hit, red bull left the sport, and these athletes became the heartbeat that has kept it alive to this point. They are fighting to survive, just like everyone around the world is doing right now.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring people around the world together through the one thing that unites us all, hope. Together, with your support and through the athlete's stories, we can bring the world and the sport the hope it so desperately needs. Join our team and help us prove that nothing is impossible!

The Story

Ice Cross: Life on the Edge - A Journey of Hope

Embark on a riveting journey with "Ice Cross: Life on the Edge," a documentary that not only unveils the thrilling world of Ice Cross but also sheds light on the sacrifices made by athletes for the love of their sport. Beyond the icy tracks and daring jumps, this film captures the essence of a sport that defies limits.

The Story Unfolded:

"Ice Cross: Life on the Edge" takes you on a global expedition, following dedicated athletes as they train, travel, and race in countries around the world. It delves into the extreme nature of the sport, highlighting the risks and dangers faced by athletes in what is undoubtedly the most extreme sport on skates.

A Tale of Resilience:

More than a sports documentary, this is a comeback story. As the world grappled with challenges in 2020, so did the sport of Ice Cross. However, this is a narrative of hope, perseverance, and survival as athletes and a federation join forces to revive the sport from the brink of obscurity. It's not just about individual triumphs but a collective effort to rebuild as one team.

A Symbol of Hope:

In a world filled with uncertainty and despair, "Ice Cross: Life on the Edge" serves as a beacon of hope. It's a reminder that pursuing your dreams, no matter how daunting the journey, holds the promise of a better future. As the film unfolds, it becomes more than a mere story; it transforms into a symbol of possibility, resilience, and the power of hope.

The Sport's Crucial Comeback:

"Ice Cross: Life on the Edge" isn't just a documentary; it's a catalyst for change. The exposure it provides is not only what the world needs, but it's what the sport itself craves. With interest from streaming platforms and a dedicated channel launching for the 2024 season, the stage is set for Ice Cross's triumphant return. With your help this film will be the guiding light that propels the sport out of darkness.

Why We Need Your Support:

Having already captured the heart-pounding footage and being well into post-production, we are on the cusp of creating something truly remarkable. With a final push of $15,000, we can finish this project with the care and attention it deserves. Your support doesn't just contribute to a film; it fuels a movement that showcases rock bottom as not the end but a powerful new beginning.

Join Us in Making History:

Your contribution goes beyond funding a film; it helps revive a sport, spread a message of hope, and prove that even in the face of adversity, dreams can be rekindled.

Thank you for being a vital part of our mission.

Brittan is your do it all athlete. He is one of the fittest guys in Texas with the confidence and swagger to back it up. He finished ranked 13th in the world and was the number one American racer in his 4th season racing. Brittan started the season with a hip tear but that wouldn't stop him from finishing second place in the first race of the season. He had a hot start but faced a lot of trials throughout the season. Brittan is motivated by his will to compete as well as his family back home, including his granny who is battling cancer.

A veteran of ice cross, Jack has raced for Nearly a decade. His discipline and ability to hyperfocus make him one of The best, most accomplished American Racers in the sport. He is spiritually motivated and has a huge heart, but his intentions don’t always line up with the outcome. His story line has a lot of ups and downs. Jack has been sober for 7 years and he gets candid on camera Reliving his past struggles. He has a refreshing and humbling end to the season in the final race and finished the season ranked 14th in the world.

Rob is your "Tom Brady" like superstar. He always seems to say and do the right things. He went viral last year on Instagram for jumping 25 feet through the air (on ice skates) off a ramp… dunking a basketball. He has been featured on pages like "SportsCenter" and "Bleacher Report". Rob finished second in the world this year, losing the last race of the season to the one guy he had to beat. No surprise, he handled it with class and is looking forward to the bounce back as he navigates his newfound fame in the ice-skating community.

Luke Webb is full Australian. A fan favorite from adults and kids alike, you can't help but love this "AUSSIE CRASHER" for his big heart and even bigger crashes. Luke talked to us about his mental health struggles and how Ice Cross is a huge reason for why he is still alive today. A big boy with the least amount of athleticism out of the four featured athletes. Aussie's big moment comes about halfway through the season where he finished in the top 16 in the Maine race. Luke has a very realistic and humble approach to Ice Cross. He just wants to get a little better every year, every race.

Please follow our story, reach out with any questions you might have about the film, and follow us on all of our socials to stay up to date.

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About This Team

Co-Founder of Vizion Productions, Dj is an award winning film producer with experience in film editing. A multiport athlete for most of his life, DJ was naturally drawn to the most insane sport on skates. DJ wore many hats during the production of this film, working as not only the Co-Director, but also a videographer, the interviewer, as well as the film’s storyteller. DJ has made it his mission to shine a spotlight on the sport of Ice Cross, big enough for the world to see.

Co-Founder of VIZION Productions, Brittan is one of the Ice Cross Athletes featured in this film. He has been a part of over 20 commercial and film productions. Getting into Ice Cross 4 years ago, he knew the sport had so much potential for growth. With This film He is working to blaze a trail for this insane sport to get Ice Cross the recognition it deserves.

Co-Founder of Lunar Door, Chase is an award-winning composer and producer with extensive experience in songwriting, audio mixing, and Film production. Chase has produced the feature films Tell, Echoes of War, Helicopter Mom, and was lead producer on the Indie drama The Fall, which will have its world premiere in 2024.

Michael is an award-winning filmmaker and co-founder of Lunar Door. His work has earned 90 awards, including 13 Best Director wins. Michael is a producer on the indie drama The Fall, director & producer on the social Justice Documentary Tears of the Field and producer of the sports Documentary Tracing the Divide.

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