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Whether a memory, dream or spirit, after a loved one dies, everyone wants one more embrace, one more touch, one more glance. In the aftermath of a school shooting Cal, a grieving mother, finds comfort in her deceased daughter's bedroom.

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Mission Statement

In A Breath is a female driven project with a woman writer/director and sound mixer, a chick editor and two fierce fems in the lead roles. And, all our crew will be paid their full rate for their valuable talents and time, which is better than a hashtag.

The Story

One week after a school shooting, CAL, a grieving mother enters her teenage daughter's bedroom for the first time. She gazes  around the room at the souvenirs and trinkets that are all that remain of her  daughter and lays down on her daughter's pillow to close and breathes in the smell of her child.

Moment's later, RACHEL is standing at the closet, choosing a dress. 

Whether memory, dream, or spirit, Cal and Rachel spend a few more minutes just being mother and daughter, finding comfort in their unbreakable bond and the transendance of their love.


  Ally and daughter, age 1


My name is  Ally May, I am the writer and director of IN A BREATH.  I am also the mother of a beautiful daughter. She is my everything. IN A BREATH is a love letter to my girl.

I wrote this script in response to the anxiety I was feeling over sending my daughter to school in the age of school shootings. 

In the current school year, there were three separate threats of shootings to schools in my our school district, in HER school district. The anxiety levels around going to school are insane. And I have to ponder, what would I want to say to her, if, in a breath...

In 2018-

I wrote IN A BREATH as a way of coping with the stress and anxiety.  

But it is about more than tragedy and sorrow!

Ultimately, In A Breath is about love. It is infact, a love letter to my girl. It is the love of and for Rachel that comforts Cal. And that love is what remains, all around in the cells and particles that Cal breaths in. Maybe that is what spirit is.


The $9,650 goal is the bare minimum needed to get the film made at a production quality everyone involved can be proud of and avoid exploiting the work of all production members. 

If we raise $12,000, we'll be able to have contingency funds in place should anything go wrong, as well as cover our post-production costs. 
If we raise $15,000, we'll be able to cover our festival, distribtion and promotional costs for completing and getting the film into the world and in front of a wider audience.



















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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Rental Gear and equipment

Costs $900

Cords, stands, screens camera gels and other misc. pieces of equipment.

Cast and Crew Meals

Costs $800

A healthy meal, plenty of snacks and lots of coffee to keep our hard-working crew going for 3 days.

Location, Location, Location!

Costs $500

We need to lease a location for the shoot and insurance to protect crew.

Camera, Sound and Lighting Crew

Costs $3,800

These are the talented people that make movie magic happen. Can't do it with out any of them.


Costs $950

To protect the property and crew in case of a mishap.


Costs $1,050

Our talented actresses must be paid.

Music and Sound Mixing

Costs $1,650

Professional sound mixer, composer and editor so the film sounds as good as it looks.

About This Team

Writer and director Ally May attended the UCLA writing program, The Academy of Film Writing and SF Film School. Ally tells stories that speak to the human experience. Though they are not always stories with happy endings or pretty pictures, there is always an element of rising above in the arc of her stories, which are often about family.She is an Athena Finalist, Austin Quarter-finalist, ScreenCraft Finalist, Page Finalist, La/Live Read Finalist, Scriptapalooza Finalist, Austin Revolution Finalist among more.


Jesse Gonzales a cinematographer and film teacher based in San Francisco on board to be our Director of Photography.

C.S. Chandler,  is 1st A.D. He first knew he wanted to be in film when he saw Back to the Future (1985). In 2008 he lived in NewZealand and went to School at the University of Waikuto, where he learned digitalproduction. He graduated from the University of Colorado - Boulder in 2009 with a BAin Film Studies. C.S. has worked on various projects including a NOVA documentary, Podcasts, an on set stills photographer and behind the scenes camera operator on thefeature film Tengu: The Immortal Blade, a production assistant on Bridezillas, and a DIT, Behind The Scenes Director, and camera operator for the feature film Black Hole starringNatalie Distler, Malcolm McDowell, and Dean Cain. Having received his MFA degreefor filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, C.S. directed a Music Film for the local Colorado indie band Lamia of the Pool entitled Conscious, which took 2nd place in the International Indie Gathering 2013 and Best Rock Video IndieFest Awards 2017. C.S. Chandler has worked at Warner Bros, Authentic Entertainment and The Amazing Race.
Currently he is a Film Professor at ASU as well as a Video Editor and Producer for

Mitra Rasmussen will record our sound and compose the sound track.

Mitra attended music school for 12 years followed by film school in Denmark, at the European film college. She has directed and produced - but her passion is in Sound design. One of the shorts she composed the music for was nominated for the Student Academy awards. 

One of the films she did sound design for was chosen as a Vimeo Staff pick.


Hannah Gavagan will play the part of the grieving mother Cal. Hannah is a veteran indie film and theater actress as well as a producer and director of her own production company. Hannah will infuse the role of Cal with authenticity and real emotion.


Veronica McFarlane will play Rachel. Veronica is an accomplished Sag/Aftra - E actress based in Los Angeles already with a long list of professional theatrical and film projects. 




Current Team