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Idaho Boys is about family. Our show has three politically diverse brothers who bicker and banter and want to strangle each other on a daily basis. But they don't! They ultimately learn to listen to each other and do what's best for the family and their farm. Idaho Boys can help unite our country.

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Mission Statement

Our project increases rural representation and inclusion. So many shows are skewed to urban and coastal life in our country. Idaho Boys gives voice to the 80 million in small towns,"fly over states," and the farmers who feed us! Our cast, crew and team includes men and women from ages 14 - 75.

The Story

Idaho Boys. 

It's a redneck Arrested Development.


Idaho Boys is a comedy about three dysfunctional brothers rallying together to save the family farm. Our show resonates with what's happening in our country. We have three politically diverse brothers: the lefty baby of the family, the right-wing oldest brother, and the middle moderate brother, caught in between. They argue, fuss and fight , but unlike our country, at the end of every episode, the brothers come together to do what’s best for the farm. Because family is more important than ideology. 



This campaign is about creating first and asking permission later. We’re not waiting for Hollywood to greenlight our program. We know we have a compelling show that connects with small-town, country-loving audiences. So we are working around the mainstream, disrupting conventional delivery systems, making our show with our without the approval of “the industry.”



Last year we produced our first season of videos on social media. Thanks to your help our videos reached over 100,000 views on Facebook, and we grew our following 5,000% on Instagram! What? How does that even happen: we went from 0 to 5,000 followers in 12 months!

With this campaign we are planting seeds for a bigger, better Season 2.


What you do can do to help us achieve!


With a successful campaign we will have the resources needed to shoot four new episodes. For Season 2, the brothers have a BIG problem. They are threatened by their wealthy, wicked neighbor August, and we need your support to help them save the farm!


We created Idaho Boys because we love our rare and wonderful home state, and we think it deserves a TV show! The problem is that Hollywood does not agree. They think we are just a bunch of potato-eaters located in the Midwest next to Iowa (no offense Hawkeyes)! They think nobody would watch a show about Idahoans. But we know better. And so do you. The only way our show moves forward is with your support.


We are getting better as story tellers, our content is connecting with fans, and we want to cultivate this momentum. We hope you will join us and become part of Idaho Boys Nation!










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Cash Pledge

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Audio Visual Rental Equipment

Costs $400

We shoot indoors and outdoors, and we need a variety equipment to capture strong picture and audio.


Costs $500

We love our actors and want to pay them more than just potatoes!


Costs $500

We shoot on a variety of locations in Nevada and Idaho, so travel costs are super important!


Costs $500

We've gotta keep our people fed well!

Production Team

Costs $1,200

We love our crew and want to pay them for their time running camera, audio, lighting and wardrobe.

About This Team

Who are these Idaho Boys?


We are Cameron Crain and James Russell, real life brothers who grew up in Potlatch, Idaho. We are the co-creators, performers and writers of Idaho Boys. 



Cameron Crain is an American actor, comedian, writer and producer. He was featured in the film A Single Woman with Patricia Arquette and Martin Sheen, co-created Voices In the Life with the Emmy-winning producer Norman Stephens, and created Nevada: It Ain’t Just Vegas Baby! which toured to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Cam grew up in Potlatch, Idaho, and he counts being raised on the family farm as one of his greatest blessings. He studied performance and creative writing at Washington State University before moving to Nevada, where he co-founded Nevada Shakespeare Company. He received a Master Degree in Production and Design from Southern Oregon University. Cam was a comedian - in - residence with Reno Tahoe Comedy from 2014 - 2016. Cam serves as the Director of Development for Sage Ridge School in Reno. He shares his success with his beautiful wife Michele and their spirited children.



Since moving to Los Angeles five years ago, James Russell has built a solid professional resume on bad dating shows and improvisational court shows that people still argue are real. James has appeared as a co-star on Spike TV's show Tattoo Nightmares, Lifetime Movie Networks show Killer Kids, and a guest star on America's Court with Judge Ross. He is now SAG Eligible and is working on distribution for his TV Pilot Idaho Boys which he co-wrote and co-starred with his brother. This is the shameless plug moment where the pilot's website is listed for views and consideration:



Do you they grow potatoes? 


No. But we do come from farming stock. Growing up our family farm was the anchor of our childhood. It was always there for us. And for those before our time. Our ancestors have been feeding the world since the 1880’s, and the farm is still going strong, thanks to the dedication, innovation and hard-work of our uncles, aunts and cousins. 



Where are they now?


Cameron now works as a school administrator and lives in Reno, Nevada with his wife and daughters. James is in Hollywood living the actors’ dream with his dog, Rufus.




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