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IN LIVING HORROR is a Black-horror anthology series drenched in lore and Black culture. It's Tales From The Hood meets Netflix's True Story.

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Mission Statement

We are avid fans of horror and it's many sub-genres. More specifically, we are creators of horror. Horror has proven to be an effective vehicle for topics that would otherwise be considered taboo. We desire to freely create unique atmospheres of Black escapism through the horror genre.

The Story

Anyone who knows me knows that I walk, talk, eat, breath, and bleed horror! I know that sounds intense but in sum, I LOVE horror. I often wonder if I'll be able to create a series like Bates Motel or American Horror Story because let's face it, Black women (presenting) and non-binary horror creators, directors, and screenwriters are few and far between. So I've set out to change that. I plan to create as many horror films and series as possible. I plan to be relentless in my pursuit of joining the horror greats and that includes creating within the many sub genres of horror. I am beyond excited to bring to you, In Living Horror. - Britt Horror evokes so much more than fear. It's an excellent vehicle to deliver timely and thought provoking messages. It calls on our humanity. It allows us to process pain and grief. I love most the stunning visuals that horror produces. Below are a few examples of our vision as it relates to the style of In Living Horror

I've explored both Realism (detailed and deliberate) and Formalism (foreboding) in my previous work through the use of natural and extreme light, bold colors, and handheld, drone, and tracking shot. We intend to take those same methods of filmmaking to the next level! 

We Can't Do This Without You! 

We need to raise $14,000

Every single member on this team has called on other creatives to assist us in any and every way imaginable. We were able to secure a few of their services gratis. However we still need $14,000 to produce a high quality network worthy project. We can do this with your help.

Why not just save the money and produce it myself?

I usually do. In the past, I worked tirelessly to balance a full time job and focus on all of the moving parts needed to produce several of my own films. I've used all of my savings at times to bring projects to life. To be 100% transparent, I lost my job due to covid-19 and have not been able to work and save enough to fund my own projects again. 

Covid-19 devastated a lot of creatives but we are able to survive and create through crowdfunding platforms. 

I am no stranger when it comes to helping creatives bring their visions to life through crowdfunding.

To date, I have contributed to over 30 crowdfunding campaigns, because I realize that it takes a village to help the independent artist thrive.  

Your contributions will help change the lives of every single creative involved with the making of In Living Horror. 

We've worked hard to create a unique series and can not do this without you. 

Loans, exchange of services, and favors are welcomed and appreciated! 

WHY? We want to urgently create. We want to create freely. We want to make a significant impact in the horror genre and in the entertainment industry. I've seen firsthand the power and impact of crowdfunding. I've participated in helping bring over thirty indie projects to life. I believe in this project and I believe in the talented team that's commited to bringing this project to life. With your help we can raise $14,000 to do just that! -Britt




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Costs $5,200

We negotiated incredible rates and would love to be able to pay all of our crew!


Costs $2,300

Freeeeee? *soulja boy voice* We want to be able to pay all of our actors a decent rate.


Costs $1,200

We were able to find the perfect location at a low price.

Equipment Rental

Costs $1,400

We need additional equipment to produce a high quality film.


Costs $650

We can afford costs like posters, website, and film festivals.

Covid-19 PPE

Costs $600

We want to protect everyone involved and will have a covid compliance officer on set.


Costs $950

We have to feed our cast and crew.


Costs $1,200

We need a strong art direction for this project.

Hair Makeup Wardrobe

Costs $500

We want to hire talented makeup and hair artists.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Britt Banks

Although she grew up in Long Beach, California, Britt Banks is a second-generation product of the Great Migration with roots in Arkansas and Alabama. Stories of the Jim Crow South and ghost encounters passed down from her maternal grandmother fueled her desire to create supernatural-horror and dark-comedy. Britt explores themes of survival, courage, loss of loved ones, and systematic racism in her work. 

​Britt was a guest speaker for Cal Arts "Extensions of Horror" Critical Studies Resident series as well as a panlist alongside Tananarive Due and Angelica Ross for Horror in Color's panel on Diversity in Horror, and a panalist alongside Tales from the Hood creator, Rusty Cundieff. Britt is a 2020 Black Life Film Fest Grant Winner, a 2020 Screencraft Horror QF, and a 2019 winner of REVOLT TV's Hip Hop Horror contest which resulted in a 3-year distribution deal.

Shelby Alvarez

Shelby Alvarez is a graduate of The College at Brockport, State University of New York. She is the founder of Hello Shelby LLC and a Podcast Producer. In addition, Shelby has worked as a 2nd Assistant Director for a  television pilot.

Reedo Brown

Reedo Brown is known for being funny. Extremely funny. Although comedy is his first love, he's also a content creator and fan of horror. His work can be seen on All Def Digital as well as Fox's Rel.

Jayden O'Neal

Jayden O'Neal is a freelance Director, Writer, and Producer based in Los Angeles, CA. His passion is to tell unique stories and create content in whatever capacity necessary. Jayden has over five years of experience in producing, directing, and writing a variety of projects including: television, commercials, music videos, documentaries, and short films. 

Melissa De Leon

Melissa De Leon is an independent filmmaker based in the East Coast who earned a degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple University. She had a lot of things she wanted to study as she was growing up, including forensic psychology, but she finally decided to study film in college the summer before beginning her senior year in high school.

She began producing in 2010, starting with a senior thesis project called The Journey. Originally she had only been interested in directing, but after taking a producing class, she became interested in producing as well. Now she has produced 7 projects, including Therapy, which won The Viewers' Choice Award from Xfinity OnDemand, won an Honorable Mention from Bucks Fever FilmFest, and is still being shown in film festivals.

Tae Daaz

Tae Daaz is a Florida native and a graduate from Full Sail University with an AS in Film and video and BS in Digital Cinematography. She is an experienced Writer, Director and Producer. Daaz has been a winner of the California Film Awards, finalist in the Urbanworld Teleplay Competition, semifinalist in The Script Lab” Screenplay Competition. She also is an Executive Producer for a streaming series on Revry TV and Pluto TV and a current Executive Producer on a feature currently in production.

Ryann Jet

Ryann Jet is an actress, director, and screenwriter. Ryann is known for Oliver's Owl (2018), High Hoops (2015) and Friends of the People (2014).

Nasim Kashani

Nasim is a Latina artist, writer, producer, and director based in Atlanta. With an ambitious desire to make her mark in the entertainment industry, Nasim expanded her work to the crew side of filmmaking. She has produced, directed, cast, and edited two music videos and a documentary short to date, including “Silver Fox,” “La Gravedad," and "This Path." Her projects have accrued nearly 75,000+ views on YouTube. Nasim’s acting credits include Covenant (ALLBLK), Mabrook (Palm Springs International ShortFest), Creepshow (AMC), Doom Patrol (HBO Max), and The Baker & The Beauty (ABC).


Deja(pronounced like Deja Vu) was a pastry chef for 6 years and during the pandemic she realized that she didn't want to be in the restaurant business anymore, instead she wanted to follow her dreams and make movies. She went to Montclair State University as a Filmmaking major. She has also worked on several independent projects. 

Current Team